Sunday Respite – Those Were The Days


For today’s Sunday Respite I have chosen Giovanni Marradi – Those Were The Days. A chance to visit with some of our fine feathered friends.

Wishing you much peace and a wonderful day. You may prefer watching the clip in full screen.

Last weeks posts are located below the clip in case you missed them.



Last week’s posts

New York Times – Lawns are Racist

Bloomberg – AG Ellison Minnesota corruption scandal

Anderson Cooper: It’s Exciting That Whites Will Not Be the Majority

Minneapolis bans new drive throughs

Evil Child Rapist Wayne Chapman freed 

Strange Suicides– Jeffrey Epstein just another Vince Foster?



Sunday Respite – The Heart Blinds


For today’s Sunday Respite I chose this work, apparently in Russian. Google suggested the translation!.

I would say we have some very happy fine feathered friends who are enjoying their journey with us on the globe of ours called Earth..

Wishing everyone a wonderful day. You may prefer watching it in full screen.

Politics will come back tomorrow. Below the clip are a list of posts this week in case you missed them.



House passes Union Pension fund bailout – Dems eye Union heavy States


Clinton’s interference in Russian election – Putin’s payback


European Union elects to move toward a Communist Utopia


First Step Act Release of Criminals include Rapists and Murderers


9/11 Victims compensation fund and what you don’t know about it

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Sunday Respite – Carino


For today’s Sunday Respite I chose Chris Spheeris – Carino. You may chose to view this in full screen.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.


Hot and humid here at the Bunker. Politics below this post.

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CNN and the ‘The Draw’ – Presidential candidates game show


‘The Five’ reacts to CNN turning Dem debate draw into game show.

CNN once more shows why it takes a sense of humor to watch them.

What’s the name of this game show…Who’s lie is it anyway”?

Have a great day…..a bit of humor for a Saturday.

Sunday Respite – Blues In My Bottle


I bet a whole lot of people this week have “Blues in their Bottle.”  For today’s Sunday Respite I chose Christian Willisohn ~ Blues In My Bottle. Paintings by Fabian Perez gives us the atmosphere.

I also am including links to this week’s posts below the video in case you missed any of them.

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I suggest watching the clip in full screen.


Jeffrey Epstein Deposition: Attorney asks about his ‘small endowment’

(I still can’t believe I posted this…nothing like bringing a little class to the blog..put it down to Epstein burn out!)

Dershowitz’s sexual allegations against him and his strange Laura Ingraham interview

It was a rambling effort by Alan to confront the demon chasing him, but as the saying goes “I think he doth protest too much.” – video.

The Potomac Two Step – See How They Dance

Posted by Mustang.

Since investigations are often politically motivated, it pays to know how to dance.  Raines and Gorelick are excellent dancers; they are but two of a very long list of artful critters and are a couple of examples of just how the dance works.

Jeffrey Epstein was an informant for Mueller’s FBI – Was that the basis of the sweetheart deal?

A must read that sure isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

From the 5/24/18 FBI Vault release: “Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agree upon.” Is that why he escaped serious charges for molesting over twenty girls? Actual documents.

Pilot logs say Bill Clinton on Lolita Express had underage girls UPDATE

Sarnoff said that ALMOST EVERY TIME that Clinton was on the plane via the pilot logs there were underage girls on the plane. Video

All the times the Democrats said they were against illegal immigration – video

When will Blacks figure out they are being sold out for the Mexican vote? Video of previous statements proving that it all depends how the wind blows in the end.

Other than that all is well in the swamp.


Sunday Respite – Summertime


For today I chose Doc Watson – “Summertime” for my respite. It seems perfect for the holiday weekend. Thoughts of holidays past, with the old “Brownie” camera out to snag a couple of pictures just for the memories. With so much great music out there, I rarely post a tune twice, but I couldn’t resist this one today.

Wishing all of you a wonderful day.

Sunday Respite – Paris, Texas


For today Sunday’s Respite I chose Ry Cooder. A moody and weirdly sad yet enjoyable tune, Paris, Texas from the film of the same name.

I miss America, the open road, the wild west. Walking out to the pay phone, a billion stars in the sky, I need to try and find my way back again.

Yes, I need more blue sky and open road. Easy to forget what it is all about.

Be sure and watch the video in full screen. Wishing you a wonderful day.


In case you missed this weeks posts-

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Catholic Church in Scotland defies Pope – No plans on changing the Lord’s Prayer

John Kerry’s Iran family connection Foreign Minister Zarif targeted by Trump

Democrat candidates can’t dream up enough to give away for a vote


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