Laser Energetics Dazer Laser In Action !!!

Tasers are so yesterday. The latest government gizmo is the “Dazer Lazer”

H/T: From Economic Policy Journal:

“We get all sorts of government trade journals delivered here. I found this while leafing through the latest issue of GSN: Government Security News (

The “Dazer Laser” is an “ocular distraction device” that emits a non-damaging [Oh yeah-RW] laser pattern that temporarily blinds a person. Some of them will work up to 1.5 miles! The videos show quite clearly how they do their dirty work… I can imagine it won’t be long before SWAT teams are mounting these to their RV’s for crowd and riot control”.

The video below advises:

In the event of crowd control…simply use the Dazer Lazer like a paint brush and daze the crowd across their faces.

Gas prices under Obama. And just the start.

But he did keep this one promise: “Under my plan, electricity prices will skyrocket”. He just shut down the largest coal mining operation in the United States:  Story here

Gas? On track with this as well. Ms Piven should be pleased.
Barack Obama attacked the oil industry and promised 5 million new energy jobs. They do think we are fools.

Now, 24 months into his term, gas prices are up 55%.
Government-funded solar companies are moving to China.

Post from Heritage:

And 4.4 million people lost their jobs in 2009. That’s the most job losses in a year since 1940.

Fact: President Barack Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu wants to “figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” At the time he made the statement, gas cost $7 – $8 a gallon in Europe.
Fact: Since taking office, President Obama’s entire energy agenda has made a gallon of gas more expensive:

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