Sunday Respite – The Crystal Garden


Spring has finally arrived in my neck of the woods. For some beautiful photography and relaxing music, I chose Michel Pépé – Le Jardin de Cristal for my Sunday Respite. Have a wonderful day. You may prefer to enjoy watching the video in full screen.



Sunday Respite – The Vision of the Shaman


Today I chose Michel Pépé – La Vision du Chaman for my Sunday Respite. Wishing everyone a wonderful day. I suggest watching this in full screen once the video starts.


Sunday Respite – Rosa Mystica


For this week I chose Michel Pepe – Rosa Mystica. Wishing everyone a wonderful day as we are finally moving ever closer to a “real” Spring here.
Eastertide is the period of fifty (50) days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday.  Each Sunday during this season of Eastertide is treated as a Sunday of Easter. They are named accordingly: Second Sunday of Easter, Third Sunday of Easter, Fourth Sunday of Easter and so forth until the Seventh Sunday which is named “Pentecost Sunday.”




Sunday Respite – Sergei Trofanov – La Bohème

Todays Sunday Respite is Sergei Trofanov – La Bohème. Not the La Boheme you are probably expecting. Not quite the correct season, but I enjoy the work. I suggest watching it in full screen mode. Have a wonderful day!


Sunday Respite – If I Could Tell You

For today I chose Yanni’s “If I could tell you.”  One of my favorite pieces by Yanni. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and hoping that the recent storm didn’t cause you too much difficulty. I suggest watching the video in full screen mode once it starts.


Sunday Respite – Love Song in Winter


Today I chose Love Song in Winter by Richard Clayderman. Wishing everyone a very happy and enjoyable Sunday. On a personal note, I am also pleased to say that I am on the mend, and looking forward to getting out and about. Thanks for the well wishes,


Sunday Respite – All in the Family


I had all week, while still under the weather, to view a cascade of the most unbelievable news parade by in the form of so-called “news.” Had I been up to blogging, I would not have even known where to start. It seemed that each day brought more revelations that seemed beyond the former days headline. Which reality of it was dependent on which news source one was viewing or listening to.

Then I caught a couple of episodes of “All in the Family.” A program I am sure would not make muster these days. Yes these were the days when people were who they were, blemishes and all and we were permitted to laugh at it. Now it is heavy heavy heavy. The Progs are starting with much of what Hitler started out with. This time, it is Conservatives who it is perfectly all right now saying it would be best if we were dead. I didn’t mean this to be a rant on one of my otherwise respites. I hope to get back to regular blogging soon and visiting my fellow patriot’s blogs.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable Sunday. Those were the days weren’t they?

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