George Soros- Just a Liberal friend or more?

Conservatives on Fire has a thoughtful post on the motivations of George Soros. At first glance, one would assume he must share the goals of the Progressives. But an alternative is presented. Don’t think that because of his age, his worrisome plans will be buried with him. He has two sons waiting in the wings who are more radical than he. Well worth strolling over to his place for his full read.

George Soros – Friend to American Liberals or does he just use them?

“On the surface it would seem that the Liberals and George Soros make for strange bedfellows. Soros is super rich and is known to be ruthless in his business dealings. One would think that he represents everything the liberals hate. But the Liberals have sold their souls to Soros because he supports financially so many of their causes. Do they really think he gives one damn for their causes? George Soros cares only about one thing and that is George Soros.

Some say that Soros is in bed with the worlds biggest investment bankers and their plans for a one currency,one government world. Maybe. It’s only conjecture on my part but I see Soros as no more than a puppet of the bankers. He is very wealthy, yes, but remember power has less to do with one’s wealth and more to do the wealth that one controls. Compared to the bakers, Soros is a piker”.

Rest of the Story here: Conservatives on Fire

EPA shuts down one of the largest Coal Mines in U.S.

Here we go. We better stock up on firewood. With oil reaching over $100.00 a barrel this has to be a great move in helping out the employment and energy problem we have today. This will test the new congress, and we will soon discover the amount of backbone in  de-funding the EPA until they stop wrecking our economy. Newer methods are needed, but to shut the mine  now sets the predicate for more mine shutdowns to come. Any business can be shut down and put out of business after enormous investment. No one in energy will want to invest in new projects.

“It’s a horrible message that … [EPA can] go back and re-review and potentially veto any mining permit that has been issued,” said Chris Hamilton, the president of the West Virginia Coal Association. “So it completely erodes any stability or predictability that the industry has, which has been very little in the last 24 months to begin with.”
Read more: More Post gazette

In a statement today, the EPA announced that it was revoking the waste disposal permit at a mountain top mine because of concerns that the waste was polluting nearby Appalachian rivers. The decision effectively shuts down one of the largest mines in the U.S.

It is the first time in the agency’s 40-year history that it has canceled a federal water permit for a project after it was issued.

The EPA noted in its own press release that it was asserting a rarely used authority:

EPA has used this Clean Water Act authority in just 12 circumstances since 1972 and reserves this authority for only unacceptable cases. This permit was first proposed in the 1990s and has been held up in the courts ever since.

Green groups applauded the decision but many in Congress, including West Virginia’s Democratic senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin, are not happy. However the real heat may come from the House. In a statement e-mailed to reporters, Issa said:

At a time when permanent, full-time job creation is our nation’s top priority, you really have to question the wisdom of institutionalizing a process that puts the job creators in the untenable position of knowing that the EPA, at any time, can interject and prevent operations from moving forward after all the appropriate permits have been obtained. This is the type of action that is cultivating a climate of uncertainty that will ultimately result in more businesses going under and Americans being unemployed longer.

More here at Investors

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NBC, Universal, Comcast cave to FCC Diversity

Go to Update from Hot Air F.C.C. will approve the merger, with one dissent.

Looks like the Czars are winning. While we dither about being civil, the march to the loss of freedom of the air waves seem to go unnoticed. The intrusiveness of the FCC is worrisome.

The media giants also agreed to allow black leaders to have influence over NBC’s news programming.

The first step: The Sherrods won their first black radio station last year. The Sherrods, from the Black Farmers lawsuit: Pigford V. Vislack. That was the  first I am sure of many. Vid below. Now Comcast and NBC. They only need to control the Internet and the FCC will have it.

The pending merger between NBC Universal and Comcast appears to have received Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski’s support because of the companies’ recent promises to the NAACP, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, the National Urban League and several Hispanic and Asian civil rights organizations. The two media giants promised more “diversity” in new and existing programming, and in all levels of the company and they promised more minority characters in existing television programs and more new programs targeted at the specific racial minorities.

NBCU will strive to ensure the presentation of diverse viewpoints by seeking the expanded participation of minorities on its news and public affairs programming,” the companies promised in writing to black leaders. “To advance this goal, NBCU will consider suggestions from the African American Advisory Council of individuals who could be considered for such participation.”

“In addition, Comcast Cable is committed to launching a package o f 40-60 Spanish-language channels in all of its major Latino markets, with a balanced mix of programming serving all demographics and strongly promoting a diversity of Latino voices,” the companies promised in writing to Hispanic leaders. “Comcast Cable also will more than double its 600 hours of Latino VOD content, continue to add SAP-enabled offerings, and offer thousands of choices within a few years.”

The media giants also agreed to allow black leaders to have influence over NBC’s news programming. In addition to programming “diversity,” the Comcast and NBC Universal Memorandums of Understanding with different race-specific civil rights groups promise “diversity” in company employment, in supplier and vendor procurement and in “philanthropy and community investment.”

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