Castration Helps Reindeer Handle Climate Change

Researchers say they forage for food better, then share it

When Al Gore heard this, he said, finally there is an answer to this burdensome thing. We de-populate the planet, and create a warm and fuzzy for our fellow man. What could be better?

The indigenous Sami peoples in the Arctic have found a way to help reindeer survive the ravages of climate change—but we’re guessing the deer don’t like it too much. Fluctuating temperatures have been a challenge for the reindeer, because melting snow often refreezes and forms ice over the pastures they feed on. Sami researchers have found that castrating male reindeer allows them to more easily break the ice, in part because they keep their antlers later into winter.

It also makes the males more likely to share their food with calves that would otherwise starve to death. “To make herds more resilient in the future, we need to relearn the traditional knowledge of castration,” one professor tells Reuters. Specifically, they’re aiming for “half-castration,” which renders animals sterile, but able to produce testosterone. More at Newser

Five Concealed Carry Methods For Women

Leave it to Human Events: Guns and Patriots to come up with a “must read” for women. Since we heard that our Space Cadet President plans on bringing up gun control, ladies, best to hurry down to your local gun show, get your concealed carry permit pronto. Some quality time with a good instructor at the range, and then lock and load. Of course, the ladies need to have a good place to pack their heat, so here tis:

So after much soul-searching, you’ve decided to carry a concealed firearm. You’ve counted the cost and believe it’s the right thing for you to do. But how? All your helpful male buds have told you that you really shouldn’t carry a firearm in your purse. Or maybe you just don’t enjoy carrying a purse at all, let alone an oversized one with funny zippers. So that’s out. But are there any other concealed carry options for a fashionable woman?

You betcha there are! Here are five classic carry methods you might consider

5) Ankle Carry :What it is: This carry method places the firearm on your lower leg in a wraparound style holster.
Why it’s great: Carrying on the ankle works particularly well for the fashion-conscious, because it allows you to hide the firearm on a part of your body that—let’s face it—men rarely stare at.

4) Kangaroo Pouch

What it is: Kangaroo-pouch carry places the firearm in a soft fabric pouch fastened around your waist and carried below the waistband.

Why it’s great: Using a product such as SmartCarry or Thunderwear, the firearm rides comfortably and discreetly below your waistband. It’s intended to be worn front and center, directly below your belly button but decidedly lower.

3) Belly Band

What it is: A wide, elastic belt rides underneath the clothing, positioning the firearm in an elastic pocket somewhere on the upper torso.

Why it’s great: Flexibility is the key to the belly band’s appeal. Sure, it can be a bit uncomfortable at times, but the payoff is huge. With this carry method, you can position the firearm anywhere on your torso that works with your physique and your outfit. As an added bonus, the elastic band often provides a waist-narrowing effect

2) Behind the Hip – OWB with Extreme Cant

What it is: With this method, the gun is worn behind the hip in an angled holster which rides outside the waistband on a sturdy belt.

Why it’s great: This is the traditional and standard carry method for good reason. It provides fast access and good security, and most firearms classes require this type of carry for safety’s sake. With a minor tweak for feminine physiology—deeply canting the holster to prevent the barrel from digging into the hip curve—it works especially well for slender, athletically proportioned women.
1) Appendix Carry – IWB

What it is: An appendix-carried holster places the gun inside the waistband in front of the hip, where it snugs into the “sweet spot” between belly button and hip bone.

Why it’s great: Bringing the firearm to the front of the body provides great security and fast access, but that’s not the primary benefit. The primary benefit? It allows curvy women to comfortably carry the gun on the belt, without allowing the hip curve to drive the muzzle outward and grind the grips uncomfortably into tender ribs.

 Full Story here Human Events

Unions make up 40 percent of those exempted from Obamacare

What a surprise! As Sarah would so aptly put it, this is a WTF moment indeed. Still waiting for the MSM to pick up this nice surprise. Meanwhile, the common man/woman’s premiums are skyrocketing because our policies require us to “over insure”. Nice.

Update: Americas Watchtower has a good story that Congress may investigate these waivers-take a slide over.

 Yesterday, the Deparment of Health and Human Services announced it had granted more than 500 new waivers to Obamacare’s requirement that health plans have annual limits of no less than $750,000. This annual limit requirement climbs to $1.25 million next year and then to $2 million.The reason these exemptions from the law are needed is that Obamacare forces all health insurance consumers to over-insure themselves and pay high premiums as a result. Without the waivers, many companies, non-profits and unions would simply drop their health plans. As of 2014, the waivers will no longer be available — at least, that’s the way the law is written.

For the list of Unions exempted, read more here a: Washington Examiner

It is worth noting that there are 166 union benefits funds now exempted from this requirement, which account for about 40 percent of the exempted workers. This means that although there are only 14.6 million unionized employees in the United States, and 860,000 of them are already exempted from this provision of Obamacare.

H/T:Weasel Zippers

CNN Cites ‘Surge’ in New Home Sales in December..Huh??

Here is a post to keep them honest. Poor CNN- they keep trying for a feel good moment. Here is copy of the E-Mail blast they sent out. Story follows. Gives new meaning to “Unexpectedly”.



CNN called a “surge” (source):

For the record, the pathetic total of 22,000 homes actually sold in December was a tiny, incremental improvement over November, which was the worst single month in the 48 years the Census Bureau has been tracking these things. December’s total was still the worst December on record (the previous worst December was in 1966). 2010 as a whole was the worst year for new home sales, even before adjustment for population increases, since World War II.

Although I can see how a 2,000-unit increase in monthly sales can create the increase noted after seasonal adjustment, calling the worst December in the 48 years of Census Bureau record keeping a “surge” is ridiculous, as is not telling readers that the figure is seasonally adjusted. “Dead cat bounce” might be a more accurate description.

Read more: News Busters

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