Homeland Security Dept. Cannot ‘Precisely’ Track the Number of Foreigners Working in U.S. on H-1B Visas

Janet and her DHS Department are a joke. These H-1B visas as well. She has no idea? India does.

 No one knows how many foreign workers with H-1B visas are in the United States at any given time because of “limitations in agency data,” a new report says.

The report says the Homeland Security Department is responsible for tracking the number of H-1B petitions and the number of H-1B visas issued, but “it cannot precisely do so.”


I got news Janet… I wrote a post based last year  that might help you out:

The high-tech industry in the United States “lost” 245,000 jobs last year. At the same time, more than 100,000 H-1B visas were issued. The same government that issued these visas are the same ones that cannot find money for a Tier 5 extension. They borrowed nearly $900 billion to “stimulate” an economy. The economy remains in shambles. This is the same government that champions amnesty, with accompanying chain migration. This is the same government that despite the aforementioned failures, continue to issue foreign work visas hand over fist.

So America is being hit from all sides. High skilled labor is shipped in, and low skill labor just walks in. Caught in the middle is the American worker, not wanted by American companies (or those posing as American companies), or the American government for that matter. 

From our earlier post : No Jobs for Americans but plenty of Foreign Worker Visas. Story Here

To continue:

By law, the number of foreign workers holding H-1B visas is capped, currently at 65,000. So how did we get to 100,000??

But according to the Government Accountability Office, “The total number of H-1B workers in the U.S. at any one time — and information about the length of their stay — is unknown, because (1) data systems among the various agencies that process such individuals are not linked so individuals cannot be readily tracked, and (2) H-1B workers are not assigned a unique identifier that would allow for tracking them over time–particularly if and when their visa status changes.”

To give you an idea of the scale of visa abuse, Microsoft laid off 5,800 American workers in the last two years. During that same time period they also received 2,355 H-1B visas. They no doubt saved a bundle. Microsoft is not alone. They are just an example.

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