Sunday Respite – Soul Bird

This is one of my favorite music video clips. One not to miss. Be sure and go to full screen and HD 1080 for a stunning experience. Wishing you a wonderful day.


Holy Saturday – Easter Vigil

André Rieu – Nearer, My God, to Thee

André Rieu, over 500 brass players & the Johann Strauss Orchestra performing Nearer, my God, to Thee live in Amsterdam.

Good Friday

A day of reflection.

Secret Garden – Appassionata

Meet the new owner of United Airlines UPDATE

Meet the new owner of United Airlines. I know it’s not funny. It’s good at least that most Americans find the action of United abhorrent.  I include a parody of a United Airlines training film

Doctor dragged off United flight was felon who traded prescription drugs for secret gay sex with his patient and took them himself – and he needed anger management, was ‘not forthright’ and had control issues, psychiatrist found

  • Dr David Dao’s troubled medical past is revealed in court documents
  • His wife – also a doctor – reported him to medical authorities and his secret inappropriate gay relationship.

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United Airlines training video – parody.

Fake news is working, Trump’s poll numbers dropping


While many of us may just be turning off the tube because we can’t stand the fake news, with much of it laughable, it apparently is taking its toll on the Donald. I turned on Morning Joe at 6 for a bit of an adrenaline rush, and I got one. Non stop on the polls. The worse polls since the beginning of time apparently. But we would be foolish to disregard the fact that diGenova, well-known attorney who represents whistle blowers, warned us back in February that a Coup was underway. The Left is determined to undermine him.Trump needs a win. While his executive orders have been swell, congress needs to get its act together and give him a bill he can sign. Disregard this at our peril.

Poll: Trump more unpopular than Obama ever was

CBS News14 hours ago
Overall, voters give Trump a 35 percent job approval rating, with 57 … Even among his base, his numbers continue to slip; only 39 percent of …
Has Trump hit rock bottom yet?
BlogWashington Post (blog)15 hours ago
Here from TPM

……But the most interesting data in the latest batch of polls comes from the McClatchy/Marist poll. In this poll, released on the 31st, Trump has an approval number at 38%, down from 41% in February, broadly in line with other polls. Lee Miringoff, who runs the Marist poll, discusses the various details of the poll here. Really every number is dismal. But this, I think, is the most significant. From the Marist write-up …

There has been a profound shift in public opinion about whether or not President Trump is fulfilling campaign promises. 57% of Americans either strongly agree, 18%, or agree, 39%, that Trump is making good on the promises he made on the campaign trail. This is down from 71% in February. Regardless of party, fewer voters think he is keeping his word. Of note, 83% of Trump’s Republican base, down from 96% previously, believe Trump is fulfilling campaign promises.“President Trump needs a major legislative win to get on track,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. “No doubt the GOP in Congress will be closely watching the president’s standing among Republican voters.”

Those are steep drops and this is the big danger for Trump – likely a much greater danger, in the short term at least, than the scandal investigations most politicos are focusing on. Trump’s inability to repeal Obamacare is, I suspect, most of what is showing up in this drop. He simply failed to do something that, at least in numerical congressional majority terms, should have been simple. That made him look weak and ineffectual – frankly, silly. That and not corruption or ties with Russia is what will eventually sink Trump with his base.

More TPM

The Cures Act – No longer is ‘Informed Consent’ required for some medical experiments

The Cures Act was passed in the tail end of 2016. Today I focus on Section 3023, 2024 regarding Informed Consent and why you should care. No longer is the Gold Standard of “Informed Consent” required if there are “no more of minimal risks to participants.” And who decides this? Yesterday I posted Trump hogties the EPA, will he stop their illegal human medical experiments? This is why you should care. But let me not get ahead of myself. I include a video.

A year and a half after the original bill left the House of Representatives, the much-discussed and highly anticipated 21st Century Cures Act became law on December 13, 2016. The legislation went through more than a few changes in those seventeen months; it expanded from four sections to twenty-five and from 362 pages to 966. Informed Consent Waiver or Alteration for Clinical Investigations

The Cures Act introduces the possibility of waiving or altering informed consent for some FDA-governed research. This decision could mark a major step in the required harmonization of regulations; the rules around waivers of informed consent are some of the significant differences between FDA and Common Rule requirements.

The law sets two requirements for waiving or altering informed consent:

  1. The research must pose no more than minimal risk to participants; and
  2. Other measures to protect study volunteers must be in place.

The bill does not specify who will confirm decisions about minimal risk or appropriate safeguards, but the requirements seem consistent with determinations that IRBs already make. From Quorum Review

From Science Blogs:

Worse, the bill undermines informed consent, as I discussed before. The provision is still there that would add another category of research for which it is acceptable to forego informed consent. Normally, it is only acceptable to skip informed consent when it is not feasible or it is contrary to the best interests of the subject. Add to that now that it would be acceptable to forego informed consent when “the proposed clinical testing poses no more than minimal risk to the human subject and includes appropriate safeguards to protect the rights, safety, and welfare of the human subject.” As Merrill Goozner put it and I agreed, even if the risk is minimal, why would the authors of this legislation waive a central tenet of international agreements designed to protect the rights of human subjects in clinical trials? I didn’t understand either (and still don’t), particularly since the act doesn’t define “minimal risk” or specify who determines whether a study is minimal risk.

Sunday Respite: Monsoon’s Dance

For those of us who could use some time out with all the news going on, this once should do it. Some beautiful photography as well. Have a wonderful day. Karunesh Monsoon’s Dance.

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