Recall when Bill Clinton meddled in Russian Election? Putin extracts revenge?

In 1996 US govt interfered in Russia’s election so blatantly it was boasted on the cover of Time magazine. . 

We were so proud of it, it made the cover of Time Magazine and the major Media outlets. Payback can be hell, Hillary. Your hubby tried to make sure Putin’s candidate didn’t get elected.

Earlier I posted Bill Clinton meddled in Russian Election.

Remember TIME magazine’s cover and report of July 15th, 1996?

President Bill Clinton meddled in Russian affairs in the 1990s and helped Boris Yeltsin get elected to a second term, political analyst Dick Morris told Newsmax TV.

“I think that Putin resented that, hated it, thought that it was an inappropriate intervention by Bill Clinton and I think he’s determined to take his revenge out on Hillary Clinton.” Quote from Dick Morris.


WATCH: The Election Clash That Fueled Putin’s Ire Against Clinton

For months, reports of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election have dominated the headlines. 

But the story traces back long before the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton last year….


Truth be told, the CIA on our behalf meddles in elections all over the world. Period. Full stop. Same as Russia.

Israel for one…a pal. Try this

The U.S. is no stranger to interfering in the elections of other countries

The U.S. has a long history of attempting to influence presidential elections in other countries – it’s done so as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University.

That number doesn’t include military coups and regime change efforts following the election of candidates the U.S. didn’t like, notably those in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. Nor does it include general assistance with the electoral process, such as election monitoring.


Flashback Obama: ‘What magic wand does Trump have to bring jobs back?’


Trump and his magic wand. This for my Flashback Saturday. Enjoy!


Our former community organizer never had a clue. It seems like a million years ago we put up with Obama but we did. Here are the magic words.


Donald Trump used his magical wand to bring jobs back to America. The United States economy is booming because of the wand and corporations have been quick to move back to America. Barack Obama unfortunately mocked Donald Trump for having “A Magic Wand” during his 2016 presidential campaign. However he was very very wrong indeed… Here are some examples from 2017 of Trump using his magic wand to bring jobs home.


What Dems got with the surprise election of Comrade Ocasio-Cortez


So from the cesspool of foreign soil come our neighbors from the South. Bringing their virus of social unrest to the land of opportunity. Once here, they prosper. In return for our hospitality that comes in the form of healthcare, education, living expenses such as housing and food, their virus of social unrest re-emerges.

Not content with the success at life they now have, they turn on their benefactor. They would have their host destroyed. The very system of government that gave them so much must be overturned. They would have America turn into the very cesspool they chose to escape.

Without further adieu let’s look at this number coming out of the overturn in New York of a long-term Democrat Crowley.

So just what is a Democratic Socialist? How and why are they permitted to run on the Democrat party label? The Democrats need to have a serious moment of self-reflection I doubt had she been required to run on the Democrat label she would have gotten as far as she has. If the media had made any effort to reveal her extreme viewpoints, I wonder as well.

Cortez will now be pushed to the head of the political line. Just as they have this Kamela Harris and Linda Sarsour – more blight on the horizon. Stay tuned. You will see much of her.


The Democratic Socialists of America of coming for your property. Here are Comrade Cortez’s views on the issues.




DSA Where we stand


I took just one smidgen out of their manifesto- check out the full thing:


What about her pals? – warning, really foul stuff if you link out to the Caller.

The platform Ocasio-Cortez ran on was deeply progressive, calling on the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, nationalized health care, universal jobs guarantee and getting America to 100 percent green energy.

However, footage reveals that Ocasio-Cortez also has associates with regressive views.

One of Ocasio-Cortez’s most enthusiastic campaigners and a man who stood behind her at her victory party, Thomas Lopez-Pierre, is a known anti-Semite and racist. Lopez-Pierre has regularly used slurs against Jewish and black New Yorkers in public forums and while running for office himself.

While running for office in 2017, Lopez-Pierre specifically campaigned on “protecting tenants from greedy Jewish landlords.” Lopez-Pierre’s own campaign website shows his rantings agains “Greedy Jewish Landlords.” His campaign website applauds the arrest of “Greedy Jewish Landlords” and says that “Jewish Landlords” are “punishing” black and Hispanic families. More at Daily Caller

Yes, start of a movement:


Flashback: The day we stood up and saved America…or sure tried


For Saturday’s flashback of whatever happened to, I thought a memory of a feel good moment might put a spring in our step. With all of the heavy news this week, I needed it.

It’s hard to believe its been 500 plus days. We had no idea how this would go, and I doubt many of us ever thought that it would be Sessions of all people who would be the real Brutus.



Obama White House attempted to take over Spygate Investigation UPDATE

Those who watched Hannity last night are waiting for the forthcoming documents promised for today. This would be a game changer as it looks like the date of commencement of the investigation began much earlier.  This won’t jibe with the dates given out previously.

White House involvement? Hmm.

I will update the post if the promised reveal is posted by Solomon: UPDATE:

The bridge to the Russia investigation wasn’t erected in Moscow during the summer of the 2016 election.

It originated earlier, 1,700 miles away in London, where foreign figures contacted Trump campaign advisers and provided the FBI with hearsay allegations of Trump-Russia collusion, bureau documents and interviews of government insiders reveal. These contacts in spring 2016 — some from trusted intelligence sources, others from Hillary Clinton supporters — occurred well before FBI headquarters authorized an official counterintelligence investigation on July 31, 2016.

The new timeline makes one wonder: Did the FBI follow its rules governing informants?

Here’s what a congressman and an intelligence expert think.“The revelation of purposeful contact initiated by alleged confidential human sources prior to any FBI investigation is troublesome,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), an ally of President Trump and chairman of a House subcommittee that’s taking an increasingly aggressive oversight role in the scandal, told me.

“This new information begs the questions: Who were the informants working for, who were they reporting to and why has the [Department of Justice] and FBI gone to such great lengths to hide these contacts?”

For the complete update:

Back to original post:

John Solomon from The Hill told Sean Hannity on Thursday night the Obama White House attempted to take over the Russian-collusion investigation.

John Solomon: I’m putting finishing touches on a column that I think will come out tomorrow. And it will reveal two really important things.

The efforts to begin targeting and reaching out to Trump campaign officials to gain intelligence on Russia that would ultimately justify the investigation began weeks and maybe months before the FBI had a formal predicate. And that’s very important the rules say you can’t use sources until you have a predicated investigation.

The investigation is July 31, 2016. My sources and documents that I will be able to make public tomorrow will show that there were contacts going on by people identified as informers, informants, people who provided information began much, much earlier than July 31st.

That’s the first part. The second part is as the investigation was just starting to ramp up there are internal FBI documents showing FBI agents talking about the White House trying to take over the investigation. Fears that the Justice Department were going to leak for political reasons and their own personal fear…

Sean Hannity: Slow down. When you say the White House you mean the Obama White House- they were attempting to take over the investigation.

John Solomon: That’s what these messages say.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

Valerie Jarrett on ‘Teachable Moments’



Let’s just say that Valerie Jarrett is not my favorite character from olden days. That said, Roseanne Barr did us no favors with her remarks she made regarding Val. It only proves what racists we are since we support Trump. Deplorable. Irredeemable. But what the heck, its been a year since I got to do a post on our gal… Thanks to everyone who has discovered my old posts. My Stats are booming says Word Press. Please leave respectful comments. Here are a couple:


Valerie Jarrett’s Father-in-Law Head of Communist Youth


Here is the “Teachable Moment” from Val Jar circa 2014. I made the prescient remark,

“Too bad we cannot require her to testify before Congress. Bet we would have the answers to all the scandals.” Oh yes we would.


Valerie is always watching

Regarding Roseanne Barr:

Valerie Jarrett broke her silence on Roseanne Barr Tuesday after the actress attacked her looks. “The Roseanne Show” was canceled by ABC after the star said that Jarrett looks like if the “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby.”

Jarrett called the attacks a “teaching moment” in a clip from an MSNBC special on race relations that airs Tuesday night.

Keep reading…

Here is one from WikiLeaks I picked out that does an analysis of the killing of Osama. It’s about what we figured. Val was running the shop.

[Analytical & Intelligence Comments] Getting Osama

… to this plan originated from Valerie Jarrett, and it was her … almost entirely on him. What Valerie Jarrett, and the president, did … and following that meeting, Valerie Jarrett was not seen in … President Barack Obama or Valerie Jarrett and it remained that …
Global Intelligence Files

Dozens of former Obama staffers running for office to oppose Trump



Little bomblets being planted into our government. 28 alone running for Congress. As if we haven’t endured enough. They never rest:

Dozens of former Obama administration officials are running for office this year, largely in opposition to President Trump and his policies, NBC News reported Sunday.

At least 64 former Obama staffers are running for federal, state or local office this year, according to the network, which cited numbers obtained from the Obama Alumni Association.

The group said it expects that number to rise as more Obama alums contact it about their bids. Some states also have yet to hold primaries, giving more former staffers the chance to announce campaigns.

At least 28 of those Obama officials are running for the House of Representatives, according to NBC News, which said five have won their primaries so far and one has lost.

Many of the candidates told the network that Trump and his administration motivated them to run for office.

More at The Hill

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