Republicans introduce bill to eliminate Czars and Czarinas

Now we are talking. Let’s give a shout out to the G.O.P. If they keep at it, we just might have something going. De-fund this juggernaut. Here tis:

A group of House Republicans introduced a bill on Wednesday to rein in the various “czars” in the Obama administration.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) and 28 other House Republicans introduced legislation to do away with the informal, paid advisers President Obama has employed over the past two years.

The legislation, would do away with the 39 czars Obama has employed during his administration.

The bill defines a czar as “a head of any task force, council, policy office within the Executive Office of the President, or similar office established by or at the direction of the President” who is appointed to a position that would otherwise require Senate confirmation.

Republicans had complained about the president’s use of czars to help advance his agenda in Congress. In particular, the GOP had harped about the personal history of Van Jones, the president’s czar for “green jobs,” over past comments Jones had made about Fox News came to light. Jones eventually resigned.

Another prominent czar over the past year was Carol Browner, the president’s energy and environmental adviser. She helped head up efforts in response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the ultimately unsuccessful effort for an energy and climate bill from Congress.

“We haven’t gotten an indication of an exact timeline for committee action, considering that the bill was just filed yesterday,” said Scalise spokesman Stephen Bell. “We hope to have this discussion in the near future as the congressman works to pursue all the bills he has introduced in the 112th Congress.” Full Story here: The Hill

Obama attempted to illegally pass end of life counselling

What is flying under the radar, and of critical importance in the “reversing course” regarding end of life planning was that it was illegally contrived. It was an attempt at subverting the process and completely inserting “rules” without due process. No Federal agency may simply hand down a “Rule” as it is called, without a proper time for comment. For the process, see my earlier post: Federal Register- the gift that keeps on giving

I suggest that rather than the leaked e-mail that alerted us to this contrivance, we should have been given the notice as required and published in the Federal Register. Why am I making such an issue of this? If this administration is not called out on this, what other edicts will they think they can just implement without public knowledge.I suggest they knew exactly what they were doing. Read between the lines below NY Times:

The Obama administration, reversing course, will revise a Medicare regulation to delete references to end-of-life planning as part of the annual physical examinations covered under the new health care law, administration officials said Tuesday.

While administration officials cited procedural reasons for changing the rule, it was clear that political concerns were also a factor.

The final regulation was published in the Federal Register in late November. The proposed rule, published for public comment in July, did not include advance care planning.

An administration official, authorized by the White House to explain the mix-up, said Tuesday, “We realize that this should have been included in the proposed rule, so more people could have commented on it specifically.”

“We will amend the regulation to take out voluntary advance care planning,” the official said. “This should not affect beneficiaries’

The simple fact is that the proposed rule never, ever was included in the July notice. Do we not still have a democratic process of governance?

He is Back!!! Goodwin Liu nominated AGAIN for the 9th Circuit Court

My regular readers know I  have been dogging this fellow Liu what seems like forever, who is once again a candidate for the 9th circuit Court of Liberal Loonies out West. He was smacked down again even in the hail of approvals the Republicans handed out, in the waning days of the last Session of Congress.

My hunch is that Obama figures with the overturn of the Cloture rule, he will get this wacko in. Better yet, Obama has big plans for him to make it to the Supremes. So a real big heads up on this one.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday resubmitted a batch of federal judicial nominations that didn’t clear the Senate last year, including four that provoked strong objections from some Republican lawmakers.

The most controversial is Goodwin Liu,

CNS News

Among the four is Goodwin Liu, a law school dean seen as a potential future Supreme Court pick, whose current nomination to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has sparked strong criticism from Republicans.

So a few questions ole Liu didn’t answer? Lets hop on this one.

Given that Liu is only 39 years old and has never been a judge, it could be that his most relevant experience for getting an appointment to one of the nation’s most important courts was his participation in Barack Obama’s “transition team.”

Of course, Liu’s cavalier flaunting of the Constitution’s plain meaning is a big plus for Obama as well.

 Liu wants to “reinvigorate public dialogue about our commitments to mutual aid and distributive justice across a broad range of social goods” and then have the courts recognize “a fundamental right to education or housing or medical care…as an interpretation and consolidation of the values we have gradually internalized as a society.”  In other words, the Constitution and its core American principles of limited government and liberty should be legislated away and then finally swept away by courts.  Goodwin Liu’s desire to “construct, contest, and enact…distributive commitments in our public culture” is a view greatly to be feared in a judicial nominee.

Note to Mr. Liu: If he wants to enforce a “social citizenship tradition”, he might better try to become a judge in France or Sweden.  Our Founders understood the principles in the Constitution as timeless restraints on government due to the inherent nature of people and power, and they would certainly object to a characterization of the document as providing “rights to government assistance.” A lifetime appointment.From  Human Events 

Can it get much worse?

Liu is a dean at the University of California law school at Berkeley  Supporters and critics alike speak of him as a potential future selection for the Supreme Court by a Democratic president. He also could be the first Supreme Court nominee of Asian-American descent.

Republicans have attacked his nomination from the first.

At his committee confirmation hearing, Sessions Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., noted Liu’s criticism when Samuel Alito was nominated to the Supreme Court by Bush. At the time, Liu said Alito’s vision was an America “where police may shoot and kill an unarmed boy … where federal agents may point guns at ordinary citizens during a raid, even after no sign of resistance … where the FBI may install a camera where you sleep … where a black man may be sentenced to death by an all-white jury for killing a white man, absent … analysis showing discrimination.”

Kyl called those comments “vicious and emotionally and racially charged.”

CNS News

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