Man fined $5,200 for growing cucumbers in basement

Look at the bright side, USA. We could be living in Canada. I had read previously Canada had been getting snarky about liberty.
So here tis:
From Mission, British Columbia, resident Len Gratto recently experienced the wrath of local city officials who fined him $5,200 for growing cucumbers in his basement. Under current laws, municipal regulators are permitted to enter premises on suspicion that a homeowner is illegally growing marijuana — and even if no pot is found, they can levy the fines anyway.

There’s no way Len Gratto is paying a $5,200 fine to Mission city hall for growing cucumbers in his basement.

A number of citizens, led by Mission man Stacy Gowanlock, will allege their homes were illegally searched for pot grow-ops and they were slapped with fees and repair orders costing upward of $10,000 — all on questionable evidence.

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The grow-op bylaw programs used to search properties on the marijuana suspicions state that municipal inspectors can enter homes simply because they use excessive amounts of water. Once inside, there is no requirement that inspectors find any actual evidence of marijuana — they are free to levy fines if they determine the presence of what they determine to be “residual” evidence, such as soil or even high mold counts. And if residents fail to comply with the unreasonable orders, they could have their house deemed unsafe and unsellable by local officials.

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Obama’s Tucson Pep Rally “Applause” Picture removed

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I caught this over at  Gateway Pundit -click for pic!

After a editorial meeting of myself, I have chosen to have you link on over to Gateway for the Pic now… who thought we would get a zillion hits!~~

As you can tell the Jumbotron included not just Obama’s speech but “applause” lines for the crowd.
 After this was posted the photographer took down her photos from the pep rally.
(What a shock!)

Today RightNetwork received this threatening message from the leftist photographer:

Link to Photo:Gateway Pundit applause pic here

UK plans to make major health care reforms

Prime Minister Cameron plans on making changes to their Healthcare system. Why? Because they are going broke. The plans will be released on Wednesday. This will be something to watch.  Don’t you just love the start of the piece: “The Conservative Leader said”.. yes it is the nasty Conservatives who have to figure out how to save Great Britain after the Liberals have driven the Country into the ground. Here tis:

The Conservative leader said he would save money and cut red tape by giving control over management to family practitioners rather than bureaucrats, and allow private companies to bid for contracts within the National Health Service.

If Britain continued with its current system, “we would face a really big crunch in two or three years’ time,” he added. “I don’t think there is an option of just quietly standing still, staying where we are and putting a bit more money into the NHS. I think we do need to make more fundamental changes.”

More at NECN

European Union loans money to China to become Green

The countries in the E.U. are trying to stay afloat financially. Riots and the like. Meanwhile the E.U. is now loaning money to China. China, which has little or no debt. Keep in mind, the U.S. contributes about 20 percent of money loaned. This gives new meaning to the expression, robbing Peter to pay Paul. This is all part of the “Carbon Credits” concept that apparently is moving forward by our friends across the ocean. We borrow from China, then loan to China who loans it back to us. Makes sense doesn’t it? Meanwhile the NY times bemoans the fact the Europe just isn’t buying this Green thing. Which makes even more sense.

Last month, while bailing out Ireland and scrambling to prepare a possible rescue of Portugal, the European Union quietly extended a generous loan to a country with relatively few debt problems: China.

The €500 million, or $668 million, loan by the European Investment Bank is part of a package of two loans worth €1 billion that is aimed at helping China use more renewable sources and increase energy efficiency.

The loans to China will be used for making emissions reductions and improving energy efficiency at companies like Wuhan Iron and Steel and at Haohua, a chemical company. The loans will also be used for wind farms in the provinces of Henan, Hainan and Guangdong, and for solar-powered lighting.

More here at the NY Times

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