Huge cave in Vietnam just discovered

…the discovery of an amazingly large cave in Vietnam is big news. National Geographic has an interesting article, linked, accompanied by a number of spectacular photographs. The cave, Hang Son Doong, is located in a remote jungle. Still, it is hard to understand how it could have gone undiscovered for so long. Vietnamese caves have a long history, but this one could comfortably house a skyscraper. H/T:Powerline

Link to slide show here       Story here:National Geographic


Russia to build dozens of Nuclear Power Plants, America – Zip

Calling the USA…… Anyone out there???? Russia is on the move with Nuclear Power world-wide, and America, zip the last I heard. France gets 90 percent of their energy from Nuclear. Clean, and efficient energy. Of course, Nuclear energy would not create thousands of jobs for the “underclass”. This fine article is from Russia’s Pravda propaganda machine.  Better yet, they just gobbled up our Uranium in Wyoming.

Russians to control Uranium mines in Wyoming

Russia is ready to build a nuclear power plant in Egypt at its own expense, to manage the plant, and even find markets for the electricity. Early next year Egypt is expected to announce a tender for the construction of nuclear power plant with the capacity of 1 GW 150 km from Alexandria. Russia’s Rosatom will participate in the tender.

We are fully able to take at least 25% of the world market for construction and operation of nuclear power.” This statement was made by Vladimir Putin in March during the launch of the second power unit of the Rostov nuclear power plant. In early 2009, Rosatom has received nearly 60 billion rubles for the purchase of foreign assets.

Russian specialists are erecting 5 power units abroad. Nuclear power plant Kudankulam (two units) is being built in India, already world famous Bushehr NPP (one unit) is being built in Iran, and Belene nuclear power plant (two units) is being constructed in Bulgaria. In August, Russia and Armenia signed an intergovernmental agreement on construction of a nuclear power plant on the territory of the Armenian Republic. Russia can finance 20% of the construction.

Currently the package of vacant contracts for the construction of new nuclear power plant for Rosatom abroad includes 35 power units. 19 projects already have relevant intergovernmental agreements. They include China (4 units), India (4 units), Belarus (2 units), Armenia (1 unit), Ukraine (2 units), Vietnam (2 units) and Turkey (4 units). Construction of power plants is planned in such countries as Egypt (3 units), Argentina (2 units), Kazakhstan (2 units), Slovakia (1 unit), Hungary and the Czech Republic (2 units), as well as Bangladesh and Jordan (2 units).

Today the information was released that Russia and India have agreed to build a total of 18 units at 3 Indian sites, including Kudankulam.

More at Pravda

Minnesota the next Somalia??

I had no idea that the Somalia folks were setting up shop in Minnesota. It seems like a cold place for these guys compared to Somalia. It is a puzzle as to why this seems to be our new immigrant class. Anyway, this vid is a stunner. Minnesota is headed down the “Sharia Law”  bit, big time.

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