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Michael Atkinson

Are you curious to know more about the fellow who is the 18th witness? Whose testimony is missing from the impeachment process. Guess who? He goes by the name Atkinson – The intelligence IG Inspector.  Someone I had my eye on. Part of an earlier post of mine.

The Intelligence I.G. Atkinson – another plant by the Deep State

The former prosecutor’s resume is touted as proof that the long-time public servant only is acting in the best interest of the country; his motives are not to be questioned, we are chastised. (This description follows a pattern similar to the way the media portrayed dossier author Christopher Steele and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.) Oh but yes his motives are to be questioned!

……….In July 2016, the exact month that former FBI Director James Comey officially opened a case against the Trump campaign, Atkinson was named senior counsel to John Carlin, the head of the National Security Division. Carlin was Robert Mueller’s chief of staff when he ran the FBI and was appointed NSD chief by President Obama in 2013.

Carlin’s name has surfaced numerous times in the congressional inquiry into the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. According to closed-door testimony by former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, Carlin regularly was briefed by former deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe on the Trump-Russia collusion probe.Keep Reading

Recall it was Atkinson who changed the rule so that a whistleblower did not have to have direct knowledge. Hearsay was now allowed. That is just how it got started.

What a shock……


Short, sweet and to the point… Trump 1, Schiff 0.

Looking forward to today and more wowie!

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Sunday Respite – The Eternal Snows


For today’s Sunday Respite I have chosen Michel Pépé – Les Neiges Eternelles

Beautiful photography goes along with the music. I suggest watching it in full screen.



Wishing everyone a wonderful day with much peace.

Saturday potpourri


Let’s see what mischief our fellow earthlings have gotten themselves into this week. It’s Saturday and time for a break and maybe a smile or two.

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Hey Mom…taking my fun away!



No comment!!  Sound.

Right lanes can be a problem

Just doing my job.

A little bit of a misunderstanding by Mom.

Just helping a friend.


Mom does what moms do..

Going once, twice…… keep smiling lady!

Nothing like the good old Sunday drive now is there?

I often wondered just how this worked. Sound.

Just a few inches one way or another.  Sound.

Whatever makes a horsie happy!

Don’t forget your seat belt!


So much for the reptile not having a planning brain.

Just waiting for ESPN to carry this….  Sound

I don’t think this is how it is suppose to work. Sound.

A price for indecision….

The circle goes round and round… sound.

Honey, I think you forgot something. Sound.


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Thats all folks. Have a wonderful day.

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Coronavirus – Time to stock up on N95 Respirator masks


A good prepper should make sure they have a supply of N95 Respirator masks on hand. Just in case the virus gets out of hand. For peace of mind. I’ll give you three of my picks.

At the time of the SARS scare, there was a shortage of masks with many hospitals having to struggle to purchase an adequate supply.

Amazon still is offering masks at a reasonable cost but that will probably change as the demand may increase. I note some suppliers are on delayed delivery.

What you need to know about a good mask. You want more than the flimsy paper masks that you get when you go to the Doctor’s office with a cold.

NIOSH-Approved N95 Particulate Filtering Facepiece … – CDC


The N95 respirator is the most common of the seven types of particulate filtering facepiece respirators.


CDC: Dated but gives you the facts.

N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks

Posted on  by Lisa Brosseau, ScD, and Roland Berry Ann –

With the advent of a novel H1N1 influenza outbreak in spring 2009 and the expectation of a second wave during the 2009–2010 flu season, there has been considerable interest in the use of surgical masks (facemasks) and respirators as infection control measures. Although their appearance is often similar, respirators are designed and engineered for distinctly different functions than surgical masks. The amount of exposure reduction offered by respirators and surgical masks differs. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend the use of a NIOSH-certified N95 or better respirator for the protection of healthcare workers who come in direct contact with patients with H1N1.

The CDC guidance can be found  In September 2009 the Institute of Medicine released a report that also recommends N95 respirators for the protection of healthcare workers from H1N1. This blog examines the scientific principles behind the design and performance of surgical masks and respirators. Although these principles apply to all particulate respirators, the discussion presented in this article is focused on the most frequently used respirator in healthcare settings, the N95 filtering facepiece respirator (FFR).


N95 Respirators and Surgical Masks


Continues:  Additionally, the NIOSH Respirator Trusted-Source Information Page can help users identify NIOSH-approved respirators and learn how to use and obtain these products.

Previously I worked in healthcare. 3M is the gold standard. When looking to purchase be sure the image matches the description. No knock offs from China with this purchase.

This is a good one if you will be wearing it for an extended period of time.



Another good one if you can snag it. Easier and more comfortable breathing as above.

NEW 8511PB1-A-PS Particulate N95 Respirator with Valve, 10-Pack

3M Particulate Respirator 8210, N95,

This is an inexpensive mask.. less than a buck a piece last I checked Amazon. An Amazon top pick. Some vendors back ordered.. Not individually packaged and not as comfortable but will get the job done for short hauls.

No need to panic, but buy them now. I checked Amazon last night and several have moved out completely. Checked vendors. Some gouging underway.

The swamp is not moving on this as they should, so it’s up to us for peace of mind.

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Six Companies Control about 75% of Media Sources


Eureka!  And the answer is …

by Mustang

We’ve come to use the word media as a means of communications (radio, television, newspapers, magazines, the internet) that influence people.  One question that niggles all of us from time to time is how much influence “media” has on the American people, our culture, and/or our national psyche. 

I did a cursory investigation, and what I learned was that less than ten companies control all media sources in the United States.  These include, in general ranking, the Walt Disney Company, NBC-Universal/Comcast, Time-Warner, Viacom-CBS, Sony America Corporation, and Seagram’s (yes, the whiskey company). 

Their involvement in films, music, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, Internet and social communications platforms roughly equal 75% of the total of American media offerings.

Jaw dropping.

Six companies in control of everything that impacts American society.  It is interesting to see who controls these companies.  They are mostly self-loathing, American-hating Jews.  I could go on to discuss the filth in films, decadent lyrics in music, anti-American television broadcasting and newspapers, television productions that must include a percentage of homosexuals, transgenders, and at least several psychopathic and well-tattooed and pierced but “funny” characters. 

I might even mention the incident where Disney was caught transmitting subliminal messages to our children —which over several years of debate, has convinced parents that there’s nothing to worry about because, after all, colonialism was really a very bad thing.  Besides, what pre-teen doesn’t think about sex?

But then it occurred to me that media companies may not be the problem.  They only deliver what “the people” demand —what they are willing to pay for.  It’s been going on for a while, now.  I remember my mother plopping me down in front of the black and white television when she wanted to do things without having me under foot. 

Today, parents provide their young children with video games that allow the player to rape and murder animated characters.  Cell phones are now minicomputers, so the kids can entertain themselves for hours on end, releasing parents to do their own cell phone thing. 

We can even have verbal fights on Twitter, and never worry about someone punching us in the nose for being rude or obnoxious.  And we wonder what happened to our society.  We moan about what’s happened to the America of our youth.

What happened to our country was atrocious parenting.  This, too, is nothing new; instead of having an abusive father who we feared might beat the crap out of us for misbehaving, we have abusive fathers who simply ignore us.  And Mom?  We won’t be receiving any “motherly advice” from modern Mom.  She’s on the cell phone, too.

All of this leads me to the conclusion, in agreement with my Internet friend Bunkerville, that it’s too late to save America.  It’s already gone —not coming back.  But as much as we want to blame “media” for our abysmal state of affairs, it really does boil down to parenting —or lack of it.

How am I wrong?    


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Impeachment: Schiff 1 to Trump’s 0 – what were Trump’s attorneys thinking?


No, they never wanted Donald J. Trump to be President.

We know that. No news there. It was a disappointing beginning regarding the impeachment hearing on Trump’s side. More than disappointing. It was a walk away for the Democrats. They were locked and loaded with a full blown Case in Chief with Trump’s  attorneys caught flat footed. Apparently they thought two hours of arguments for each witness amendment didn’t include them for the most part.

What did they think was going to happen when the Democrats were given this time? Wise old crusty McConnell had to know what the Dems would do with the time. Schiff came with the requisite audio-visuals straight from the House proceedings. Of course not the statements that had been disproven by Trump’s attorneys. The most Trump’s attorney could muster at times was “can’t we get the trial started?’ Hate to tell them but it was well underway. First impressions mean everything. Those who may not have followed the House hearing got the full bore evidence as they determined it to be.

Even stalwart conservative commenters last night had to ask how did the Lev Parnas and other information presented ever allowed that was not even in the House proceedings.

Where was the fire and brimstone? The righteous indignation?

No surprise here. I was no doubt one of about a dozen who managed to sit through the entire House hearing. I knew what was coming. I knew the counter arguments to these witnesses. Did not Trump’s attorneys listen as well?

No question there will be witnesses.

OK….that’s my opinion. What’s yours?

Here is something to help us buck up!

Everything swell in the swamp, Super swampy today.


Sanctuary – the danger of civil disobedience


We started out with sanctuary churches for illegals, then wholesale cities to States. We have included protecting illegals to those using marihuana. Conservatives are getting into the act now claiming the Second Amendment with gun control as their right to using State sanctuary of counties and towns for the use of this new found “right.” Police authorities claim they will not enforce the rule of State laws.

Mustang gives us his take on illegal use of “Sanctuary” and its impact regarding illegal immigration. Just where will this new found “Right” take us? How far will it go?

Why Sanctuary?

by Mustang

In law, “sanctuary community” has no standing because in the United States, no one is above the law.  No state may refuse to obey federal laws in matters constitutionally assigned to federal authority.  No community within a state has the right to ignore federal authority.

When communities declare themselves sanctuary entities, they are in effect exercising a kind of civil disobedience, which may be (and should be) punished under the law.  Under American law, there is no legitimacy attached to civil disobedience —no matter what arguments may be used to justify it by law breakers.

But the issue has taken on a new dimension.  Not only do civil administrators declare their intent to ignore federal law, they produce writs that prohibit constitutionally sworn police officers from obeying federal laws, as well.  It is a dangerous conspiracy that threatens the United States, its several states, and communities within those states.

Cloward and Piven at the Motor Voter signing law

I believe that “conspiracy” is the correct word for what is happening in the United States today.  A refusal of obey federal law with respect to immigration appears related to the so-called Cloward-Piven strategy devised in 1966, the purpose of which was to overwhelm the lawful exercise of federal power to such an extent that federalism fails; a situation in which the federal government can no longer execute its Constitutional authority or mandate.

Sanctuary cities may not be the most important issue facing the Department of Justice, but if one believes that illegal immigration has reached the point where it imposes a clear and present danger to the security of the United States, its several states, its thousands of communities, then the federal government must act to settle this issue permanently.

Let’s recap:

  • Illegal immigration is illegal.
  • Illegal immigration is a burden to lawful citizens in terms of taxes, infrastructure, access to policing, medical treatment facilities, public education, and community services.
  • Illegal aliens pay less in taxes (sales taxes, etc.) than they receive through state and local services (Source: Congressional Budget Office).
  • The presence of illegal aliens poses a significant risk to lawful residents in terms of violent crimes, drugs, drunk drivers, community health and sanitation.

On 9 January 2020, Ms. Maria Fuentes, aged 92, a citizen of Richmond Hill, Queens, New York, was brutally raped and murdered at the intersection of Liberty Avenue and 127th Street in Richmond Hill by 21-year old Reeaz Khan, an illegal alien from Guyana.  Reeaz was roaming the streets of New York City despite a federal order for his deportation for prior assault and illegal weapons charges.

He was roaming free on the streets of New York City because the New York City Police Department refused to honor a federal retainer request.  Quite naturally, the NYPD now claims that they never received such a request from federal law enforcement agencies.

The evidence of this particular case shows that Reeaz Khan pounced upon his 92-year old victim from behind, throwing her to the ground, sexually assaulting her, and then ran from the scene of his crime.

This illegal alien has now been charged with seven charges, including second degree murder, first degree manslaughter, first degree attempted rape, first degree sexual assault, and tampering with physical evidence.  Reeaz claims that he came upon the woman, found that she was passed out, and tried to render aid but in the process, his pants fell down and his genitals came in contact with hers.  I hope he has a masterful attorney.

DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf observed that New York City is in a state of complete breakdown of law and order and blames this partly on New York City’s sanctuary policies.  Wolf said, “NYC proudly passed sanctuary city laws and bragged about it for months.  But now the citizens of NYC are facing the deadly consequences of these sanctuary policies.

In 2019, New York City experienced 300 murders, an increase of 8% over the murder rate of 2018.  Maybe sanctuary policies aren’t working as well as everyone on the left claims.  Nor should we forget the senseless murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco, California —the home of Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Sanctuary is not a new concept.  In times past, the word refers to a wide range of protective measures that may be taken by communities on behalf of those who residents believed deserve protection.  Lately, though, we have taken the word sanctuary and added to it the word community, but in the absence of any statute that defines sanctuary city, we find the notion somewhat confusing.

In law, “sanctuary community” has no standing because in the United States, no one is above the law.  No state may refuse to obey federal laws in matters constitutionally assigned to federal authority.  No community within a state has the right to ignore federal authority.

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