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  1. tonyasmithauthor Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my site to visit and thanks for following. You have a very interesting site as well. I will stopping back by to visit as well. Keep blogging. ..

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    Hi, I have nominated you for a couple of awards as I think you have a cool place here, Enjoy!!



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    Nice reading about you.

    Thanks. for visiting my blog Ajaytao2010@wordpress.com. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.


  4. Tom Says:

    Great content. I’m starting a blog roll on my site. I hope you don’t mind if I add you. Thanks for your hard work.


  5. Nazari Foundation Says:

    Afghan asylum seekers shown on TV channels face serious danger if they are returned:

    The desplay of the pictures of Afghan asylum seekers, protesting in Australia, has intensified the threat for their life in Afghanistan. Now the Taliban and other Islamist extremists have identified many of them.
    This issue seems similar to the issue of Afghan converting to Christianity. The pictures and footages of some Afghan Muslims converting to Christianity were shown on local TV channels on May 2010. It caused the arrest of many people. According to recent reports arround 40 people are under arrest and have been put in prison. Two of the arrests were officially shown on media and both are facing the trial . One of them is the the Red Cross employee. The Afghan supreme court has refered their cases to Islmic court for making a decission in view of Islmic Sharia Law.
    According to Islamic Sharia Law converting from Islam to other religion is prohibited and the punishment is death sentence. The desplayed footages and pictures on TV channels also caused the killing of six American, two Afghan, one German and one British citizens by Taliban Islamist radical and terrorist organization in eastern part of Afghanistan on August 2010.
    Taliban and other Islamists asked the people to hand over the Afghan Christians to them. The Afghan Lower House also requested the people for similar assistance last year and demanded the execution of converts in public from the government.
    On October 2010, one Christian group was arrested in Herat to the west and one group in Mazar-e-Sharif to the North by Afghan government. Some foreign citizens were also found among the arrests and later on they were released and deported to their countries. But there is not any confirmed information and reports in the media about the number of arriests and their trial. The media focuses on the trial of two person who were arrested at the start of that issue. This issue caused many aid workers and Afghan citizens to face trial, persecution and exile.
    Those asylum seekers and refugees whose pictures have been shown on TV channels will face similar danger and threat. The serious danger for them is Taliban and other Islamist extremists because they do not keep anyone in prison and follow the trial. They simply kidnape, kill or slaughter wherever the find such kind of people.

    Reported by:
    Nazari Foundation

    PS: Please see the bellow reports for more detail on the previous issue.

    Christians at risk in Afghanistan and the motives behind it:

    The ongoing issues and events related to Christians basically emerged from the incident took place in April when the director of a local Aid Organization was kidnapped by Islamism militants in Ghazni province on the bases of same evidence and information revealed on 27 May on Media. The kidnapped person was released through a deal but the deal was failed after almost a month.

    The Islamists revealed the footages of Muslims converted to Christianity through an unpopular private TV channel Noorin TV on 27th May repeatedly. Later on the footages were displayed on other local TV channels and in the parliament house. It exploded the anger of Muslims and motivated Islamist extremists against Christians in Afghanistan. The Lower House parliament held its meeting three times; on 29th and 31 May and on 5th June on this issue. The deputy of Lower House and many lawmakers demanded the Muslims converted to Christianity should be executed in public. The university students and people protested and expressed their anger against the spread of Christianity mainly in Kabul, Herat, Ghazni and Mazar-e-Sharif. The protesters burned the Cross and the effigy of Pop in the streets and demanded execution of converts in public and ban on the Christian Aid Organizations in Afghanistan.

    The Lower House had summoned the attorney-general, Economy and Interior ministers and the head of Spy Agencies to present their reports and response to their questions on 5th June parliament meeting.
    The spy agency chief and interior minister reported that they had identified 25, arrested two of them and 13 other cases are under investigation. The Economy minister reported that he had suspended two Christian Aid Organizations; World Church Service and Norwegian Church Aid that had been involved in proselytizing.

    The above mentioned authorities confronted intensive pressure and critics in the parliament house in relation to the spread of Christianity in the country. After this meeting the interior minister Hanif Atmar and the chief of spy agency Amirullah Saleh immediately met president Karzai and both resigned the next day on 6th June. Both pretended that they were failed in security management of Peace Jirga (Peace Conference) in Kabul but the reason behind their resignation was very clear. Both parliament Houses, Islamic religious councils and people were asking them for very quick action but the government allied countries (western countries) were trying to stop them from any effective action against Christians. So there was no way for them except resigning their posts.

    Their resignation was effective to cool down people but it could not remove the anger of people completely. The university students and people protested against the spread of Christianity in Herat city on 6th June and in Mazar-e-Sharif on 8th June. The protester spoke against America, Christian aid organizations and those Muslims converted to Christianity. The protestors in Herat spoke against Jaghori, a district of over two hundred thousand population situated in Ghazni province to the south part of the country. Majority of the converts revealed on TV channels are from Jaghori district. Taliban blocked the main road to Jaghori and demanded the people to hand over the converts to them. Taliban stopped many cars and tortured hundreds of people belonged to Jaghori. On 4th July, the people protested in three main bazaars in Jaghori district against the spread of Christianity.

    These issues caused many converts to escape to unknown places and hide themselves and some have left the country. The families of converts and those who had any relation to them are in serious trouble too. Taliban has got the identity of many coverts and is searching them every where.
    The last shocking events took place in Badakhshan province is the continuation of this issue where 10 workers (6 American, 1 German, 1 Briton and two Afghan) of a medical team belong to IAM (International Aid Mission) were murdered by Taliban insurgents on 6th August accusing they were Christian missionaries.

    The main question is that how this issue emerged and why?

    According to our resources based in Afghanistan, this issue is the combined efforts of some local Islamist commanders belong to tiny Islamist organizations that could not survived as independent organization since 2001. These commanders have been trying to improve relations with government and bigger Islamist parties. They use every possible means to regain their influence and for their personal financial benefits. They have connection with Hezb-e-Islami, Taliban and government spy agencies and some are working for abroad intelligence agencies.

    One of the two arrested person, who were arrested at the beginning, confessed that he was supported by Islamists to collect information about Christianity in Afghanistan. The government released him immediately because the Islamists supported him from the frame work of the government and also admitted him as their own activist.

    We have received different reports about the number of arrest. Majority of reports show 20 converts under the government arrest and have been detained.

    One of the main guys who lead this Islamist spy team has been in main posts of government spy agencies and ministry of Interior. This spy team had sent the spies to India, Pakistan and to different areas in Afghanistan. They had approached the Christian missionary organizations and churches. From where they had collected enough information and evidence such as videos, pictures and details of identity of Muslims converted to Christianity. This spy team has penetrated into churches and missionary organizations. The identification of Islamist spies has been very controversial among churches and missionaries particularly in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. The illiterate pastors and missionaries certified by some unknown churches and missionaries can create such situation and problems for their popularity and self benefits. The Afghan Christians must be very careful for their safety and their identities are not safe in some places.

    Without the involvement of some pastors and missionaries it is impossible to get access to vast evidence and information that Islamists have got access to. So some pastors and missionaries are also responsible for the recent tragedies, issues and persecutions that Christians are confronting in Afghanistan since April 2010.

    According to our resources, some Islamist spiritual leaders and clerics are tempting few converts, who have been publicly revealed, for a high level deal and with media announcements. If this deal takes place there would be tragedies and persecution in a very large scale. The Islamist spiritual leaders have already requested from the families and relatives of converts and local people to inform them about the identities and location of converts.

    The most Islamist extremist Taliban has seriously started persecution and killing of Christian Aid workers and the converts in Afghanistan.

    Those pastors and missionaries who admitted and determined an illiterate man as pastor and his illiterate friends as missionaries are completely responsible for the recent tragedies and on going persecution related to Christians in Afghanistan. They have helped the senseless pastor and his friends to motivate the Islamists in a high level to persecute and target Christians in Afghanistan.
    Under such condition more tragedies and persecutions can be expected. No one can expect who will be the next target of Islamist extremists and government spy agents. The Islamists have strong control over the Afghan government spy agencies.

    Reported by:
    An Aid Worker from Afghanistan


  6. John Carey Says:

    I like what I see here. I will add you to our blogroll at THE CURRENT.


  7. gary Says:

    the reason the healthcare companies had to raise rates

    increased unemployment due to the porklilus package has led to increased layoffs among younger workers raising the average age and medical cost incurred per policy holder

    extended cobra benefits has meant that those who are sick keep their mandated cobra, those who are not tend not to, creating self selected increased costs


    • bunkerville Says:

      Very true– but if the thought is that Medicaid and Medicare is covering costs, its not, So we start from a false premis that healthcare will be cheaper via the feds. Thanks for stopping by.


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