Black Panthers on the move – prepare


“With the rise of the Tea Party, the white-right and other racist forces. With gun sales nationwide at an all time high amongst whites, with a mood that is more anti-Black than any time recent, it is imperative that we organize our forces, pool our resources and prepare for war!” Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. Convention Convener and Party Chairman.

Back about ten years ago I did numerous posts about the rising of the Black Panthers. I had been noticing the new Black Panther logo on some of the latest demonstrators for some time. Their time is now. This is what we can expect during the upcoming election. Michelle Malkin did a great roundup then and well worth the read which included one of our posts:

Whitewashing black racism; Shabazz: “Prepare for war”

In May, Shabazz told his black power cohorts to prepare for war,” via Bunkerville.

“Security” patrols stationed at polling places in Philly



The 2010 National Black Power Convention Promo. Move it to around 4 minute mark if you tire of the beat:



March through Stone Mountain Park, GA this weekend. Coming our way. Warning rough language.


Other than that all is well in the swamp.

Sunday Respite – This Majestic Land


What a wonderful patriotic weekend we had with our President pulling out all the stops. First at Mount Rushmore, then in D.C. honoring the service men and women with a great fly over including vintage air planes. The D.C fireworks were exceptional with the 1812 Overture as the background music except Fox chose not to cover it. Go figure… I had to go to CNN which had to spend half the time doing commercials.  But this work should put us back in the spirit of the weekend.

I suggest watching it in full screen.

This Majestic Land – Michael Hoppé

Have a wonderful day with much peace.


Happy Independence Day – America the beautiful


Wishing everyone a wonderful and happy Independence day……. We are so blessed.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square perform “America the Beautiful” by Samuel A. Ward and arranged by Mack Wilberg.


National Parks latest target of ‘systemic racism’


This figures that somehow our park system is racist. Self-segregation? Sure. It’s hard work chugging up and down the peaks and valleys.  Better yet, the next step will be to return the parks to whatever tribe figures out a way to lay claim. Bet the activist judges will be happy to support the notion.

“The outdoors and public lands suffer from the same systemic racism that the rest of our society does,” Joel Pannell, associate director of the Sierra Club, said in an ABC report, titled “America’s Great White Outdoors.” The report called the parks “stubborn bastions of self-segregation.”



“If we don’t address this, and we don’t see how all these things are interrelated, then we’re going to risk losing everything,” Pannell said. “You’re not going to have public lands to enjoy.” ???????

ABC cited a National Park Service Study but did not link to it:

New government data, shared first with ABC News, shows the country’s premier outdoor spaces — the 419 national parks — remain overwhelmingly white. Just 23 percent of visitors to the parks were people of color, the National Park Service found in its most recent 10-year survey; 77 percent were white. Minorities make up 42 percent of the U.S. population.

The U.S. Census Bureau projects people of color will be a majority in America by 2044 — a demographic shift that will impact park attendance and finances. Community advocates say physical and mental health for minority communities is also at risk.

The ABC reported on efforts aimed at “diversifying the outdoors”:

Many advocates say public information about parks and outdoor activities are not tailored to communities of color. Posted signs, for example, are mostly in English rather than Spanish. Park ranger uniforms that resemble what is worn by law enforcement are intimidating to some immigrants and minorities in light of documented cases of profiling.

More at  Breitbart

Other than this all is well in the swamp.

Sweet Justice – feel good moment for the day


I have had enough mayhem and bad news. So how about a feel good moment for today?

May take a few seconds to load.

Share your thoughts for the day……

Everything swell in the swamp.

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Flashback: Iran paid $1000 for each U.S. soldiers death


I am confused. Washington D.C. is rattling again with Russia Russia Russia over a “leak” about Russia paying a bounty on U.S. soldiers. What am I missing? Isn’t war suppose to be about killing one another? Didn’t we run this scenario once before back in 2010. Let’s see who was President then? Hmmm. I don’t recall everyone having their knickers in a knot and how Obama must have Iran pay. Instead Iran got a boatload of cash. staff and news service reports

Iran is paying Taliban fighters $1,000 for each U.S. soldier they kill in Afghanistan, according to a report in a British newspaper.

The Sunday Times described how a man it said was a “Taliban treasurer” had gone to collect $18,000 from an Iranian firm in Kabul, a reward it said was for an attack in July which killed several Afghan government troops and destroyed an American armored vehicle.

The treasurer left with the cash hidden in a sack of flour, the newspaper said, and then gave it to Taliban fighters in the province of Wardak. In the past six months, the treasurer claimed to have collected more than $77,000 from the company.

The Sunday Times said its investigation had found that at least five Kabul-based Iranian companies were secretly passing funds to the Taliban.

The newspaper’s correspondent, Miles Amoore, said he met and interviewed the treasurer, who he said had been an illiterate farmer who was taught to read and write, plus basic accountancy, by the Taliban last winter.

‘For jihad’
“Iran will never stop funding us because Americans are dangerous for them as well. I think the hatred is the same from both us and Iran. The money we get is not dirty. It is for jihad,” the treasurer told Amoore.

In addition to the $1,000 bounty on U.S. troops, the unnamed man said Iran paid $6,000 for the destruction of a U.S. military vehicle. From.  NBC News

Notes from September 2010 clip:

A report in the UK’s Sunday Times alleges that an unnamed man called the “Taliban Treasurer” has received over $70,000 dollars in payments from the Iranian government as a bounty for the attacks carried out against American forces in Afghanistan.

Has everyone forgotten when the U.S. was paying the Mujahideen to kill Russians? Or when Obama, Hillary and Panetta were paying al-Qaeda to kill Libyan’s and Syrian army?

Everything just fine in the swamp.

‘Your Papers Please’ – Mass Tracking starting in 15 Countries

COVI-PASS will determine whether you can go to a restaurant, if you need a medical test, or are due for a talking-to by authorities in a post-COVID world. Consent is voluntary, but enforcement will be compulsory.

The old slippery slope. What possibly could go wrong? Bill Gates has his dream come true.

A British cybersecurity company, in partnership with several tech firms, is rolling out the COVI-PASS in 15 countries across the world; a “digital health passport” that will contain your COVID-19 test history and other “relevant health information.” According to the company website, the passport’s objective is “to safely return to work” and resume “social interactions” by providing authorities with “up-to-date and authenticated health information.”

15 countries, including Italy, Portugal, France, Panama, India, the US, Canada, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and The Netherlands, the company reports. From  Healthcare in Europe

Papers Please – Done in 2009

These objectives mirror those that Bill Gates has been promoting since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. In an essay written by Gates in April, the software geek-cum-philanthropist lays out his support for the draconian measures taken in response to the virus and, like an old-timey mob boss, suggests the solutions to this deliberately imposed problem.

Ironically, Gates begins to make his case for the adoption of mass tracking and surveillance technology in the U.S. by saying that “For now, the United States can follow Germany’s example”; He then touts the advantages of the “voluntary adoption of digital tools” so we can “remember where [we] have been” and can “choose to share it with whoever comes to interview you about your contacts.”

More at  Zero Hedge

Other than that a very good day in the swamp.

Archbishop of Canterbury wants to ‘rethink’ a ‘white Jesus’


More Christian churches are falling into the trap of “Black Lives Matter” which includes the attack on a “white” Jesus. Next step of course is to remove and replace depictions of Jesus who doesn’t pass muster. We saw this coming didn’t we? Here tis:

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

The Archbishop of Canterbury wants us to rethink the Western notion that Jesus was white and is wondering whether to remove monuments and memorials in Church of England buildings lest they offend someone.

“So I’m not really concerned with bringing down and breaking the statues. I know this is controversial but, you know, we need to have the memory and some of those symbols remind us, and they make the memory still valid.”

On the other, he said that he would be looking at the monuments in Canterbury Cathedral “very carefully” to see if they all “should be there”. Which doesn’t sound to me like a man committed to keeping the fabric of his churches intact but rather like someone who is more than happy to surrender the pass to appease the forces of woke.


Then we have the white advantage to atone to:

The Archbishop of Canterbury was speaking ahead of a vote by the Church’s General Synod to “lament, on behalf of Christ’s Church, and apologises for, the conscious and unconscious racism experienced by countless black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) Anglicans in 1948 and subsequent years”.

“I am almost beyond words. Personally, I am sorry and ashamed. I’m ashamed of our history and I’m ashamed of our failure,” Welby said of his Church’s “conscious and unconscious racism”.

“It’s shaming as well as shocking. It is shocking, but it’s profoundly shaming,” he continued, somewhat redundantly, in a speech which even he described as “incoherent”.

“I have white advantage. Educational advantage. Straight advantage. Male advantage… I’m not ashamed of those advantages; I’m ashamed of not knowing I had them,” Welby said.

“[T]here is no doubt when we look at our own Church that we are still deeply institutionally racist. Let’s just be clear about that. I said it to the College of Bishops a couple of years ago and it’s true,” he added, as part of a long harangue on what he sees as an excess of white people in England’s established church.


Other than that all is well in the swamp.

Sunday Respite – Texas


I think many of us have been thinking of being somewhere else.  Chris Rea puts it to music as only he can. Texas. Chris Rea. ALBUM : THE ROAD TO HELL – 1989. LYRICS :

Warm winds blowin’ Heat ‘n’ blue sky And a road that goes Forever… Been thinkin’ ’bout it lately Been watchin’ some TV… Been lookin’ all around me and what has come to be… Been talkin’ to my neighbor And he agrees with me… It’s all gone crazy

Well, my wife returns from takin’ My little girl to school, she got Beads of perspiration As she tries to keep her cool… She says “Unless it don’t get no better, there’s gonna come a day, someone’s gonna get killed out there”… And I turn to her and say, “Texas” She says “What?” “They got big long roads out there”.

… good pics included.


Wishing everyone a wonderful day with much peace.

Saturday’s Passel of Potpourri


Let’s see what mischief our fellow earthlings have gotten themselves into this week. It’s Saturday and time for a break and maybe a smile or two.

Animals and driving problems and general mayhem. Karl and Karen are back at it with their usual missteps.

For politics page down and/or check top posts at the right side of the page.

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Biden’s rally with his BFF the media in Lancaster PA this week. No questions asked.




Now a bit of of science..


That’s all folks.. have a wonderful day.

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