Sunday Respite ‘If I could tell you’

Yanni  “If I could tell you.”  Wishing you a great Sunday.

Sunday Respite ‘Shenandoah’

Mormon Tabernacle Choir for our Sunday Respite. Have a wonderful day.

“Shenandoah” from the album “Homeward Bound”

Sunday Respite – ‘Prelude’

Yanni – Prelude. The video takes on a surprising political bent. Wishing everyone a good day.

River of birds in migration

Bunker is heading south. So will catch you when I can. So……

Sunday Respite – Tibetan Music

Music to chill. With a Tibetan flute. A little slow getting off but worth it. Have a great day.


Sunday Respite – ‘The Story of My Life’

The Piano Guys have another good one out. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Story of My Life (One Direction – Piano/Cello Cover) – ThePianoGuys

Sunday Respite – ‘On Sacred Ground’

Yanni – On Sacred Ground. Anyone who has an opportunity to see Yanni in concert is in for a real treat. I enjoy his eclectic approach to the new age genre. Lots of his concerts are out there on You tube, but the sound suffers in quality compared to his albums. If you want to get into the zone, try some of his slower pieces. Make it a great day.

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