Van Jones explains Social Justice,(Communism)

Yes, Van Jones out on the stump. Going out to the colleges, teaching the young folks how to be good Marxists. One of Valerie Jarret’s best friends. It is interesting to hear how he is so much in demand right now.

From the Right Scoop:  Van Jones spoke at Guilford College in North Carolina a couple of days ago and defined Social Justice for the audience. He said that if you could write your life on a card and put it in a hat filled with cards from everyone else in your country, and that you could then be totally assured that any card you pulled out would be a good life for you to live, then you know you live in a social justice country.

As the makers of the video points out, that’s communism:

Obama’s daughter, Sasha, practices Chinese with Hu

Next time try the American Flag, honey.

Next time try the American Flag, honey.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Like father like daughter. I wonder if they are still aborting little girls in China? If so, she would not be waving any flag. She wouldn’t be.

“She’s under 10 years old and they’re studying Chinese, and she wanted to have the chance to practice her Chinese with President Hu.”

Sasha attended Hu’s welcoming ceremony on the White House lawn on Wednesday morning with friends and could be seen waving a Chinese flag excitedly as her father and Hu walked around the grounds.

The two presidents paused to visit when they reached the nine-year-old and her friends behind the rope line.

“Not every (child) has the opportunity to try out their first phrases of Chinese with the president of China, but she had that chance,” Rhodes said.

He said the anecdote illustrated Americans’ desire to get to know China better with more people studying the country and doing business there.

I wonder if they will get to “study” China’s horrific history? The 50 to 60 million people who were murdered?

Yahoo News

BLM attempt at smoothing over Western land grab fails

Yes, the Christmas land grab by the BLM. While Obama is supposedly moving to the center, and it is now jobs, jobs, jobs, his minions on his behalf are grabbing more of our natural resources. This is really a hoot if it wasn’t so sad. So Ken Salazar creates this Executive order which many say is unconstitutional, a meeting gets set up to explain what is going down,, and then cannot tell anyone what the plan is. Since when does a Salazar type sign an executive order?? The good news is that this story came from the New York Times. Maybe a question mark in the libs mind about how ignorant they are acting? Here tis:

Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey’s meetings with top elected leaders from Western states has failed to soothe anger over his agency’s new “wild lands” policy that could extend the highest level of federal protection to millions of acres of public land.

Some who have met with the BLM director in the past week say Abbey has failed to provide key details about how the Dec. 22, 2010, executive order from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will be enforced and what impact it will have on key policies like energy development and recreation on public lands.

Utah Rep. Rob Bishop (R), who met privately with Abbey on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., said he came away “extremely frustrated” with the BLM chief’s responses to fundamental questions about how the new wild lands directive will be implemented. “I kept asking for reasons and specifics,” said Bishop, chairman of the House National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Subcommittee.

“‘Why replace the resource management plans already in place?’ They won’t tell me why or what that was about,” he continued.

“‘How are you going to manage wild lands differently than others?’ They say they’ll have a new criteria or standard. ‘What will that be?’ They don’t know, and they can’t give me an example.

“‘How are you going to adjust the prioritization of multiple use?’ They don’t know. I’m sorry, I got absolutely no answers,” Bishop concluded.

More at the NY times here

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