New DNC Patrick Gaspard and the family tree

How is it that Obama seems find those who have this non-american background? We have Iranian born  Valerie Jarrett: Getting to know you. It is claimed she is the other half of Obama’s Brain in the Vid in the above post. She doesn’t deny it.

Patrick Gaspard born in Zaire. Another Community organizer, cut from the same cloth as Obama.

New Zeal has a great history of this dude, who no doubt was chosen to to pick up the Union support. Here tis:

In a move clearly signaling that planning for the 2012 Presidential election is underway, President Barack Obama’s “go to” man Patrick Gaspard is leaving the White House to serve as Executive director of the Democratic National Committee.

Gaspard’s move also signals the almost complete acceptance of hard-left and labor union influence in the upper reaches of the Democratic Party. In embracing Gaspard, the D.N.C. has surrendered its “commanding heights” to the Party’s almost completely dominant far left.

Patrick Gaspard was reportedly born in Kinshasa, Zaire, after his father, a political opponent of the Duvalier dictatorship in Haiti, fled there.

Patrick Gaspard’s father moved with his wife from Haiti to “post-liberation” Zaire, when its pro-communist leader, Patrice Lumumba, appealed to French-speaking academics of African descent to teach in the impoverished nation.
Like Barack Obama, Patrick Gaspard wrote poetry. Also like Obama, Patrick Gaspard grew up admiring third world leftists and revolutionaries. He idolized Aime Cesaire, a Member of the French Parliament for the Communist Party, who went on to found his own leftist party in his homeland, the French colony of Martinique.

Cesaire also mentored the anti-colonialist Marxist theorist Frantz Fanon, of whom Obama wrote admiringly in his autobiography, Dreams From My Fathers.

Patrick Gaspard got his start in politics in the mid 1980s, organizing demonstrations in New York City for “social justice” in Haiti. He got his first taste of campaign work in the 1988 presidential campaign of Rev. Jesse Jackson – who, like Obama, was a product of the Chicago socialist/communist machine.

Much more here New Zeal

The DHS Turn in Your Neighbor Program

Is this what we have come to?

rjjrq’s America II has a great post:

The DHS has released a series of public service announcements that go over how you can help them nab your neighbor for engaging in suspiciousbehavior. Not an unusual request coming from an agency responsible for the security of the country, but what they consider unusual or suspiciouscertainly is.

Would you like to wittle down that credit card debt and use cash? The DHS considers that unusual behavior. According to them, you should report anyone that tries to use cash in situations that traditionally facilitated the use of a credit card, such as at a hotel. Yes, even in these economic times, keeping your credit card holstered may get you an appointment with Homeland Security.

You can see the videos for yourself. The DHS is attempting to turn the American people on themselves.

For more about what Janet has in mind slide on over  to:  rjjrdq America II

World Economic Forum – Faces of Davos 2011

World Economic Forum :   The new reality needs addressing, says Alcatel-Lucent CEO Ben Verwaayen.

They begin their meeting this week, January 26 through 30.

WEF: “The world economy is navigating uncharted waters in the wake of the global financial crisis. With the goal of building and sustaining economic growth in mind, the Forum is spearheading efforts to rethink infrastructure development, reshape responsible capitalism and encourage the free movement of people and goods”.

Here is a link to the issues: Here

Just call me old fashioned. The new reality? Frances Fox Piven aside, I prefer the present reality. Selfish, capitalist pig.. have at it. These guys I doubt, have the United States interest at heart. Here is a heads up on this one. We best keep our ear to the ground with old George attending.

The World Economic Forum

“is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas”.

From Nouriel Roubini to George Soros, here are some of the VIPs attending:

“Soros’ investments don’t make headlines the way they did a couple of decades ago, but the financier himself often does, especially at Davos. Soros is now known as much for his philanthropy and support for the Democratic Party as he is his investment prowess”.

Former White House advisor and Treasury Secretary Summers is back at the meeting, having just left the Obama administration. Look for some of his customary blunt comments”.

Slide Show from CNBC  here of the some of the attendees.

Frances Fox Piven, Nation Magazine, and Glenn Beck

Frances Fox Piven and her New Globalization Revolution theory..her words, not Glenn Beck’s

The Nation. The magazine that brought us the latest in bringing  Ms Frances Fox Piven to the forefront once again. The article that agitated Glenn Beck, and stoked the flames concerning the Cloward-Piven strategy. I took at look at their recent editorial as well as her article that appears this January. Any threats against her are unacceptable. Of course, the Nation parrots the actions of a few previous bad actors, ties them to the Tea Party and somehow it all comes together.It is not the message, they say, but let us focus on the messenger. At the bottom of the post are several links to her previous statements. Yes,  do click on “Mobilizing the jobless”  from The Nation, as well as their editorial, then you decide.

This fusillade was evidently set off by Piven’s recent Nation editorial calling for a mass movement of the unemployed [“Mobilizing the Jobless,” January 10/17]. But Beck has had Piven in his cross-hairs for some time. In the past few years he’s featured Piven, along with her late husband, Richard Cloward, in at least twenty-eight broadcasts, all of which paint them as masterminds of an overarching left-wing plot called “the Cloward-Piven strategy,” which supposedly engineered the financial crisis of 2008, healthcare reform,Read more: The Nation Editorial

Videos and previous stories here: Frances Fox Piven rings in the New Year by calling on violent revolution 

Frances Fox Piven: The Tea Party is all about sex

Great Britain makes plans for Gas Rationing

  • Households would be given tokens for fuel in home and cars
  • Surplus units could be sold and extra tokens bought
  • Obama must be salivating at the thought of what Great Britain is planning. Just think about it, a backdoor method of cap-and-trade. Sure, they exchange their energy credits. Now we know why he is determined to stop all energy development here in the U.S.. Why is no one is complaining? Where is the outrage? Where are the Republicans? Are we like sheep and are we going to allow this to happen to us? Here tis:

    A petrol rationing programme has been proposed by MPs as prices look likely to soar to £8 a gallon this summer.

    High fuel prices have already caused five per cent of road users to give up their cars altogether, while 48 per cent of drivers say they are using their cars less.

    Households would be given a set number of free energy ‘tokens’ which would be offset against any fuel burnt in a vehicle or at home, under the proposals made by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil.

    Under the Tradable Energy Quotas programme, surplus energy units could be sold and extra tokens bought.

    ‘People will be allowed to trade units they don’t use, which as usual will hit the lower-income driver who becomes priced off the road.

    ‘It would be open for abuse by greedy individuals and politicians.’ Some say.

    The Transport Secretary Philip Hammond yesterday admitted that soaring fuel prices are a real ‘problem’ for hard pressed motorists. 

    And he offered an olive branch to cash-strapped drivers, signalling that there will be action to cut prices in March’s budget.

    His intervention turns up the heat on the Treasury, where ministers have argued that the government needs to hang on to the extra revenue from rising pump prices.

    Government sources say Chancellor George Osborne is looking at plans to slash fuel costs for British truck drivers

    Read more: More at the Dalily Mail

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