Sunday Respite – Monster Fish with fangs

We have more interest in outer space then that which is lies beneath our ocean. This one caught my attention. Note the fangs. For more, after the clip finishes, click on the clip to the right for even more amazing scenes of what lies in our oceans. Enjoy.

A rare video of a living fangtooth fish of the Anoplogastridae family of deep sea fish. Their teeth are the biggest (in proportion to their body) of any animal. This one was trawled from 600 metres off San Clemente Island, California. Notice too the massive lateral line along the back, which is a very sensitive detector of water movement in the dark world where they live.

Sunday Respite – “Moms”

A special song today for the Moms. God talks to a baby on the way to meet her/his Mom. Make it a wonderful day.

Sunday Respite – ‘In the Mountaintops to Roam’

Traveling back to the Bunker this past week, I had an enjoyable ride through the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was fortunate to have spent some time in my childhood living in the heart of the mountains in North Carolina. I got to hear some good “pickin”  this week. This tune caught my ear with its haunting melody. Enjoy.

Weekend Respite – On the Road Again!

Time to head out of the land of sunshine and head back to the Bunker. Thanks in no small part to Jeb Bush, Florida is booming. No income tax, Homestead exemption for real estate taxes, no inheritance tax. Step right up and get your concealed carry.

Clinton Donor gets $13 Million in State Dept Grants, FBI investigates

Funny what her server is turning up. Looks like the FBI has interest in another adventure of the Clintons. That being giving money to the Clinton Foundation and then having U.S Taxpayer’s cash flow through. This isn’t the first episode reported, but it looks like the first the FBI is taking interest. Why doesn’t the Bern bring up this sort of stuff???

Hillary Clinton’s Department of State awarded at least $13 million in grants, contracts and loans to her longtime friend and Clinton Foundation donor Muhammad Yunus, despite his being ousted in 2011 as managing director of the Bangladesh-based Grameen Bank amid charges of corruption, according to an investigation by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The tax funds were given to Yunus through 18 separate U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) award transactions listed by the federal contracting site

Secretary Clinton’s mixing of official work with foundation donors is reportedly the focus of a second, less publicized FBI public corruption investigation of the former secretary of state. The more widely known FBI probe focuses on her use of a private email server located in her New York residence to conduct official government business.

They highlight how Clinton mixed official government business with Clinton Foundation donors. Yunus gave between $100,000 to $300,000 to the foundation, according to the Clinton Foundation website.

Clinton rocked the Bangladeshi political establishment when she publicly intervened on behalf of Yunus in 2011 as the South Asian government prepared to launch its probe.
More at 
Daily Caller

Sunday Respite – “John Birch Society”

The Chad Mitchell Trio back in 1962 gave this tune. Anyone out there recall the book “None Dare Call it Treason?” Just a reminder of earlier days.

Sunday Respite – Spring Morning

It’s anything but Spring around my parts, but it’s coming. Some beautiful photography as a reminder. Enjoy.

Steve Middleton – Spring Morning


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