Andrew Yang “ I’m Asian so I know a lot of Doctors” humor!


Terrence Williams on his take of one of the “low lights” of last nights so-called debates. OK. I admit I fell out somewhere just after Biden lost his chopper for a moment. Hey I am white and I know a lot of white people too! I’m woke!

Looks like this fellow Yang was a big hit with his money give away, so I figure why not this clip. Enjoy.

CNN and the ‘The Draw’ – Presidential candidates game show


‘The Five’ reacts to CNN turning Dem debate draw into game show.

CNN once more shows why it takes a sense of humor to watch them.

What’s the name of this game show…Who’s lie is it anyway”?

Have a great day…..a bit of humor for a Saturday.

British explain Obama’s foreign policy – humor

Something on the lighter side for the weekend. More truth than fiction. Have a great weekend!

Yes, Prime Minister’ Clip Explains Obama’s Foreign Policy in Less Than a Minute 


Sum Ting Wong? You Bet There Is!

H/T: Goes to The Daley Gator for this one. Fortunately the broadcaster didn’t pronounce the third captain’s name correctly. Did she catch on at the end of her report that she was being pranked?

Here’s One Of The Most Unfortunate Local News Screwups Ever – Awful Announcing


KTVU in the Bay Area had one of the most cringeworthy oversights you’ll ever see from a local newscast.  Somehow, the station was duped into publishing the names seen above as the pilots for the Asiana Flight 214 plane that crashed in San Francisco.  What’s more, there’s video of the names being read aloud on air…

First of all, two people died in the crash, so whoever thought this gag was timely or funny is a pretty terrible person.  Yes, har har you made a joke with Asian names.  Congratulations on fulfilling the fullest potential of your intelligence.

But second of all, how in the name of all that is holy does this get through numerous checks to get on air?  I’m sure someone had to call/write in this tip to a living, breathing human being.  Then we’re talking reporters, editors, and an entire flipping newsroom that had to vet it before it went on air!

Or, in this case, they didn’t.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story

Crackerpiece Theatre: A Translation of the Zimmerman Trial

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day. I don’t have much energy or wish to opine on the heavy concerns of the day. I caught this over at McNorman’s blog, stop by as he has good stuff. Nothing offensive meant by this. It was just funny to me.

Published on Jul  1, 2013

In this edition of Crackerpiece Theatre, we tackle the mysterious dialect used by Rachel Jeantel during her testimony at the George Zimmerman trial! With special guest translator and cracker expert, Alistair McCrackerton.


Aunt Chippy Christmas gift wrapping !

Here is a break from politics that is guaranteed to tickle the ole fuuny bone. Anyone who has wrapped gifts can appreciate Aunt Chippy’s problems.

Some rough language.

The Five Stages of (Michelle Obama’s) Grief

Here is a great one from Manhattan Infidel.. get your laughometer on and get ready for some grins. I promise.. thanks to King Shamus  for heads up on a good one.

 Here we go  from the Infidel . Just push the color: World’s most beautiful woman vacations in Spain

The spokesman is referring to a friend of Mrs. Obama’s who recently lost her father.  The planned trip was for her.  The spokesman then detailed the five steps of grieving:

  1. Denial.  “I feel fine.  Let’s go to Spain” 
  2. Anger.  “Why me?  This isn’t fair.  How about a trip to Spain?
  3. Socialized medicine.  “Buying health insurance to avoid a fine is a proven way to help with the grieving process.”
  4. Vacationing in Spain.  “During the fourth stage the individual may spend most of their time crying. It has been proven that those who fly to Spain aboard Air Force One will feel better about themselves.”
  5. Shutting down public beaches. The individual comes to terms with grief and moves on, helped by security with yellow tape who keep others away.  Sometimes a person has to be alone.”

Yep– just go for it and read the whole thing.

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