Obama and his Obamacare flim-flam – Wyden-Brown

Once more our flim-flam artist who has taken up temporary residence of our House otherwise known at the Whitehouse, would confuse and mislead us. Of course, the MSM will hail this as his moving toward the center. Leave it to the Foundry to come out swinging.The article that is embedded below and links to the New England Journal of Medicine raises legitimate concerns. And who is this Sibelius who has dictatorial power to simply waive away any aspect of this legislation without recourse? Hot Air has the beat:

 Health care advisers Nancy-Ann DeParle and Stephanie Cutter stressed on the off-record call that the rule change would allow states to implement single-payer health care plans — as Vermont seeks to — and true government-run plans, like Connecticut’s Sustinet.

The source on the call summarizes the officials’ point — which is not one the Administration has sought to make publically — as casting the new “flexibility” language as an opportunity to try more progressive, not less expansive, approaches on the state level.

“They are trying to split the baby here: on one hand tell supporters this is good for their pet issues, versus a message for the general public that the POTUS is responding to what he is hearing and that he is being sensible,” the source emails.

UPDATE: Politico confirms that Wyden-Brown has nothing to do with offering Obamacare critical states “flexibility” and everything to do with advancing single payer health care.

President Barack Obama endorsed legislation by Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Scott Brown (R-MA) that would allow states to request waivers from some Obamacare mandates in 2014 instead of the existing 2017 date. President Obama claimed: “It will give you flexibility more quickly while still guaranteeing the American people reform.” Has President Obama even read the legislation? Because that is just plan false. Heritage Foundation Center for Policy Innovation Director Stuart Butler explained in the New England Journal of Medicine:

One [problem] is that it still locks the states into guaranteeing a generous and costly level of benefits. True, a state could propose alternative benefit requirements if they had the same actuarial value as those in the ACA. But the requirements go well beyond basic coverage, and the HHS secretary is the one who defines “at least as comprehensive” benefits.

Another major problem with the bill is that since ultimate waiver authority rests with the HHS secretary, the waivers granted would probably reflect the administration’s preferences. Senator Wyden claims that his legislation would allow conservative states to opt out of much of the ACA and implement consumer-driven coverage. But he admits that the secretary, not the state, has the final word over what is permitted.

Full story here at : Heritage

Frances Fox Piven attacks Beck on her Cloward-Piven Theory

Piven & NPR Go Into Mega Spin to Attack Beck for Daring to Discussing Her Theory. Seems to me if you read her piece, Glenn is on top of things.

Ms Frances Fox Piven who wrote “Mobilizing the Jobless,” 

This fusillade was evidently set off by Piven’s recent Nation editorial calling for a mass movement of the unemployed [“Mobilizing the Jobless,” January 10/17]. But Beck has had Piven in his cross-hairs for some time. In the past few years he’s featured Piven, along with her late husband, Richard Cloward, in at least twenty-eight broadcasts, all of which paint them as masterminds of an overarching left-wing plot called “the Cloward-Piven strategy,” which supposedly engineered the financial crisis of 2008, healthcare reform,Read more: The Nation Editorial

“So where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations, sit-ins and unruly mobs”?

See our earlier post with video: Frances Fox Piven Nation Magazine and Glenn Beck

Better yet, try these videos: Frances Piven calls for violent revolution

The Blaze

Christian Converts remain in prison in Afghanistan

Previously  I did a post on Christian Said Musa sentenced to death in Afghanistan. The Media and Christian Churches are saying little if anything regarding this issue. He has recently been released. It is time to call attention to their plight. The events taking place in the Middle East could easily spiral out of control and result in a terrible genocide.

The organization this week also drew attention to the plight of six Afghan Christians, four of whom had featured in the controversial May 2010 television program, who fled to India and applied for asylum.

The six – two couples and two sisters – have recently had their asylum applications rejected by the U.N. High Commission for Refugees, according to Barnabas Fund.

“They now face deportation to Afghanistan, where they risk arrest and possible execution for apostasy under the country’s shari’a-based law,” the organization said.

An Afghan convert to Christianity facing the death penalty for apostasy has been freed, but others remain in prison, and advocacy groups say the underlying problem – the glaring absence of religious freedom in a country where American and other soldiers are fighting and dying – must be addressed.

Aidan Clay, ICC regional manager for the Middle East, warmly welcomed Musa’s release, but added that “the battle has not yet been won.”

He pointed to another Afghan Christian arrested for his faith, Shoaib Assadullah.

“We still have a long road ahead before we witness religious freedom in Afghanistan,” Clay said.

Assadullah, who is in his early- to mid-20s, is being held in a prison in the northern Mazar-e-Sharif district.

According to Barnabas Fund, a charity that helps Christians in Islamic societies, he was arrested in October after giving a New Testament in the national Dari language to another Afghan, who reported him to the authorities.

Assadullah has been threatened with the death penalty for apostasy unless he returns to Islam, Barnabas Fund says.

“The cases of these six dear brothers and sisters highlight the fact that Afghan converts to Christianity are safe neither inside nor outside the country,” said Barnabas Fund international director Patrick Sookhdeo. “It is a disgrace that they have been denied refuge when their very lives depend on it.”

More here CNS

TSA to start Collecting our DNA this Summer at points of entry

The source for this was from Murdock’s new “Daily”. It is his new venture for the IPAD. I got a look, so it seems to be a reputable source. Oh, Janet, what will you think of next? This is a H/T and from Wylbog: Head on over for his full story. Daily link  is embedded below, and you should be able to get via your P.C.

I’ll bet you thought the TSA’s “enhanced” patdown procedures could not possibly get more invasive. Think again. Beginning this summer TSA will start collecting travelers’ DNA.

According to the report the Department of Homeland Security plans to deploy portable DNA scanners at U.S. points of entry. They’re about the size of a desktop printer and can produce lab-quality DNA screenings in about an hour. So in addition to the full-body scanners and enhanced patdowns we’ll have to stand obediently still while a TSA rent-a-cop swabs the inside of our mouth.

Or, no plane flight for you!

Customs and Border Protection, another tentacle of the Department of Homeland Security, has the authority to download the contents of your laptop and mobile phone. And into the database it goes!

H/T: Right Wing News

Tax Dollars Supporting Mosque Makeovers – Egyptian Sewers

$770 Million for Cairo’s Sewers, just the beginning. Meanwhile, back in the U.S…..


HHS Urges States to Apply for Federal Grants to ‘Help Fight Health Premium Increases’

Many of us thought that the purpose of the delay in implementation of Obamacare was simply to give time to drive Health Insurance Companies out of business. Here is proof positive. Now the States are being given grants to bear down on already under siege Companies. Forbes did an excellent piece on their financial state. Looks like by 2014 with the mandates already unerway, Obama will have gotten his wish. A one payer system.

The Health and Human Services Department is urging the states to apply for federal grants that will help them “crack down” on health insurance companies’ “unreasonable premium increases.” Of course waivers are available to the well connected  businesses, not Health Insurance Companies, but I digress.

Nearly $200 million is available to “help fight health premium increases,” and that’s in addition to the $46 million awarded to 45 states and the District of Columbia last August.

The grants will ensure that proposed premium rate hikes are “comprehensively reviewed,” bringing greater transparency and openness to the rating process. HHS said the new funds also will give states the power to stop unreasonable premium increases from taking effect. CNS News

ObamaCare Is Starting To Bleed Insurers Dry

In an industry that already suffers low profit margins, mandates are driving insurers from the health insurance sector altogether.

But insurers are hardly profligate. According to Fortune magazine, the health insurance sector is among the least profitable in America–with a mere 2.2% profit margin. That’s good enough for 35th place.

Further, many insurers’ administrative costs–for salaries, rent and the like–are fixed. ObamaCare instructs them to drive those costs down as a share of their overall revenues. In order to do so, they’ll have to raise premiums or lay off workers.

Initially, though, insurers are simply taking ObamaCare on the chin.

WellPointWLP – news – people), the health insurer with the largest total enrollment, is set to take a $300 million loss this year due to MLR-related costs. Already the insurer has reclassified more than half a billion dollars in administrative expenses as medical spending to help meet the loss-ratio target.

Connecticut-based AetnaAET – news – people ), which this month decided to pull out of Colorado’s individual market because of concerns about its ability to compete there, may hemorrhage up to $100 million thanks to MLRs this year

And Iowa-based Principal Financial GroupPFG – news people ) has stopped selling health insurance entirely, leaving about 840,000 people to scramble for new coverage–and depriving everyone else of one more option for insurance.

These new medical loss rules won’t just harm insurers–they’ll also deliver a blow to the broader economy.

Last week the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office revealed that health care reform will cause 800,000 people to leave the workforce over the next decade. That’s 800,000 people who won’t be helping extricate the economy from the recession–and won’t be paying taxes.

Many businesses that offer health insurance have announced that they can’t afford to provide policies that comply with the new rules. They’ve threatened to quit providing insurance altogether or lay off employees.

More at Forbes

From US News:

The Internal Revenue Service says it will need an battalion of 1,054 new auditors and staffers and new facilities at a cost to taxpayers of more than $359 million in fiscal 2012 just to watch over the initial implementation of President Obama’s healthcare reforms. Among the new corps will be 81 workers assigned to make sure tanning salons pay a new 10 percent excise tax. Their cost: $11.5 million.

Pigford: Nothing but reparations to Blacks, Women, Hispanics who claim to be farmers

Women.. Hispanics.. now your turn! Pigford.. the infamous case of claims of discrimination.

It is finally complete. The lawless Obama is now going to pay more reparations. Women and Hispanics now. There is no other term. We have followed this evil story for months. This is the capper. Next phase has begun. At most three thousand were eligible in Pigford. $1.3 Billion now available. Now this Friday dump. Not even a vote by Congress.

We had the Black Farmers. We are moving on to Women and Hispanic Farmers.

The Obama administration is offering at least $1.3 billion to settle complaints from female and Hispanic farmers who say they faced discrimination from the Agriculture Department. Washington Post

In a Friday afternoon news-dump, US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and a representative of the Obama Justice Department announced a bombshell: the Obama administration has set up their own “streamlined process” for women and Hispanic farmers to collect damages from the federal government for alleged past discrimination.

Like the fraud-filled Pigford claim persons who claim to have “attempted-to” farm will be eligible for awards of up to fifty thousand dollars each. In response to a question from Big Government’s Lee Stranahan the Department of Justice laid out a set of requirements that is eerily similar to the Pigford claims process, such as categories of “farmed” or “attempted-to-farm,” “owned land” or “attempted-to-own land,” standards that will almost certainly result in thousands of fraudulent claims. Big Government

Already, the number of people who have been paid and are still seeking payment will likely exceed the 26,785 black farmers who were considered to even be operating back in 1997, according to USDA. That’s the year the case initially began as Pigford v. Vilsack(then Agriculture Secretary). Glickman and sources predicted that, at most, 3,000 might qualify. Read our earlier post: Pigord Black farmer Lawyer Says got away with murder

It will take a few seconds for the sound.

Representative King: We are not going to pay Black Reparations. Too late Mr. King:

Travel Promo “Hide Away in Rockford” IL

Fleebagger Democrats “hide away in Rockford.”! One way to give a boost to the local economy. Enjoy!

Obama dances while Americans waited to be rescued.

Meanwhile, no Navy to be seen anywhere. Libya? Suez Canal? Oh, we don’t want to be seen as war mongers. Of course, what about our U.S. Citizens and their protection? Update: Looks like we got out in the nick of time: Hot Air It took a Ferry??

How incongruous. How much did this party cost us? While the Americans waited to be rescued in Libya. Where pray tell is our Navy?  It was only good luck that they were not taken hostage or worse. The Navy? No where near the Suez either. Right… “those catchy beats and simple cords”. Sounds a lot like Zero.

The East Room was lit like a theater as more than 200 dignitaries and others crowded together for an evening concert honoring Motown.

Obama said Motown “taught us that what unites us will always be stronger than what divides us. And in the decades since, those catchy beats and simple chords have influenced generations of musicians, from Sheryl Crow to the Jonas Brothers.” From : Detroit News

How about last year? From: Bunkerville: A June 10, 2010 posting: Obama spent at least $10 Million on parties last year. But we are keeping the Obama’s with happy feet.

The Obama Administration won’t send the military to rescue US citizens in Libya.

They don’t want to look like war-mongers.

Stranded: An estimated 600 U.S. citizens are stuck on board the Maria Dolores (pictured) in Tripoli, and won’t leave until at least Friday (Daily Mail)

The Obama Administration is STILL grappling with whether or not to send the military into Libya to rescue US citizens.
CNN reported, via HotAir:

The senior U.S. official also said the “prudent planning” for military options centers around the president’s priorities of protecting U.S. citizens and interests and stopping the violence against Libyan civilians. He cautioned against thinking the U.S. military “was about to storm the beaches,” but he also declined to specifically rule out the use of military force.

So far, the State Department has not requested the U.S. military to assist in the evacuation of civilians from Libya, which would be required for the military to get involved in that operation.

Several U.S. officials have confirmed to CNN there is a vigorous debate inside the administration about whether to involve the military because of concern it could cause further provocations by the Libyan regime gateway pundit

Iraq’s ‘Day of Rage’ – so much for U.S. helping out

It seems that this bit of trivia is falling through the cracks.  While I supported the war effort and getting rid of Sadam Hussein, it has come to the point that they need to get their act together pronto. Out we go… Thanks google, once again stirring up the pot:

The demonstrations have been discussed for weeks on Facebook and in other Internet groups, inspired by the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. More people were expected to join after Friday prayers

Jared Cohen and Jason Liebman (Founders of the Alliance for Youth Movements) were asked about the concern on the social networking push in Iraq while on their paid State Dept trip in 2009.

They were asked, citing extremists, as well as people just “pissed off because they dont have electricity”, werent they concerned about this being used negatively in poorly developed or still developing democracies. Cohen’s first response is incoherent-so much so that another reporter has to bring it up again. Read Google Iraq: Breaking Baghdad

It is time. Here tis:

Iraqi security forces trying to disperse crowds of demonstrators in northern Iraq killed 5 people Friday as thousands rallied in cities across the country during what has been billed as the “Day of Rage.”

Baghdad was virtually locked down, with soldiers deployed en masse across the central part of the city, searching protesters trying to enter Liberation Square and closing off the plaza and side streets with razor wire, AP reports. The protests have targeted the country’s corruption, high unemployment, and poor public services. “We want a good life like human beings, not like animals,” one Baghdad protester said, denouncing a government that dwells in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone. “The government of the Green Zone is terrified of the people’s voice,” he said.

The protests stretched from the northern city of Mosul to the southern city of Basra, reflecting the widespread anger many Iraqis feel at the government’s seeming inability to improve their lives.

A crowd of angry marchers in the northern city of Hawija, 150 miles (240 kilometers) north of Baghdad, tried to break into the city’s municipal building, said the head of the local city council, Ali Hussein Salih. That prompted security forces to fire into the air.

 Muntazer al-Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist who shot to fame after throwing a shoe at George W. Bush, was arrested yesterday for encouraging people to join today’s protests, Reuters reports. His family say he and his brother were taken away by security forces; they don’t know where the two are being held. At least five Iraqi protesters were killed by security forces today as thousands of demonstrators massed in cities across the country for a “Day of Rage.”

Stories from Newser

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