Biden: ‘“We Will Take, Literally, Millions of Automobiles off the Road. Off the Road”


Joe managed to find his way to Scranton yesterday with this announcement that surly will help his poll numbers. Americans love our cars Joe. Better yet the man says “it will save millions of barrels of oil.” Sure, walking does too. The truth of the matter is he wants expensive gas. Restricting movement is part of the agenda.

It was a bizarre meandering speech. Here are a few of the low points. He was back to his well debunked Amtrack days. Actually it was pretty scary thinking this is the man in the WH.



How soon before we go through another cash for clunkers program when good used cars were destroyed by pouring concrete into the engine block in the name of this Marxist rot and this Green nonsense?


I think this about sums it up.

Jen Psaki is the face of this administration, since conversations with Biden are few and far between. Her snark grows by the week. Here is one for the books. I dare say the media cannot disregard her nonsense forever.

Classic Psaki. The bill hasn’t even been written yet it won’t cost a dime.

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Biden Raises Reminder of Infamous Dodd – Kennedy Sexual Assault

You can’t get any more self unaware than to mention “waitress” and “Dodd” in the same sentence. His mind wandered to Dodd and his BFF Ted Kennedy and the infamous Dodd-Kennedy Waitress Sandwich Story apparently. His filter was on the blink. One would not want to be the waitress. Recall it was Dodd who was chosen to lead Biden’s pick for the VP, thus we have Kamala Harris.

Biden says former Sen. Chris Dodd would never ‘disrespect the waitress’

President Biden raised eyebrows Friday when he praised former Senator Chris Dodd — and inadvertently referenced a notorious episode of alleged sexual assault involving the Connecticut Democrat and the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.).

Biden lauded his longtime Senate colleague during remarks dedicating the Dodd Center for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, saying he measures a person’s character by how they treat workers in the service industry. More from the NY Post

Let us not forget-

Notorious Sexual Harasser Chris Dodd named to Biden VP selection Committee

The Kennedy-Dodd Waitress Sandwich Information Clearinghouse

In 1985, Dodd and fellow Senator Ted Kennedy were out (with dates) for a night on the town at La Brasserie. Much liquor was consumed–that will come as a shock to those of us familiar with Ted Kennedy–and the two Senators were at one point unaccompanied by their dates. The Senators made a “Waitress Sandwich” out of some poor, unsuspecting waitress.

If you’re not entirely sure what that means, let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be the waitress
“Dodd and Kennedy were also reported to have made a ‘human sandwich’ with a waitress at La Brasserie, another Capitol Hill restaurant. The report had it that Kennedy threw the woman on Dodd, who was slumped in a chair, and then jumped on top of her. She was said to have run screaming from the room.”
Summary of 1989 Penthouse magazine article, summarized by the Washington Times:

“When she put in an appearance in their private retreat – ‘The Teddy Kennedy Fun Room’ – the Massachusetts senator picked her up and heaved her onto a table. The crystal candlesticks and champagne glasses shattered as he grabbed her again and flung her on top of Dodd.

“Then Kennedy threw himself on top of the woman. The waitress implored Mr. Kennedy to ‘Get off me!’

“Another waitress entered to find ‘things all tipped over and Kennedy was on top, [the waitress] was in the middle and Dodd was on the bottom.’ At that point the sandwich was disassembled.”

Here’s the story, originally reported by GQ in 1990 here Included in the link is the long history of his debauchery.

Bonus: Joe up to his old tricks.

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Shock! Energy Secretary Granholm: US doesn’t “have much moral authority” to criticize China’s energy policies.

Biden’s Marxist lackeys keep rolling along. This time it’s Secretary of Energy Granholm. China emissions have tripled over the last 30 years and are on the rise while ours are going down. How embarrassing is that, flat out lying in order to try and pass an agenda so dangerous? And to liken ourselves with Communists via a carbon footprint? This is setting the stage for dissing America at the forth coming Climate summit.

This is looking up to be one grand Socialists party.

Yes, The U.S. Leads All Countries In Reducing Carbon Emissions.

According to the 2017 BP Statistical Review of World Energy, since 2005 annual U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have declined by 758 million metric tons. That is by far the largest decline of any country in the world over that timespan and is nearly as large as the 770 million metric ton decline for the entire European Union.

Let’s keep in mind what Yellin has in mind for this little get-together.

Janet Yellen weighs visit to China, her first as US Treasury Secretary,  East Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits TimesTreasury Secretary Yellin

And it’s all hands on deck in destroying life as we know it. Let’s pump up inflation even more since everything is going so swell in the world. As if corporations will not simply raise prices to cover taxes.

Who else besides us will be paying this and how much more will this Administration & its minions (Yellin) be allowed to do to undermine our economy & future?

WASHINGTON, Sept 28 (Reuters) – U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Tuesday she is looking for G20 countries to reach political agreement on a global minimum corporate tax deal at their summit in October and has not ruled out a rate higher than 15%.

Yellen, speaking to the National Association for Business Economics, said the Senate Finance Committee is looking at a “slightly higher” overseas minimum corporate tax rate than the 16.5% passed by the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee.

“We’ll see where it all shakes out, but my hope is that when reconciliation (legislation) passes, we will come into compliance with this regime, and we’re looking for political agreement to be achieved at the G20 summit at the end of October, and then countries will quickly put this into place,” Yellen said.

Some 134 countries agreed over the summer to support a global minimum tax of at least 15%, but low-tax Ireland has held off on endorsing the deal as it waits to see if the U.S. Congress accepts the Biden administration’s proposed tax increases on corporations and wealthy Americans. read more

Back to our gal Granholm:

Granholm’s comments come one month before the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, where the Biden administration plans to flood the zone with 13 high level cabinet members and officials to meet with other world leaders on creating more commitments to limit global warming, while emphasizing what the US is doing to lower its own greenhouse gas emissions. 

Just embarrassing. She is saying this to peddle the Green New Deal.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm has sparked a furor by saying the US doesn’t “have much moral authority” to criticize China over its energy policies.

During a roundtable conversation with Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, and other energy leaders in Grand Forks, North Dakota last Thursday, Granholm spoke on diversifying the state’s energy infrastructure and investing carbon capture. 

“You know, we’ve got a global problem and China is a big contributor to that — we are, too,” Granholm said. “And we don’t have much moral authority to say you should be doing this if we are not taking action and deploying the technology that we need to deploy.”

More at the New York Post

Biden will also swing by the Pope to get a pump on this Carbon nonsense.

WASHINGTON — (AP) — President Joe Biden is set to meet Pope Francis when he visits the Vatican later this month as part of a five-day swing through Italy and the U.K. for global economic and climate change meetings.

Biden plans to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis and poverty during his meeting with the pope, according to the White House. The meeting will take place on Oct. 29, and Biden will then attend a two-day summit of G-20 leaders in Rome, before heading to Glasgow, Scotland for the U.N. climate conference known as COP26.

I can only imagine the spectacle of Biden at the two day summit.

Bonus preview: Kerry will pitch in.

Meanwhile Joe is trying to figure out whats going on. Paging Nurse Jill. Cannot wait to see him in action at the Summit.

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Biden: ‘”An unrelenting stream of immigration ” “Non Stop, Non Stop” – not a bad thing

UPDATE: I fully expected for it to be taken down.  I found a Rumble clip. It is a shortened version.

Tucker Carlson last week dug up a C-Span clip of Biden done in February 2015. Biden celebrates Whites becoming a minority in the United States. “Non-White DNA is the source of our strength.”

“An unrelenting stream of immigration is not a bad thing.” “Non Stop, Non Stop”

We get our first glimpse of the future foot soldier DHS one Alejandro Mayorkas right by his side. Mayorkas was making the rounds on the Sunday talkies claiming the immigration system was completely broken. Of course, no one argued back that it was indeed the Biden administration that had done just that.

In the clip of Biden we get a chilling insight of exactly what Biden had/has in mind. The “Great Replacement.”

To cue up Biden is around 5:00. Some video of the migrants has been overwritten.. But we get the drift of Tucker.

Link here


Here is a link to the full interview via the Fox Network:


We are suppose to believe that this is a conspiracy theory. 

According to Renaud Camus, the “Great Replacement” has been nourished by “industrialisation“, “despiritualisation” and “deculturation”;[e][21][22] the materialistic society and globalism having created a “replaceable human, without any national, ethnic or cultural specificity”,[23] what he labels “global replacism”.[24] Camus claims that “the great replacement does not need a definition,” as the term is not, in his views, a “concept” but rather a “phenomenon”:[25][13


A people was here, stable, had been occupying the same territory for fifteen or twenty centuries. And suddenly, very quickly, in one or two generations, one or several other peoples substitute themselves for him. He is replaced, it is not him anymore.

— Renaud Camus, 2013 interview for Action Française.[7]

In Camus’s theory, the indigenous French people (“the replaced”)[f][19] is described as being demographically replaced by non-European peoples—mainly coming from Africa or the Middle East—in a process of “peopling immigration” encouraged by a “replacist power”.[a][4][26] According to French philosopher Pierre-André Taguieff, the validity for using the term “conspiracy theory” to define Camus’s concept indeed lies in the second part of the proposition:

To [the theory of a replacement through mass immigration], that claims itself to be an observation or a description, is added in the “anti-replacist” vision a conspiracy theory which attributes to the “replacist” elites the desire to achieve the “Great Replacement”. From the ideas of “peopling colonisation” and “mass immigration”, “anti-replacists” went to that of a genocide by ethnic, racial and cultural substitution, involving the completion of a programme or an action plan.

More at  Wikipedia
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Other than this all is well in the swamp.

Will Biden next fine companies for obese employees via OSHA?



The Biden administration is demanding the federal workforce(except postal workers) be vaccinated . Can Biden via OHSA fine companies for having obese people? No end to this when we go down this road.




Where the Buck Stops

by Mustang

President Joe Biden recently parroted an earlier Democrat, who famously stated, “The Buck Stops Here.”  Well, it sounds nice, but no president or high-ranking cabinet official ever faced more “buck” than losing an election or being asked to resign.  It occurs to me that “accountability” should involve more than looking for another high-paying job.

I actually do marvel at our system of government.  We (sort of) choose our president; he alone determines the people who serve in his cabinet and whom, for the most part, dig our graves (with the blessings of the Senate, of course).

History tends to suggest that cabinet secretaries, particularly those involved in foreign policy and national defense, too often do more harm than good.  No matter who these people are (whether they benefit the American people or make matters worse), their product is always associated with the president who appointed them.

For example, American citizens suffered the consequences of the Truman Policy or doctrine, even if Truman had little more to do with it beyond some vague idea that he passed along to a subordinate.  Truman’s Policy led to armed conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, where nearly 100,000 Americans died.  So far in his administration, Biden’s foreign policies appear to rival those of Neville Chamberlain.

Presidents and their spokespersons often explain policy decisions in this way: “I have determined that it is in the interests of the United States to …”  They never seem to get around to providing any details, of course, because for the most part, the specifics are none of our business.  We still do not know how the invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq was in the United States’ national interests.  All we know is that thousands more Americans (and coalition partners) died, along with tens of thousands of Afghan/Iraqi civilians.  Did either of these decisions benefit the United States or the American people?

The State Department (also known as Foggy Bottom) claims that it has four primary policy goals: (a) Protect the United States and Americans; (b) Advance democracy, human rights, and other global interests; (c) Promote international understanding of American values and policies, and (d) Support US diplomats and other agencies at home and abroad.

Well, the State Department did not protect the United States or its people in 2001.  Given the amount of human suffering that resulted from our invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, we cannot say that the State Department achieved its second goal, either.  None of our allies seem interested in lining up behind our attempts to promote international understanding … in fact, most of our allies shake their heads in wonderment and may even ask themselves, “Who are these idiots?”

In protecting the United States, the State Department argues that it uses diplomacy to address terrorism.  Well, again, it hasn’t worked because most terrorists hold little interest in floating position papers with American diplomats.  Terrorists are, for the most part, non-state actors who receive the direct or indirect support of states known to sponsor terrorist activities.

We know, for example, that Saudi Arabia sponsors terrorism.  They send vast amounts of money to Pakistan, whose intelligence service launders the money and uses it to purchase and distribute arms and munitions to their surrogates — Wahhabists who are more familiar to us as “Taliban.”  The Saudis also fund the massive increase in Islamic mosques throughout the western world — physical structures that proselytize Islamic imperatives and recruit madmen to assault western societies.

We also know that Pakistan, in partnership with Saudi Arabia, funnels lethal weapons to terrorist organizations and diverts US Foreign Aid, intended to help feed the masses, into terrorist-centered programs and to help pay for their nuclear weapons platforms.  The Pakis also shift US technology to China and North Korea.  In essence, Pakistan provides our technology to our potential enemies, who will undoubtedly use these platforms against our armed forces.

Given the foregoing, I can’t understand how our State Department can assert “friendship” with either the Saudis or the Pakistanis.  We also know that Saudi Arabia started the civil war in Syria. Yet, we side with the Saudis against the Syrians — and do so for no other reason than to maintain the pretense of Saudi-American friendship.  Why?  What have Syrians ever done to the American people?

Has the State Department protected the United States and the American people from Saudi-sponsored terrorism?  Answer: NO.  In fact, by virtue of the government’s reassurances that the Saudis and Pakistanis are our friends, our presidents and State Department have made ongoing terrorism a near-guarantee.

As responsible citizens, realizing that once we elect a president, he alone appoints cabinet secretaries, and armed with the knowledge of recent history, who are these selected people who contrive to make our lives more complex and, in some cases, horribly miserable?

Bill Clinton appointed Madeline Albright as the first female Secretary of State.  Her name at birth was Marie Jana Korbelova, a Czech who immigrated to the United States and obtained advanced degrees from Columbia University.  Before becoming Secretary of State, she worked as an aide to Senator Edmund Muskie and later as an acolyte of Zbigniew Brzezinski on the National Security Council.  This made her an “expert” in foreign affairs and a much-sought-after advisor to Democratic candidates.

Today, Albright remains a celebrity and continues to inflict her hubris upon the American people. She believes (even today) that the United States has a moral obligation to interfere in the affairs of other nations.  She insisted that the United States was justified in imposing sanctions against Iraq, even if a half-million children had to die due to them.

In defense of this incredible “foreign policy objective,” Academic (with no real experience outside the classroom or air-conditioned NSC offices) Albright asserted, “We stand taller and see further into the future.”  There is no evidence to support her claim, but that’s where she was coming from. On the use of military force, she asked Colin Powell, “What’s the point of having this superb military that you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?”

As Secretary of State, Albright thought of our service personnel as pawns in a global chess game, readily sacrificed if she determined that it was necessary.  But how much “good” has Albright, and others just like her, done for the United States in implementing failed foreign policies?  Succeeding Albright, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Rex Tillerson just continued to dig that bottomless hole to contain the human remains of people whom some of us loved.

And then we have other cabinet secretaries, few of which deserve more than our scorn.  As Secretaries of Defense, we’ve had Dick Cheney, Les Aspin, William Perry, William Cohen — all of whom we could classify as obnoxious pricks.  Donald Rumsfeld had a few good ideas, and he was honest enough to admit to his staff that he was out of his depth about the Afghanistan situation. Still, we cannot offer him or Paul Bremer our gratitude for his handling of the invasion/occupation of Iraq.

Robert Gates may qualify as our best Defense Secretary since 1947, a man who seemed to care most about the injury and death of our forward-deployed combat troops, but I cannot think of one Interior Secretary whose policies substantially improved the lives of our Native American populations.

So, then, where does the buck stop?  Do we ever ask, before an election, specifically whom the presidential candidates have in the queue to advise them?  If we did ask, would they tell us?  And if they didn’t know, should we vote for them?  I’m only asking because grasping at straws does not a policy-maker make.

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Biden and ‘Stranded’ in Afghanistan

A terrible day for America. Some times the words don’t cover it. Sadness and anger fill America. Just for the memory. A few brief moments recorded for a day we shall never forget.

The first clue that Milley was willing to sell out his men and women. For what?

Expresses the sentiments exactly.

Trump sums it all up.

Hard decisions. When there were leaders. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

No Jen. Not stranding. Allowing to be killed.

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Biden cancels student debt to the tune of $5.8 Billion

The Socialist juggernaut stops for no one. Thousands of Americans are hostages, never the less the machine rolls on to bankrupt and otherwise destroy the America we know.  This amount is small potatoes in the grand scheme of student loan debt. A total of $1.7 trillion in student debts is out there waiting to be forgiven entirely. If kids want to major in basket weaving and other majors that are useless, why should we be on the hook? Better yet, we learn that now 61 percent of Americans paid no taxes at all. The gulf widens:

The Biden administration announced on Thursday the latest in a series of student loan reprieves forgiving the debt of borrowers with total or permanent disabilities (TPD).

More than 323,000 borrowers will be covered under the loan discharge, which will total more than $5.8 billion. Borrowers will be identified through existing data supplied to the Social Security Administration. The administration has now forgiven around $8.7 million in loan debt.


Aaron Ament, president of the National Student Legal Defense Network, told The Associated Press (AP) that Thursday’s announcement is a “huge moment” for borrowers “who can now move on with their lives and won’t be trapped in a cycle of debt.”

The Education department has issued a series of loan discharges in 2021, including forgiving the debt of 92,000 students defrauded by for-profit colleges.

Additionally, due to pandemic burdens, the administration has extended loan forbearance and paused interest on payments through Jan. 31, 2022.


American borrowers collectively owe 1.7 trillion in student loan debt.

From The Hill

Bonus: CNBC

More than 100 million U.S. households, or 61% of all taxpayers, paid no federal income taxes last year, according to a report from the Tax Policy Center.


And that is the very best of the swamp.

Biden and ‘teams’ action not incompetence but deliberate


The whole Afghanistan debacle was a deliberate plan. Laura Logan nails it. In a spectacle unseen before, Biden’s miscreants blew the USA and its citizens to hell. Leaving who knows how many to suffer and die.

Biden, the pompous fool, plays the senile old fool that he is. No. Those behind the curtain? This was a set up.



Does anyone really think this just happened?


The Biden administration moved in June to dismantle a system designed to protect American citizens trapped abroad — just months before the Taliban took over Afghanistan, stranding thousands of Americans in the Central Asian country.

Fox News has obtained the June 11 memo sent around the State Department which gave the green light on the “discontinuation of the establishment, and the termination of, the Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau (CCR).”

The sensitive but unclassified memo was signed by Deputy Secretary of State Brian McKeon, just a couple of months before the Biden administration’s botched troop withdrawal that saw Afghanistan fall under Taliban control.

CCR was formed under Trump-era Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and was tasked with providing “aviation, logistics, and medical support capabilities for the Department’s operational bureaus, thereby enhancing the secretary’s ability to protect American citizens overseas in connection with overseas evacuations in the aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster.”
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Bye bye Joe.


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Duplicitous Pakistan – “Official” support for the Taliban?

What is the “official” position of Pakistan recognizing the Taliban? They can’t quite make up their mind yet. Mustang then gives us some thoughts on the matter. First:


Chains of slavery broken’ after Taliban takeover says Pakistan PM Imran Khan | Afghanistan | World

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan appears to be endorsing the Taliban as they take control of Afghanistan. According to Imran Khan, Afghans have “broken the chains of slavery in the country”.

But yesterday this is posted:

Perfidious Pakistan


By Mustang


Not long ago, two retired U. S. Army general officers waxed eloquent about US-Pakistan relations.  Both now serve as fellows at the Middle East Institute — a think tank.  Well, a tank anyway.  Both generals agree that the US and Pakistan have had a love-hate relationship since 1947; both agree that the “hate” has worsened over the past 20 years.  And both wonder if it is time for a mutually beneficial and strategically sustainable relationship between the US and Pakistan.  Of course, one common denominator between love and hate is that it’s a two-way street.


Why should Americans want or need a mutually beneficial and strategically sustainable relationship with Pakistan?  According to these two generals, Pakistan is a nuclear state — that’s why.  Never mind that Pakistan is a nuclear state because (a) it stole US nuclear technology, (b) it diverted American foreign aid intended to feed people to help pay for nuclear bombs, (c) it obligated a substantial percentage of the national GDP to pay for nuclear weapons development, and (d) it funneled stolen US technology to the Chinese.  This probably explains how the Chinese mysteriously developed a near copy of America’s most advanced stealth aircraft.


Both generals “worry” about Pakistan’s staunchest allies: Saudi Arabia and Turkey — both of which foment Wahhabi radicalism where and whenever they can.  Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence Agency (ISI) is that country’s premier intelligence organization.  It is responsible for gathering, processing, and analyzing information relevant to Pakistan’s national security goals.  It is a thoroughly radicalized organization whose involvement with Afghanistan’s Mujahideen dates back to the 1980s.  While “cooperating” with the CIA and British SIS, it concurrently works against the interests of both the United States and Great Britain in radical Islamism and funneling money from Saudi Arabia to the Afghan Taliban.  ISI also played a significant role in the kidnapping and murder by decapitation of Jewish-American journalist Daniel Pearle.


Both generals want us to know that Pakistan is a global provider of doctors and scientists.  Most physicians one consults with in the UK are Pakistani; they are about the only individuals willing to work as medical doctors for low wages.  Pakistani doctors are among the most incompetent in the entire medical profession. Still, more than that, they behave toward their captive patients (owing to the British National Health Care System) with insufferable arrogance and disrespect.  Their ability to provide adequate medical treatment is also negatively affected by their limited ability to speak English.  They make no effort to improve their language skills.


Both generals want us to know that despite how deeply Pakistanis hate Americans and ignoring their dishonesty in ripping off the American taxpayer to help fund nuclear weapons and global terrorism, that living without Pakistan would be far more difficult for the United States than having them slit our throats — literally or figuratively.


How can the United States achieve a better relationship?  Both generals think we Americans should provide even more money to help impoverished Pakistanis, even though the Pakistan government has diverted money from the poor to build their nuclear arsenal.  Both generals believe we should cooperate with the Pakistanis in such areas as counterterrorism.  We should ignore the fact that the Pakistanis are a primary source of global terrorism.  Still, both generals think that international working groups might solve this problem.


Maybe marriage counseling will help fix the trust issues, but frankly, not even that would allow me to turn a blind eye to Pakistan’s duplicity.


You can read these retired general’s opinions at The Cipher Brief.


Mustang also blogs at Fix Bayonets and Thoughts From Afar


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