Matt Taibbi: Biden’s push for a Disinformation Governance Board is ‘terrifying’

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” ― George Orwell, 1984

Matt Taibbi best known for his twitter files, has been making the media rounds. Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures interview is worth a look. I have caught several of his stops and he is an interesting guy. A Bernie for President fan, he is willing to stretch himself and take a hard look at the Democrat party. What he sees he acknowledges is “terrifying.”

Even better, Taibbi in the second interview I have included, let’s us know that Debbi Wasserman Schultz was the most profitable in stock trading as a member of Congress. A report with sardonic humor; an interview that nails it as well as we learn that more Twitter files have been released that are explosive, but the media has moved on and simply zero reporting.

‘Something Very Dramatic Has Changed’: Matt Taibbi Says Democrats Have Ditched Free Speech“

‘It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words….In 1984 Our resident Newspeaker, Syme, says these words to Winston in the cafeteria at work. Winston brought up Newspeak, and Syme, who’s been working on the latest edition, is eager to chat about all the innovations.1984: The whole point of Newspeak, as Syme explains, is to make it impossible for people to commit thoughtcrime. If no words exist to express concepts like “freedom,” then thoughts contrary to the political doctrine of Big Brother will slowly die, until Oldspeak, with all its “useless shades of meaning,” will be gone for good.

Independent journalist Matt Taibbi discusses the U.S.’s growing national security concerns regarding China’s access to sensitive TikTok user data.

Here is another interesting interview that is worth a look if you have the time.

Incredible to be that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had the gall to accuse and berate Matt Taibbi about making money Yet she herself is using legalized insider stock trading.

Taibbi led the team of journalists who reported on the inner workings of Twitter and how government agencies pressured the platform to censor content online. They were criticized as “so-called journalists” and accused of cherry-picking information by Democrats during a congressional hearing about the Twitter Files.

Taibbi was known for his long career with Rolling Stone before he moved to Substack. He has written multiple New York Times bestsellers and won the 2008 National Magazine Award for columns and commentary.

Matt Taibbi joined to discuss his appearance with the House Judiciary Committee & how Debbie Wasserman Schultz used it as an opportunity to grandstand about honesty & integrity in government regarding his releasing of the Twitter files.

Matt Taibbi: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is Dems’ Biggest Insider Trader | JENerational Change

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Sunday Respite – Mantovani “Cara Mia”

How about a nostalgic day?  Return to the days of soaring violins. Music was music with the big bands. How well I recall one of my parent’s favorite orchestras and the music that was always playing in the house. Roger Williams, Guy Lombardo. Add some good jazz musicians and that was the daily fare. Life was sweet. Great memories.

Include some beautiful photography and it makes for a great respite.

For some fun and mayhem check out yesterday’s post.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Saturday Passel of Fun and Mayhem 3/25

Let’s see what mischief our fellow earthlings and animals have gotten themselves into this week. Mayhem to satire. It’s Saturday and time for a break from politics and maybe we can catch a smile or two. 

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We will start out with our usual “Deep  Thoughts by Kamala Harris”

The deep thought today is “Sports.”

Deep thoughts by President Biden.

The deep thought today is “China and Russia” – Canada 3/24/2023

Now Bunks Prime

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I will close out the post with a visit with our fellow travelers found in the deepest oceans.

“What are you?” “What is that?!” The Nautilus team enjoyed a quick close-up with a see-through piglet squid (Helicocranchia sp.), named for its large siphon that looks like a snout. Able to regulate buoyancy with an ammonia-filled internal chamber, this stunning squid is often observed with its tentacles flared above its head. Spotted at 1385m near Palmyra Atoll.

You may want to watch this in full screen.

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Energy Secretary Granholm Says They Don’t Want To Ban All Gas Stoves — Just SOME Gas Stoves


Jennifer….Start your ban in Colorado – Aspen first, then the other wealthy mountain areas, then do Boulder and Denver and so forth. Out to California. Make sure to start with the wealthy. How about The French Laundry.  I want to hear the rich rant at losing their prize kitchens as they voted for this madness,  Let their favorite restaurants use electricity. Cook their steaks and heat their woks on electricity.Thanks for ruining out lives. 

So, it’s only the high capacity burners that will be banned. Where have I heard this before? Next they will come for the pilot light on our gas hot water heaters.

I will give you a hint. It may have something to do with the weight of the grate…. 

Good thing there is nothing going on in the world so that we can focus on these important issues.



While we are at it, more deep thoughts from Jenny on behalf of our energy department.

What’s Charging Those Stations? 🤔 | Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm On Gas Prices & EVs

The Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm claims that you will save over $60 every fill up if you just bought a $50,000 electric vehicle. That will not only save you money somehow but also save the planet from those dangerous fossil fuels. Funny though, what is charging the charging stations that fuel EVs? Could it be coal?



By the way, this inflation thingy….

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm: “Oh, For Sure” Biden Is “Really Focused” On Inflation



The wrap…When You Blame EVERYONE but Yourself.. Biden says inflation is just a smidgen and then back down, a wee bit, just temporary, yes.


The very best of the swamp – I’ll add some good reads….



Good links..

Check out the Daley Gator and his pics for Thursday

Thursdays Pics

Vermont Folk Troth

Army Corps of Engineers delivers 18-month delay to Great Lakes Tunnel Project — The Center Square

Tacky Raccoons: So some meme fodder appeared recently and he decided to take it for a spin. 

Dodder Fodder

Not of this World

Amy Kelly of War Room/Daily Clout

Amy Kelly is the Program Director for the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project. She oversees the approximately 3,250 volunteers who are reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on the court-ordered, FDA-released Pfizer documents, as well as overseeing the approximately 350 volunteer attorneys who are identifying legal actions to be taken based on findings from the Pfizer documents. Additionally, she does research and provides answers to the public’s questions about adverse events found in the documents.

Common Cents

Tic Tok CEO Grilled by House Republicans – ‘It’s A Yes Or No Question!’: Bill Johnson Grills TikTok CEO Over App’s Capacity For Censorship

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Stocks Tank 500 Points Following Fed Rate Hike – Just Who Is This Federal Reserve?

by Mustang and Bunk
Fed’s ‘freshmen’ are in focus as markets brace for a interest rate decision – so goes the story line in yesterday’s CNBC piece. Just who are the freshmen? We have new folks involved in the Federal Reserve and these aren’t your bankers and old white men. Oh no. They are woke as we learned last week.
We hear a lot about Jerome H. Powell as chair and that he is a consensus type guy so let’s know more about these other players who are involved in taking care of our banks and money. One thing we learned is that a .25 percent rate hike got us a 500 point drop in the stock market yesterday.
A short review first if you missed this last week.

Mary C. Daly | Center on Finance, Law & Policy

Mary Daly’s career trajectory: drops out of High School, works at a donut shop, gets GED, goes to college, becomes enamored with leftist prof teaching Marxian economics, becomes San Fran Federal labor researcher, ingratiates herself with Janet Yellen, who keeps promoting her first openly gay Fed/ prez/CEO.  Her background is in the study of economic equality.

Now that we have an idea of who they might be, back to the story.

The Federal Reserve decision, CNBC’s Steve Liesman highlights a wild card in the process: the high number of freshmen FOMC voters. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) consists of twelve members–the seven members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; and four of the remaining eleven Reserve Bank presidents



Our intrepid Mustang will give the Federal Reserve more of a spin. 

The Federal Reserve 

by Mustang


The twenty-first century has brought us many changes. So many that, to some, they seem overwhelming. Some of these changes involve our monetary system.  

Previous discussions at Bunkerville include the possibility of shifting to some variation of an electronic monetary system — and, of course, people who do not react well to changes are having a tough time with the proposition.

Failure of Banks Sets the Stage for Digital Currency

It would help if the United States had adults in Congress, but we don’t. And it would be nice if our president (and his closest advisors) cared more about the American people than they do about their ideological agenda. That’s not going to happen, either. The Chairperson of the Federal Reserve is one of those “presidential advisors” I mentioned a moment ago. 

What do most of us know about the American banking system? Most of us have no more than a rudimentary understanding. Let’s fix that right now — 

The Federal Reserve System (F.R.S.) 

A central bank is a financial institution granted privileged control over the production and distribution of money and credit for a nation or a group of countries. In modern economies, the central bank is usually responsible for formulating monetary policy and regulating member banks. The Federal Reserve (also called, The Fed) comprises 12 regional F.S.R. Banks accountable for a specific geographic area of the United States. 

The Fed was established by the Federal Reserve Act (1913) under the administration of President Woodrow Wilson — a response to the financial panic of 1907. Before that, the U.S. was the only significant financial power without a central bank. Its creation was precipitated by repeated financial panics that afflicted the U.S. economy over the previous century, which led to severe economic disruptions caused by bank failures and business bankruptcies. The 1907 crisis led to calls for an institution that prevented panic and disorders. Unfortunately, those calling for such an institution didn’t get one in the F.R.S. 

Still, the Fed has broad power to act to ensure financial stability. It is the primary regulator of U.S. banks retaining membership in the F.S.R. The Fed also serves as the lender of last resort to member institutions with no other place to borrow money. F.S.R. district banks are in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco.

Special Considerations 

The Fed’s primary income source is the interest charged on a range of U.S. government securities it has acquired through its Open Market Operations (also knowns as O.M.O.). Other income sources include interest on foreign currency investments, interest on loans to depository institutions, and fees for services — such as check clearing and fund transfers — provided to these institutions. After paying its expenses, the Fed transfers the rest of its earnings to the United States Treasury. 

The Federal Reserve payments system, commonly known as Fedwire, moves trillions of dollars daily between banks throughout the United States. Transactions are for same-day settlement. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed has paid increased attention to risks created by the time lag between when payments are made early in the day and when they are settled and reconciled. Currently, the Fed is pressuring large financial institutions to improve real-time monitoring of payments and credit risk, which was previously available only on an end-of-day basis.  

The F.R.S. Mandates and Duties  

The monetary policy goals are twofold: first, to foster economic conditions that achieve stable prices and second, to maximum sustainable employment. The Fed’s duties can be further categorized into four general areas: (1) Conducting national monetary policy by influencing economic and credit conditions in the U.S. economy to ensure maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates. (2) Supervising and regulating banking institutions to ensure the U.S. banking and financial system’s safety and protect consumers’ credit rights. (3) Maintaining financial system stability and containing systemic risks, and (4) Providing financial services, including a pivotal role in operating the national payments system, depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign official institutions.  

Some Interesting History 

The foundation of the Federal Reserve System was crafted in near total secrecy in 1910 at a Jekyll Island (Georgia) resort by several powerful men with close ties to the Rockefellers — including J. P. Morgan and the Rothschilds. A version of this scheme was eventually passed into law in 1913 (over the objections of many financiers who feared turning over control of the nation’s money supply to a consortium of private bankers — giving them a competitive advantage over everyone else.  Even now, the F.E.D. remains highly secretive. 

In addition to the secrecy issues, the F.E.D. attracted much criticism from European economists who believed that a Federal Reserve was unnecessary, counterproductive, and an obstacle to a vibrant economy. Europeans also didn’t understand why the Americans would relinquish the gold standard — or their penchant for secrecy. Added to this was the generally held notion that confidentiality was part of a scheme to enrich a few wealthy bankers at the expense of the public — which was probably true. 

Ludwig von Mises (of the Austrian School) argued that the F.E.D.’s interference in monetary policy is the cause of the boom/bust business cycle that has occurred since 1913. Beyond Mises, libertarians resented economic manipulation, believing that the F.E.D.’s activities to “stop gold flight” from England either caused or was instrumental in driving the Great Depression. 

Finally, Nobel Lauriat Milt Friedman championed dismantling it altogether, which prompted the Fed Chairman to admit that it was true, the F.E.D. did cause the Great Depression — but they were all sorry and wouldn’t do it again. Given the amount of suffering caused by the depression, Ben Bernanke’s statement was incredible. 

But the F.R.S. is NOT a Federal Agency 

While the American banking system is called the Federal Reserve, it is not owned or directly controlled by the U.S. government. And yet, the following words appear on every single U.S. bank note that comes out of the U.S. Treasury Department: united states federal reserve system. Thus, any confusion seems perfectly understandable. 

So, who owns it? This is a question asked many times and answered by the Supreme Court of the United States (S.C.O.T.U.S.). Although categorized as an independent agency, the Court stated that instrumentalities (such as national banks) in which private interests are not federal government departments. They are private corporations in which the government has an interest. To complicate the issue further, the Court decided that “the commercial banks own each federal reserve bank within its district.” you can read/download the Supreme Court’s case by following this link: 406 F. 3rd 532: Scott v. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, 2006. 

So, we know now that even though the F.E.D.’s board members are presidential appointees, and the U.S. Senate confirms their positions, the F.E.D. is privately owned and controlled by large (powerful and influential) private banks. Once the U.S. Senate confirms the appointment of a board member, the U.S. government exercises no control over its decisions — other than the president’s ability to remove a board member, and Congress does not influence this incredibly powerful institution — that holds no reserves. 

Mustang also has blogs called  Fix Bayonets and Thoughts From Afar

To be continued … the very best of the swamp.


The Famous ‘Trans Kid’ Jazz and the Ending Most Saw Coming

An explicit and painful story to read and video to watch. A storybook ending that most knew would never happen. Yet the TLC cable channel was willing to pay big bucks to the parents of a child so that Americans could watch a lurid weekly circus side show. A child that never would grow up to be normal no matter what anyone said.

As such Americans became complicit of a crime. A voyeur into the abuse and a witness to Doctors medically mangling a body of a child through many long years. At most, will remain in a child’s body and never move into adulthood due to the chemical manipulation of the hormones.

“I really want to understand myself and be able to read my own soul… I just want to feel like myself. All I want is to be happy and feel like me and I don’t feel like me ever!” Jazz cried.

PJ Media picks up the story.

There are a lot of deeply disturbing and unlikeable members of the trans cult. Jazz Jennings is not one of them. He was transitioned by his mother at the tender age of five. By the age of eleven, Jazz was on puberty blockers. At 17, even though a minor, Jazz underwent multiple genital surgeries to remove his penis and have it inverted. This process was botched and several attempts were made to remedy it, but the reduced size of Jazz’s penis due to years on puberty blockers made an already brutal surgery even worse.

Jazz has since suffered from mental illness, rapid weight gain, pain, constant reflux, a lack of sex drive, an inability to orgasm, and anxiety. And not unlike the Truman Show, it all happened in front of the cameras for a global audience. Were Jazz to want to escape from this reality, there is nowhere he could go where he could begin again in private, away from prying eyes.

Jazz has now broken down (on camera, of course) and spilled his heart to his mother that, despite it all, he doesn’t feel like himself. It is a moment many of us saw coming but hoped for the sake of this severely traumatized and abused child wouldn’t. God help everyone involved in this unspeakable crime that was done to this innocent person who is suffering in front of us all.

This is explicit material that all teachers, government officials, and parents need to watch, and do read the rest of the PJ Media story as disturbing as it may be.

Read more at PJ Media It is explicit and gives a real understanding of what this is all about.

The beginning.

And that is the rest of the story

Fauci’s Swan Song – PBS Goes Into Black Neighborhood and Gets Blasted

Vaccine hesitancy. Otherwise known as those who are concerned over the fact that clinical trials were never conducted regarding the Covid “jab” and don’t want to step right up. The “jab” – not a vaccine really but a”novel” designer immunization approach in attempting to save lives because of  Fauci’s designer disease that got released in China. But we already know the rest of the story, I won’t repeat.

On Tucker Carlson’s show last night, viewers got a glimpse of an upcoming  PBS swan piece for Fauci. An homage to someone whose arrogance knows no bounds.

But the true heroes of this piece are people who were willing to confront Fauci. And who were they? African Americans who figured out the game. And Fauci? We got a glimpse of some of of his “facts.” And at the end of the interactions? It was Perfect.

Now if we could get the same community to understand just what the Democrats are doing to them.

Here are the notes – I moved the clip up a bit, if you have time watch the whole thing back it up.

Dr. Fauci and Muriel Bowser, mayor of D.C., visit the neighborhood of Anacostia and go door-to-door, encouraging residents to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and combating vaccine hesitancy. Follow Dr. Anthony Fauci as he grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and his 50-year career as the nation’s leading public health advocate. American Masters: Dr. Tony Fauci reveals a rarely seen side of the physician, husband and father as he confronts political backlash, a new administration and questions of the future. American Masters: Dr. Tony Fauci premieres on Tuesday, March 21 at 8:00 p.m. on PBS

Other than that all is swell in the swamp.

Inside the Classroom – The Goal? Confuse the Children


By Mustang

The newest problem reads as follows: “A Minnesota elementary school teacher joined the internet hall of shame after she posted a video that summed up her goal when it comes to promoting gender ideology on students.”  The story originates from a place called Valentine Hills Elementary School.  This is where Kourtney Ryan earns a living by confusing children about such  things as gender identity, and brags about it.  Actually, one might classify this as a form of child abuse.  Here she is …


So if our goal is to make everyone look the same, so that we somehow don’t notice physical differences which, for at least 3 million years, has made males attractive to females and vice versa (until Greek men wearing short skirts found themselves attracted to little boys), then in an effort to anticipate future problems, how will opposite sexes “meet up?”

Well, for starters — insofar as Kourtney is concerned — there isn’t enough alcohol is a single’s bar that would make this twit physically or sexually attractive before the onset of alcohol-induced unconsciousness.

Second, though, why is it that Democrats want a sexless society but clamor and shout and rattle their drums whenever anyone (like me for example) thinks we should ignore skin color altogether? 

Shouldn’t we be happy to allow men and women to continue to attract one another in traditional ways, and — if we are to change anything about human differences, shouldn’t that be skin color?  A colorless society should be our goal, not confusing our children. 

As an aside, we seem to have far too many problems originating from the state of Minnesota, which after watching “Little House on the Prairie,” I never saw coming.  It’s enough to make one ask, “What???”


Mustang has blogs called  Fix Bayonets and Thoughts From Afar

Sunday Respite – The Rose

This week Spring will arrive officially. Monday March 20, 2023. The first day of Spring. Soon we will be blessed with an array of beautiful things and bountiful food provided by Mother Nature. What could be better than Andre Rieu, “The Rose” and beautiful photography of Spring.

The Spring Equinox. The Wheel turns. An important day of celebration since the time of the ancients. For a few moments in time… the earth remains in balance…between the light and the dark.

You may prefer watching this in full screen.

For those who choose taking some time for self-reflection on the Spring Equinox.

I offer you these thoughts…

Belsebuub & Angela Pritchard from Belsebuub expand upon the symbolic and spiritual significance of this time.

“…Throughout the world, the spring equinox is a time of great confrontation between the forces of darkness and light, in the death and resurrection of the central deities of sacred teachings throughout the world.

You may choose to believe some, all or none of it. That’s fine.

As a point of reference, this video was created 10 years ago!

The Meaning of the Spring Equinox.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Saturday Passel of Fun and Mayhem 3/18


Let’s see what mischief our fellow earthlings and animals have gotten themselves into this week. Mayhem to satire. It’s Saturday and time for a break from politics and maybe we can catch a smile or two. 

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Friday Weekly News Roundup With Humor and Satire


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Good Morning!



We will start out with our usual “Deep  Thoughts by Kamala Harris”

The deep thought today is “The Willow Oil Project”



Deep thoughts by President Biden.

The deep thought today is “A lot More Coming”




Now Bunks Prime


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I will conclude the post with a visit to our neighbors.

Almost 33 feet long.



Have a wonderful day.


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