Update on Oscar – A feel good story



An update on Oscar —  A Feel-good Story

The original story below:



by Mustang

A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about Oscar Saxelby-Lee, a five-year old child who suffers leukemia.  I titled it “A Feel-Good Story.”  Now I want to give you an update on his condition.

Oscar was diagnosed with this killer disease in December.  Since then, this child has had twenty blood transfusions accompanied by four weeks of chemotherapy.  When it became clear that Oscar wasn’t improving, his parents went public and made an appeal for volunteers for a possible stem-cell match.  Initially, 5,000 citizens from Worcester, England showed up for testing —people who stood in the cold rain for hours waiting their turn to find out whether they could become the match that might save Oscar’s life.

The number of British volunteers from Worcestershire grew to over 10,000.

A match has been found!  In fact, three matches were discovered, which greatly increases Oscar’s chance of survival.  Oscar’s other vitals are such now that physicians will proceed to a bone-marrow transplant operation.  If you have been one of thousands who’ve been saying a prayer for Oscar … from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.  I hope you will continue to ask for God’s mercy that the bone-marrow transplant will proceed successfully.

Photo’s attached (2): Credit Daily Mail, UK


Sunday Respite – Rosée Céleste


Michel Pépé – Rosée Céleste is my selection for today’s respite.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day. You may prefer watching it in full screen.


Sunday Respite – Somewhere in Time


For today’s Sunday Respite I have chosen “Somewhere in Time”

You may prefer watching this in full screen. Wishing you a wonderful day.


Sunday Respite – People come into your life for a reason


“Struggle is not an act; it is an attitude. If we believe that we must fight to get what we want, we will toil over everything we do. If we recognize, however, that the universe works more efficiently for us when we approach it with ease, life will serve us in miraculous ways.”

― Alan Cohen

Wishing my “virtual friends and family” a wonderful, joyous and blessed Spring. We look forward as we embrace the rebirth of all that Mother Earth will be offering us. We are so blessed.



Music is by David & Steve Gordon from the album named “Sacred Earth Drums”. The song is titled ‘Guardian Spirit’.

Thanks to Purple Rays for the inspiration.

Sunday Respite – Can’t Run From Yourself


For today’s Sunday Respite I chose Hanne Boel with “Can’t Run From Yourself.”

Paintings by Fabio Calvetti. Next week I will try and get back to my more mellow selections. Just say for today I dedicate this number to the swamp.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.


Sanders Shuts down Institute Over Pay-To-Play Accusations


So Bernie Sanders’s little Misses with their son get caught with their long fingers in the cookie jar one more time? What is a little bank fraud? We had the daughter with her wood working school ripping of Burlington College. Time for a bit of a review of this Marxist family on a Saturday. The latest:


Reflecting on accusations of pay-to-play influence-peddling at The Clinton Foundation, Senator Bernie Sanders told CNN in March of 2016 that:

“It is obscene that Secretary Clinton keeps going to big-money people to fund her campaign…”

All of which makes the news, via AP, that the “nonprofit” think tank founded by Sanders’ wife and son is closing up shop after drawing criticism over the donations it’s been receiving all the more intriguing.

The institute was founded to promote liberal policies less than two years ago by Sanders’ family with the backing of pro-Sanders celebrities and advocates – though Sanders himself had no formal role. While it operates at a fraction of the scale of the Clinton Foundation, it has accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars during its brief existence and has declined to disclose its donors.

Jane and her son, David Driscoll, founded the Sanders Institute in 2017 under the claim that it would research and promote liberal policies. Instead, people have accused them of using the institute as a way to sell their loyalty to the rich and powerful.

The decision was reportedly made in late February after Sanders launched his campaign.

“I think that was the most important thing to do — to not accept donations,” said Jane Sanders in an interview with the Associated Press.

Nobody should think that they’re giving money to an organization and that gains them access or favor to anybody elseand anybody running for office.”

You think so? After being under investigation by the FBI?

More at

Zero Hedge

and the New York Post

Let’s take a look:

Bernie and Jane Sanders College corruption? Funneled daughter $500,000

How did Jane Sanders funnel more than 500k to her daughter’s for-profit woodworking business during her tenure as President of Burlington College and get away with it?

What hasn’t been discussed in all the noise about Burlington College’s closure is how Jane Sanders (supported by the same Board of Trustees who approved the land sale) openly funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Burlington College’s operating funds to VT Woodworking School — a for-profit business started by her daughter Carina Driscoll in 2007.


Despite scattered reporting on this story, Jane Sanders has never been asked to explain why Burlington College suddenly needed to start a woodworking program in 2009 – the very same year the VT Woodworking School expanded to its current site in Fairfax, VT taking on considerable expense of a new building and needing to find students to fill its cavernous 15,000 square-foot space. Nor has anyone asked if the College did what would normally be required in this process by creating a Request For Proposal (RFP) to solicit bids in order to guarantee that the process was fair and open to other entities competing for this business.

This appears not to be the case given that the College was also funding another program at the same time (as reported in the College’s tax returns) that directly benefited the children of Jonathan Leopold, a board member.

According to the College’s now defunct website, Carina Driscoll was listed as Director of the Woodworking Program at Burlington College on the Faculty and Staff Directory in 2016. It is unclear how the College was able to hire her on staff while she remained the owner of VT Woodworking — directly benefitting from the College’s funding of her for-profit business.  Read more


A key witness in the possible bank fraud case against Sen. Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, was questioned by FBI agents just over a week ago, Fox News has learned.

Other than this, all is well in the swamp.

Sunday Respite – I’ll Play The Blues For You


“I’ll Play The Blues For You” by Daniel Castro is my selection for the Sunday Respite. I have had enough of winter snow scenes. Considering all we have been through this week, I think a bit of the blues sums it up.

Painter Rémi LaBarre creates the atmospherics with his works. You may prefer going to full screen to enjoy the video.

Wishing you a wonderful day ..   🙂


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