Saturday’s Passel of Fun and Mayhem of Bits and Pieces


Let’s see what mischief our fellow earthlings and travelers have gotten themselves into this week. It’s Saturday and time for a break and maybe a smile or two. 

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Good Morning!


We will start out with usual Deep Thoughts by VP Kamala Harris

The deep thought is Young Voters



Our usual Deep Thought this week by President Joe Biden

Deep Thought: Where am I?

(Encore from yesterday’s post.)



Time for Bunkers Prime

Warning rough language

I will close out the post with MBARI’s Top 10 deep-sea animals.

The deep sea—Earth’s largest habitat—is home to a host of magical and mysterious animals.

Best watched in full screen.

Wishing you a wonderful day.


Friday Funnies – This Weeks News


Enough of the heavy news posts. Time to lighten up with some humor and a few laughs. Where to start?

Let’s start with Trudeau who just hit town. Things look like they are going great with Biden!




The forever handshake.

















The latest financial wizard. They applaud as Billions go missing.


Fauci..he just won’t go away.





Our Press Secretary at her best.



Today is the day






You say what?

How about we close out the post with the funniest guy in Congress.

Wishing you a great weekend…

Canada’s New Euthanasia Laws Echo Nazi-Era


A chilling report out of Canada that has failed to get the attention it deserves. Assisted Suicide is gaining more acceptance here in the States as well, and who is included as a potential participant has become a horror in Canada. Mental health now will be included as well as children without parental consent. Laura Ingraham had a disturbing report and is included..

Already Oregon, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, Vermont, Washington state and Washington, D.C., have approved assisted suicide all with residency requirements.

Anything to lessen the values of a a civilized society. A reminder during the halcyon days of Obama when the “death panels” were so aptly described. Otherwise known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

George Bernard Shaw: Justify Your Existence




Here we go:

Tim Stainton director of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship at the University of British Columbia said the country’s uniquely permissive euthanasia laws were, “probably the biggest existential threat to disabled people since the Nazis’ program in Germany in the 1930s.”


Canada’s extremely liberal euthanasia laws, which, next year, are set to be extended to include people suffering from mental health conditions and potentially minors, have been slammed for being reminiscent of the way the Nazis dealt with people with disabilities by a leading academic in the field.

As Adolf Hitler consolidated his power at home in anticipation of war, he moved not only against Jews, Sinti, and Roma but also against those Aryans whom he considered “unworthy of life”—people with epilepsy, alcoholism, birth defects, hearing loss, mental illnesses, and personality disorders, as well as those who had vision loss or developmental delays or who even suffered from certain orthopedic problems. Hitler viewed them as “marginal human beings” who had to make a case for their own survival at a time when the nation was preparing for war.

The first to be eliminated were too young to speak on their own behalf. In fall 1938, the parents of a severely disabled infant petitioned Hitler for the right to kill their child. He granted the petition and saw in the request an opportunity to encourage what he called “mercy killings” or “euthanasia.” 

Read more Forbes


Earlier this year I reported:

Canadian Children’s Book Indoctrinates Kids Into Euthanasia

Children are introduced into the medical killing fields by Canadian Virtual Hospice with its Medical Assistance in Dying Activity Book, described as being for children ages 6–12. In it, the child is taught how a person is killed during euthanasia:

The three medicines work like this: The first medicine makes the person feel very relaxed and fall asleep. They may yawn or snore or mumble.

The second medicine causes a “coma.” A coma looks like sleep but is much deeper than regular sleep. The person will not wake up or be bothered by noise or touch.

The third medicine makes the person’s lungs stop breathing and then their heart stops beating. Because of the coma, the person does not notice this happening and it does not hurt. When their heart and lungs stop working, their body dies. It will not start working again. This often happens in just a few minutes, but sometimes (rarely) it can take hours.

And there are activities for the child preparing them for witnessing the event.


Medical assistance in dying (MAID) has been available in Canada since 2016

Bill C-7 would allow individuals seeking MAID to apply solely on the basis of a mental disorder. Prior to the bill’s passage, MAID eligibility was based on having a “grievous and irremediable medical condition,” according to a report from the Canadian government on the practice. 

Creighton School of Medicine professor Charles Camosy said Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” the bill would allow “mature minors” to be euthanized by state doctors without the consent of their parents. 

Camosy argued that the MAID practice exists for several groups already. 

“We’ve got the homeless, we talked about that last time. The poor. The disabled. Those with chronic pain. And then right before coming on, I researched the physicians group in Quebec that wants to kill newborn infants. That’s what’s coming next,” he told host Tucker Carlson.

The medical humanities professor said health care has been “hyper-secularized” in recent years and is based on “cost-benefit analysis.” 

Read more



One can be assured that Seniors will be next on the list. The Cost-Benefit Analysis that is being taught now in medical schools.

The Netherlands?



A refresher from the past of what our Marxists are about here is the USA. Be especially concerned with the so-called Inflation Reduction Bill. The cost reduction in pharmaceuticals is fraught with the potential abuse in denying expensive drugs with a new “Independent Drug Advisory Board” being set up. Earlier posts:

April, 2011 NY Times Paul Krugman cheers inclusion of death panels in Obama’s Budget Plan

The main thing, though, is the strengthened role of and target for the Independent Payment Advisory Board. This can sound like hocus-pocus — but it’s not. You have people who actually know about health care and health costs setting priorities for spending, within a budget; in effect, you have an institutional setup which forces Medicare to find ways to say no.

Recall our earlier post: Kidney Patients being told to accept death and forgo dialysis

”It was meant to keep young and middle-aged people alive and productive. Instead, many of the patients who take advantage of the law are old and have other medical problems”. Take advantage?


The best the swamp has to offer.

The Indoctrination Of Our Youth To Worship The Aztec Climate God Tlaloc

Aztecs sacrificed healthy men women & children by ripping out their hearts to appease their climate change god Tlaloc. The United States is indoctrinating our youth to worship no less than a Climate God under the rubric of Climate Change.

Tlaloc’s Characteristics

The rain god was among the most important of the Aztec deities, governing the spheres of water, fertility, and agriculture. Tlaloc oversaw crop growth, especially maize, and the regular cycle of the seasons.

Tlaloc | Aztec god | Britannica

Aztec deity Tlaloc

Australia’s Bowen is doing much the same except instead of a quick demise Aussies will suffer poverty & intermittent or no power to appease Bowen’s climate change god.

The Australian climate change minister, Chris Bowen, will use his major address at the Cop27 UN summit in Egypt to call out the World Bank for failing to address the climate crisis, and join calls for the international financial system to be reshaped.

The minister joined a growing chorus of international voices calling for changes to the international financial system to better equip it to deal with the climate crisis, warning the existing architecture was “built for a different time” and needed to be adapted into an “inclusive climate agenda”.  Read more

The inhabitants of the world are to supplicate themselves by appeasing, offering up the denial of the use of their energy resources. Forgoing meat, denying themselves. But that is only a start. What we need, we have been told, is a larger offering. A “reset”.  A whole new world order of governance. This government will tell us what is necessary to placate the god Tlaloc.

We concern ourselves with our schools teaching kids the use of various pronouns to call themselves, transexuals reading to our children, perverted sexual education. Making eunuchs out of our children.

We are missing the main agenda. Create cadets, new “Green Shirts” for the new government just as Hitler did to Germany’s youth. They will lose the capacity for additional rational thought. They will follow blindly, even if having to turn in their parents and killing others.

After all, it is for the good of all. The survival of the planet.

Let’s take a look:

 Sound familiar? See how easily and quickly the children were indoctrinated regarding Covid?

The Climate Youth Corp. The new Green Shirts.

Nazi Germany – A Child for Hilter – Youth in Hitler’s Germany

The story of Henry Metelmann. Ten years old when Hitler came to power, Henry became a willing convert to the Nazi cause — willing to live, fight, and if necessary to die for Adolf Hitler.



“Climate change” is not real. This is a death cult. How can they speak of the future when the majority are not procreating?

They are not out to save the planet.  They are out to kill us.


The best of the swamp.


Covid Anal Swabs in China – Coming to the United States?

Some health experts say the anal swab tests are more accurate than nasal and mouth swabs to detect virus traces.

Remind me not to visit China anytime soon. But is it really necessary or is it a method China is using to intimidate and control people, We are well on our way of government control throughout the world. Will the anal swabs ever get to the U.S? Give Fauci another year. Right, the GOP won the House. Thankfully he is exiting stage left. This should be a lesson for us.

Here is what the MSM is not reporting. What is going on in China and why? Hang on to our 2A.

Value of anal swabs for SARS-COV-2 detection: a literature review

Recently, anal swabs for key population screening have been shown to not only reduce missed diagnoses but also facilitate the traceability of infectious sources. As a specimen for the detection of viruses, the goal of this paper is to briefly review the transmission route of SARS-CoV-2 and the necessity of using anal swabs for SARS-CoV-2 screening to minimize transmission and a threat to other people with COVID-19.

Keywords: coronavirus

BEIJING (Reuters) – Foreign visitors have been upset by China’s anal swab tests for COVID-19, prompting complaints of inconvenience and even psychological trauma, and stoking debate over their necessity.

A few cities, such as the capital, Beijing, Shanghai and the port city of Qingdao require the checks, in addition to nasal or throat swab tests, for some international arrivals, state media say.


The Chinese Center for Disease Control says the test is performed with a sterile cotton swab, which looks like a very long ear bud, that is inserted 3 cm to 5 cm (1.2 inches to 2 inches) into the anus before being gently rotated out.

The operative word is “gently rotated out.” By the sound of the screams of this lady, it doesn’t appear it was so gentle.

China’s camps for 90.000.


Part of an earlier post from our friends in Australia:

Bill Gates New Pandemic Book Praises COVID Isolation Camps


Northern Territory police say they don’t believe three teenagers who allegedly absconded from Darwin’s Howard Springs COVID-19 quarantine facility this morning came into contact with members of the community.

At a COVID update press conference, NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner confirmed the teenagers, aged 15, 16 and 17, tested negative for the virus yesterday. 

“The health risk to the community was very low, so that does give cause for comfort,” Mr Gunner said.

Aerials drone pics of Howard Springs Quarantine Facility.

Finally I will close out the post with this chilling message:

The best of the world’s swamp.

Sniffer Biden Trapped Behind Sniff-Proof Glass in Nantucket


The kindly President Biden pays a visit to happy “joyful”  screaming children and twitter goes on fire. Of course we never would have seen the various opinions of what this senile old fool did before the new Twitter. For the Left this is the new normal. With a milkshake in one hand, he simply could not avoid responding to hearing the sound of children voices. His nurse-maid was not in attendance and everything went as he planned.

When are people going to say enough is enough? We hear story after story of children being abused but names are never given. Prosecution seems to rarely happen.

So here is one for you pervert Joe.

As you know “Lunchpail” Joe Biden is spending the long weekend in a $22 million house on Nantucket owned by a billionaire . As Twitchy reported earlier, Biden went for a walk through town and was asked by reporters if he’d come talk to them. “No!” was the answer.

There’s something about this picture of Biden just outside the window … so close, and yet so far. Source: Twitchy

His advance was thwarted by the glass we can only assume he wasn’t aware of before bumping into it, but the moment was captured on various video and photo evidence.

One of those pics is getting quite the “caption this” treatment.






Yet it continues…


These are only a few of the pictures showing inappropriate behavior. 

Caption this:















The Daily Mail has more and the timeline of his creepy behavior.

Though he said  he would change his ways with the times, just last month, the touchy commander in chief raised eyebrows again when he grabbed a teenage girl by the shoulders and offered unsolicited dating advice.

‘Now, a very important thing I told me daughters and granddaughters – no serious guys until you’re 30!’ he told a female student at a California community college.

The very worst of the swamp.

Sunday Respite – Carol Of The Bells

Here is a version that will knock your socks off. They put the pedal to the meddle as they herald the true start of the Christmas season. Crank her up. One of my favorite Christmas carols.

Encore chance to catch yesterday’s post:

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Saturday Passel of Fun and Mayhem – This and That



Let’s see what mischief our fellow earthlings and travelers have gotten themselves into this week. It’s Saturday and time for a break and maybe a smile or two. Animals, kids take the stage.


Note: Tweets come and go. If there is no image twitter has taken it down for whatever reason.

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Good Morning!


We will start out with usual Deep Thoughts by VP Kamala Harris

The deep thought is  HELLO




Our usual Deep Thought this week by President Joe Biden

Deep Thought: Nothing






Thanksgiving Day

Time for Bunker Prime

Word is out now that there was a bit of funny business done with the clip. Still…. 



I will close out the post with:



Wishing you a wonderful day. 

Has the United States Lost Its Mind? Have We Entered the Twilight Zone?

Have we entered the twilight zone? Has the Nation lost its mind? Check out this short clip and you will become a believer as she points out the total nonsense and gaslighting that we have been subjected to. The great Titanic America has hit an iceberg, taking on water and sinking fast. Wake up America.




A tip of the old fedora to The Daley Gator

By golly I think she is right!



I hope you had a wonderful holiday. 

Thanksgiving Feel Good Edition of Fun and Mayhem


We hear next to nothing about Kamala’s visit to the Philippines. Why? She embarrassed herself and the U.S.  I have the clip.

So how is Kamala doing over in the wonderland of the Philippines? First the headline:

Kamala Harris says U.S. will defend Philippines in South China Sea

I will let you be the judge if China and the Philippines took her seriously.

Then on to some fun as we check out what has gone down this week in the news as well as preparing for the Holiday.. Enjoy!

A very deep thought from our Vice President:   Her Purpose: 









Dear Leader Gives our kiddies a moral lesson.

More holiday spirit.






More CBS on the job.




As Bunk had promised: A sighting of my Senator, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman. If he makes an appearance we will be on the job.


  1. Image


OK folks time to call it a wrap. 

Best wishes for a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving Day.



Safe travels. Bye.

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