Rino Romney mute on AZ decision, Mark Levin has lots to say

Rino Romney does his best to obfuscate on any questions regarding yesterday’s Supreme Court decision. He does not address it at any of his campaign stops, but lets his spokesman spin and spin to no end. So forget him as far as getting anywhere on immigration reform. Fortunately, I caught Mark Levin last night.

Mark Levin had an outstanding discussion  on what the Supreme Court did to us in their AZ decision. If you really want to know the Legal ramifications, here is the link to his comments. It is a memorable program as only he can do it, Catch the first couple of minutes and you will be hooked.

Audio replay June 25 of the Mark Levin Show Here

If you do not have time to listen to it all, Right Scoop has this highlight as well as two others..H/T: Right Scoop

‘We now have de facto amnesty’ – Mark Levin on the SCOTUS Arizona Law ruling


Now, as far as our Rino, asked by reporters to describe Romney’s views on the Supreme Court’s decision in Arizona v. United States, a campaign spokesman went ’round and ’round in circles, saying essentially nothing at all.  A portion of the cringe-worthy transcript:

QUESTION: Is it fair to say that he has no opinion on the Arizona law?

GORKA: “Look, again, I¹ll say it again and again and again for you. The governor understands that states have their own right to craft policies to secure their own borders and to address illegal immigration.”

QUESTION: You’re not answering – what does he think about the policy in Arizona? Is it fair to say he has no opinion? You’re refusing to give us an answer.

Peter Suderman summarized it nicely: “Romney’s position…is perfectly clear: He would have one, and President Obama is wrong.”  That’s not acceptable.  In a Twitter exchange with ABC News’ Rick Klein. Full story and more at Townhall


Tombstone AZ Water- Agenda 21 will finally finish it?

Agenda 21 hits Tombstone. A few annoying seconds of commercial in the video below, and the story is told. When is America going to wake up and realize what this government is doing to us? Obama sure doesn’t care for Arizona now does he? This is what happens when you cross a Dictator. I wonder why. I just heard that the Supreme Court has decided not to take the case. Update: Fox just posted another good video of their coverage of this story here is the link: Fox News Video Tombstone’s water war

The City of Tombstone is squaring off against the U.S. Forest Service over water rights in a fight to rescue “The Town Too Tough to Die.” Citing the Wilderness Act, the Forest Service is refusing to allow the city to repair its waterlines to mountain springs it has owned for nearly seventy years – and which date back to the 1880s. This refusal is threatening residents, private property and public safety with the risk of a total loss of fire protection and safe drinking water.


In a show down between the federal government and the “Town Too Tough to Die,” the U.S. Forest Service is refusing to allow Tombstone to repair its mountain spring water lines after forest fires, floods and torrential mudslides destroyed them in the Monument Fire of 2011. Not content with allowing forest fires to burn down some of the most beautiful land in Arizona, the Forest Service is willing to risk the lives and properties of Tombstone residents and tourists due to the loss of adequate fire suppression capabilities and  safe drinking water More at.Goldwater

Arizona Immigration Supreme Court case audio, transcript

It is a Sunday, and lots of sport teams are having their playoffs. But if you have can find a bit of time, you will not be disappointed in hearing the arguments of Arizona v United States in the Immigration case. It just got posted so here the links are below.

Supreme Court Audio

Supreme Court Transcripts


Gov. Jan Brewer speaks on Arizona’s Immigration law in front of the Supreme Court in Washington
Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) speaks to the media in front of the Supreme Court following oral arguments on Arizona’s controversial immigration law, 1070, the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, in Washington, D.C. on April 25, 2012.

Read more: UPI

First Death Panel Comes to Arizona – Man Dies

Man Denied Life-Saving Liver Transplant Because of Cuts in Arizona’s Medicaid Program

According to the Arizona Republic, 32-year-old Francisco Felix was in the hospital, ready to receive a liver that was donated to him late Monday night. But the liver went to someone else Tuesday morning because Felix couldn’t find $200,000 overnight to pay for the transplant.

Back in October we posted: Arizona Medicaid no longer covers Tansplants

The new transplant exclusions took effect Friday as part of broader Medicaid coverage changes mandated by the State of Arizona in response to budgetary pressures. (Arizona’s Fiscal Year 2010 enacted budget directs AHCCCS to eliminate various medical and health services for adults. See page 20 of the bill).

In addition to eliminating most organ-transplant coverage, Arizona’s Medicaid agency also is eliminating most dental care for adults as well as coverage of podiatrist services; insulin pumps; percussive vests; bone-anchored hearing aids; cochlear implants; orthotics; gastric bypass surgery; certain durable medical equipment; “well” medical checkups; some non-emergency medical transportation; microprocessor-controlled lower limbs and joints; and it is limiting outpatient physical therapy to 15 visits per contract year. (See list)

More at CNS News


As CNSNews.com previously reported, the state’s health-care system for the poor stopped paying for most organ transplants on Oct. 1 because of budget cuts enacted by the State Legislature.

The Arizona Republic reported that Felix is the first liver-transplant patient known to be affected by changes in the state’s Medicaid program, but he won’t be the last. More at CNS News

Obama Regime Attacks Arizona again, Files Lawsuit Against Colleges for Requiring Non-Citizens to Prove They’re Here Legally…

I mean like he is really going off the rails. Me thinks, this guy knows his power days are almost over, without oversight by the congress. To flaunt this, just prior to November, he has to be totally nutso. Maybe he has been listening to Ed Schultz and MSNBC. He is all wee weed up. Looks like we are in for a Rocket Ride for the next two years. Hang on.

The U.S. Justice Department says it has filed an immigration lawsuit against Arizona authorities alleging hiring discrimination by schools in the state.

The lawsuit alleges a group of community colleges acted illegally in requiring non-citizens to provide their green cards before they could be hired for jobs, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Justice Department officials said the Phoenix-area Maricopa Community Colleges discriminated against nearly 250 non-citizen job applicants by forcing them to fill out more documents than required by law to prove eligibility to work, a violation of the federal Immigration and Nationality Act.

The district, which did not require the extra documents from U.S. citizens, stopped the practice in January during a yearlong Justice Department investigation, The Arizona Republic reported.

The suit calls for the community college district to pay a penalty of $1,100 for each non-U.S. citizen who was authorized to work but was forced to supply additional documentation.

Read more here  UPI News/

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Town Catches Pool Permit Dodgers With Google Earth

Here is looking at you. Amazing, yet we can’t seem to see anyone crossing our border down Arizona way?? Well, Sis is working on it  like a “laser Point” yes, its true, she said so.

New technology often has unintended consequences. In the case of Google Earth, a popular program that combines various satellite and aerial images to create a navigable 3D globe, it’s being used by one town to catch unpermitted pool owners.

Far cheaper than peeking over everyone’s fence, the town of Riverhead in Long Island used Google Earth to check out who had pools but never filled out the proper paperwork. Scofflaws were told to get the permits or pay up. The town has collected almost $75,000 in fines so far.

Hm, what other tax and permit evasions could municipalities catch if they just used a little Google Earth?

Google Earth used to find unpermitted pools on Long Island [AP]

Hat Tip: The Consumerist

Palin says Gov. Brewer has ‘cojones’

Somehow I missed this term in my High School Spanish Class. But I sorta had the drift anyway. That’s our girl!

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin praised Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer for having “cojones” in pressing the state’s controversial immigration law.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Palin used the Spanish slang for testicles when asked about last week’s injunction against the most controversial parts of Arizona’s law and the state’s effort to press forward with its immigration enforcement plans.

“Jan Brewer has the cojones that our president does not have,” Palin said. “If our own president will not enforce our federal law, more power to Jan Brewer.” 

Read more about our gal Sarah from the hill here

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