Ebonics and woke culture – the lowest possible common denominator

by Mustang

In 1979 an attorney representing black students at Martin Luther King Junior Elementary School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, sued the school district in federal court, alleging that the school denied black students “equal protection under the law” because Michigan’s educational standards failed to recognize the social, economic, and cultural factors that made blacks different from white students.

The plaintiffs made several ludicrous claims in the suit, all of which the court rejected except for the last issue, which was that the school district must find a way to identify black English speakers in school and use that knowledge in teaching students how to read standard English.  The decision was somewhat vague; I’m not sure how school district officials complied with the court order.

In December 1996, the Oakland California Unified School District resolved to recognize the legitimacy of Ebonics in classroom instruction.  For the unaware, Ebonics is also known as African-American Vernacular English.  Other, less charitable people sometimes refer to it as “nigger talk” and “gutter English.”  We frequently hear it recited in rap.  Now, honestly, rap is a word, but it has nothing to do with music, so I try to avoid making such a connection.


An example of Ebonics might be, “Yo blood, I won axe you sompin.”  In describing “rap,” someone has taken pains to elaborate further by describing it as “spitting” street vernacular.  Apparently, this is how blacks talk to one another in their neighborhoods, where men commonly refer to women as “ho’s” and “bitches,” and male friends are M-F-ers.  Impressed with these expressions, Oakland school officials thought it would be a nifty idea to recognize this way of talking as an acceptable standard for teaching black students.

The resolution called for mandating classroom instruction in Ebonics to “maintain the legitimacy and richness of such language [and] facilitate their acquisition and mastery of English language skills.”  The school district also thought it would be a good idea to pay teachers more money to demonstrate mastery of gutter talk in their classrooms.

The resolution set off a firestorm of controversy, as it should have.  The arguments ranged from claims that Ebonics is not an acceptable language in any country (including any African country) to those who wanted federally funded programs to consider applying Ebonics to bilingual programs.  Not even Jesse Jackson was behind this idea, describing it as “disgraceful.”  Jackson, of course, later reversed his position.

Oakland USD last modified its resolution claiming that Ebonics was a “genetically-based” language, by which these educators argued that black students were biologically predisposed to gutter talk.  They claimed that the origins of Ebonics were part of the Niger-Congo language family and not mere dialects of English.

Since 1997, no one has demonstrated any value to teaching blacks children Shakespeare in gutter language.  One can only imagine what Hamlet, Act III, Scene I might look, or sound like in the gutter talk of the majority of our black populations:

To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them. To die: to sleep…”

Notwithstanding that particular controversy, we have progressed to gutter culture, spoken most often as “Woke Culture.”  Rather than proclaiming, “It is time we awaken to certain realities,” is has become fashionable to say, “Be woke, blood.”  And so, it has come to pass, thanks in considerable measure to the communist media, black activists, and other morons who stumble around in the night.  But such an expression is not recently arrived in our crumbling society.  Black folk singer Huddie Ledbetter (also known as Led Belly) first used “woke” in a 1938 song — “bess stay woke.”


The Oxford English Dictionary traces the earliest usage to a 1962 New York Times article titled, “If You’re Woke, You Dig It.”  The article’s author was black writer William Melvin Kelley, who sought to describe the appropriation of black talk by white beatniks.  Now we have white “rappers” who are clearly advanced in such proficiencies.

In 2010, “woke” meant to suggest romantic infidelity.  Within a few years, the expression morphed into meaning an awareness of (mostly) racial discrimination — in both cases popularized in musical verse.  Following the police shooting death of Michael Brown in 2014, activists associated with “Black Lives Matter” seized the “woke” expression as their standard.  Since then, the term has become a familiar refrain on “black Twitter” (which, presumably, no well-educated person can read).  It was spoken so often that brainless white kids began using it and applying it to their own meaningless lives.

Now we have “Woke Vote” and numerous “hashtag” applications.  It is perhaps interesting to note that blacks positively hate the fact that white teenagers have stolen their favorite gutter word as their own standard, even though 99.9% of these kids have no idea what it means.

Speaking of clueless, the more recently, leftist politicians have seized the word to describe their anti-Trump/anti-White/anti-Christian/anti-Conservative positions on nearly everything.  For example, on the political left, being “woke” means accepting the argument that the United States was never a true democracy, that there is nothing exceptional about the American Republic, and that the United States deserved the attack on 9/11.

Well, of course, it’s true that the United States has never been a true democracy; it’s a Republic.  But who among us, with two or more functioning brain cells, doesn’t know that?  Here’s something else that’s true: there’s nothing exceptional about that part of our society that raises gutter language and behavior as their standard — but that’s the terminus of progressive attitudes, policies, and programs.

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English Touring Opera sacks half its members citing ‘increased diversity’

Even the World’s Socialist Web site WSWS.ORG finds the effort to create diversity by not renewing contracts for at least half the musicians of the English Touring Opera a bridge too far. Many who have been with the orchestra for over 20 years. Don’t think this mass hysteria for inclusion and diversity in the arts is only across the pond. Starting in 2024 the film industry here will cave and mandate those with “cognitive disability and deaf” be included if the film wants to be considered as an Oscar nominee. NBC-Comcast has already bitten the bullet.  But first:

The English Touring Opera (ETO) has cited “diversity” to justify not renewing the contracts of 13 musicians, nearly half its orchestra. Though employed on rolling freelance contracts, many of the players had been with ETO for 20 years or more.

The players have made a long contribution to the excellence of the ETO orchestra. As their playing was already known, they were not expected to audition at a recent call for new players. But this now suggests a longstanding intention to remove them, and to replace them based on racial or gender-based criteria.

This divisive move dismisses the qualities of the musicians involved and attacks the very basis of artistic accomplishment. Such “quota-filling” positive discrimination does nothing to address the historically determined divisions that stem from the very foundations of an unequal, class society, but serves only to fuel the racial divisions it claims to oppose.

It is a gift to racists and the right-wing.

Interesting that they find the effort to destroy the orchestra a gift to racists. Could it be that it’s just the wrong thing to do?

Royal Opera House“Royal Opera House” by Wootang01 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Classic FM:

English Touring Opera (ETO) has dropped half of its orchestral players in a push for diversity.

At least 14 musicians have been told they will not be booked for the 2022 ETO tour, many of them long-running members of the orchestra.

The ETO has attributed the changes to prioritising “increased diversity in the orchestra,” something that’s in line with “firm guidance of the Arts Council.”

“There has been an understandable outcry from Musicians Union members in response to this news today,” the Musicians Union (MU) wrote in a statement.“

“It comes at an especially devastating time for the freelance community, and musicians in general, with so many struggling with little work and income during the COVID-19 crisis.”

“We did not instruct the English Touring Opera to send this letter,” the Arts Council has said. “We are now in conversation with ETO to ensure no funding criteria have been breached.”

The ETO announced hiring 12 new artists in the freelance orchestra for the spring 2022 tour on Friday.

Here on our side of the pond, things are not that much better in the film industry. A refresher from an earlier post:

Oscars new requirements for ‘Best Picture’ – includes cognitive disability, deaf

The diversity and inclusion initiative has been a heavy focus for the Oscars the past few years, shown by the expansive membership initiative. Today, as part of the Academy Aperture 2025 initiative, AMPAS announced new representation and inclusion standards in order to be eligible in the best picture category.

For the 94th and 95th Oscars ceremonies, scheduled for 2022 and 2023, a film will submit a confidential Academy Inclusion Standards form to be considered for best picture. Beginning in 2024, for the 96th Oscars, a film submitting for best picture will need to meet the inclusion thresholds by meeting two of the four standards.

At least two of the following creative leadership positions and department heads — Casting Director, Cinematographer, Composer, Costume Designer, Director, Editor, Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, Producer, Production Designer, Set Decorator, Sound, VFX Supervisor, Writer — are from the following underrepresented groups:

• Women
• Racial or ethnic group
• People with cognitive or physical disabilities, or who are deaf or hard of hearing

At least one of those positions must belong to the following underrepresented racial or ethnic group:

• Asian
• Hispanic/Latinx
• Black/African American
• Indigenous/Native American/Alaskan Native
• Middle Eastern/North African
• Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
• Other underrepresented race or ethnicity

B2. Other key roles

At least six other crew/team and technical positions (excluding Production Assistants) are from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group. These positions include but are not limited to First AD, Gaffer, Script Supervisor, etc.

B3. Overall crew composition

At least 30% of the film’s crew is from the following underrepresented groups:

• Women
• Racial or ethnic group
• People with cognitive or physical disabilities, or who are deaf or hard of hearing

More at Variety

And this is how America’s wonderful film industry turned into mediocrity in the name of inclusion.

Let’s step back in time, oh say around 2011. I’ll throw out some highlights.

Slowly, we are learning more about the merger of Comcast and NBC. Not that NBC could carry George Soros’s water any more than they do, but it is stunning that there is no shame.

The pending merger between NBC Universal and Comcast appears to have received Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski’s support because of the companies’ recent promises to the NAACP, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, the National Urban League and several Hispanic and Asian civil rights organizations. The two media giants promised more “diversity” in new and existing programming, and in all levels of the company and they promised more minority characters in existing television programs and more new programs targeted at the specific racial minorities.

To get the civil rights groups on board with their merger, NBC Universal and Comcast worked out several Memorandums of Understanding, or written agreements, with the different groups, dividing them by race. The separate agreements included an Asian American Memorandum of Understanding, an African American Memorandum of Understanding and a Hispanic American Memorandum of Understanding.

Under the terms of the FCC order approving Comcast’s takeover of NBCU, at least half of NBC’s 10 O&Os have to find a nonprofit news center with which to work within the next year. The order cites the KNSD-VoiceOfSanDiego.org alliance as the model for what it would like to see in other NBC markets.

Proponents of the growing nonprofit news movement are hoping that NBC’s FCC-mandated efforts will bear fruit and encourage other commercial TV stations to seek out nonprofit partners.

There’s just one problem with this: Voice of San Diego is a member of INN (Investigative News Network) which is funded by the Open Society Institute, the URL of which is “www.soros.org.” Yes, these “non-profit” journalism centers are funded by George Soros.

The media giants also agreed to allow black leaders to have influence over NBC’s news programming. In addition to programming “diversity,” the Comcast and NBC Universal Memorandums of Understanding with different race-specific civil rights groups promise “diversity” in company employment, in supplier and vendor procurement and in “philanthropy and community investment.

From earlier posts:

Bag Man Biden’s first campaign stop at Comcast – collecting on merger of NBC?

NBC-Comcast cave to FCC Diversity

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Not our History: The National Archives Moves To “Reimagine” The Founding

A little noticed federal task force has big plans for the National Archives. “Reimagining” can include the Capitol Rotunda. If we thought taking out some statutes and renaming streets and schools, your imagination isn’t grand enough. Warnings on our founding documents are now in place. Time to move on to structural issues.

Jonathan Turley gives us the low down and a good read:

We are living in the age of reimagination. We are not reducing police, we are “reimagining policing” … not “packing” the Supreme Court but “reimagining justice” … not embracing media bias but “reimagining journalism” … not embracing censorship but “reimagining free speech.”

Conversely, the lack of such imagination can be a career-ending flaw. As a result, many remain silent rather than question the need for the revisions that come with “reimagination.”

That dilemma was evident as a federal task force recently issued a call to “reimagine history” at the National Archives, including adding warnings to protect unsuspecting visitors before they read our founding documents. We are reimagining ourselves out of the very founding concepts that once defined us. Reimagining the founding documents comes at a time when many are calling to “reimagine the First Amendment” and other constitutional guarantees.

National Archivist David Ferriero created a racism task force for the National Archives after last summer’s protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Such task forces are created with the expectation that they will find problems, and — once recommendations are made — objecting to “anti-racist” reforms can easily be misconstrued as being insensitive or even racist.

For example, for many of us, the National Archives’ Rotunda – containing the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – is a moving, reverential place celebrating common articles of constitutional faith. That is not what the task force members saw.

Instead, they declared that the iconic Rotunda is one of three examples of structural racism: “a Rotunda in our flagship building that lauds wealthy White men in the nation’s founding while marginalizing BIPOC, women, and other communities.” They called for “reimagining” the space to be more inclusive, including possible dance and performance art. Even the famous murals in the Rotunda might have to go: The task force noted that some view the murals as “an homage to White America.”

The report objected to the laudatory attention given white Framers and Founders, particularly figures like Thomas Jefferson. It encouraged the placement of “trigger warnings” to “forewarn audiences of content that may cause intense physiological and psychological symptoms.”

Keep reading

Maybe something like this in the Rotunda? Back in the waning halcyon days of Obama

Drag Queen Shi-Queeta Lee live streams performance at the White House

Local D.C. drag queen Shi-Queeta Lee was invited to perform and mother served the kids some Tina Turner tease, performing (and dropping into a split for) “Proud Mary.” Shi-Queeta may have been the first drag queen to perform at The White House, though honestly, who knows what J. Edgar Hoover was doing on the weekends.

The briefing was live-streamed on whitehouse.gov, but in case you missed it, Ms. Lee shared the video of her performance for the world to enjoy and kick a leg up to


We already have moved on Statuary Hall

The Capitol’s Statuary Hall has Johnny Cash moving in. Replacing Confederate Statute

In another politically correct move, Statuary Hall located  in the Capitol will be having a new look. No doubt in a move to highlight the cultural phenomenon that changed Arkansas. Out go supposedly Confederate Statute fellows replaced with musician types. Johnny Cash is coming to Statuary Hall

Johnny Cash? Really?

National Statuary Hall

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Will Biden next fine companies for obese employees via OSHA?



The Biden administration is demanding the federal workforce(except postal workers) be vaccinated . Can Biden via OHSA fine companies for having obese people? No end to this when we go down this road.




Knives and Scissors removed from shelves in NZ after attack

Which is the bigger story? New Zealand’s “loose immigration enforcement” or having their citizens eating and preparing meals with a plastic knife? How about locking down your people over COVID? Take your pick. While we concern ourselves with protecting our second amendment, we would be wise keeping our eye on what the Aussies and New Zealanders are doing. The left is in full bloom. It could come to a town near us.

Eating Lunch at T.G.I.Friday's in ATL Airport - Using Plastic Knife“Eating Lunch at T.G.I.Friday’s in ATL Airport – Using Plastic Knife” by Old Shoe Woman is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Knives and scissors have been removed from supermarket shelves in New Zealand after a recent stabbing attack. Supermarket chain Countdown said on Saturday, a partial “knife control” would be in effect for several weeks to prevent stabbing attacks going forward.

This decision came after a Sri Lankan national injured six people at a Countdown location in Auckland last Friday. Authorities said the attacker was inspired by the Islamic State to carry out the attack.

The left-wing cabinet of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has admitted loose immigration enforcement allowed the attacker to live in New Zealand.

Jacinda Ardern“Jacinda Ardern” by appaIoosa is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

More at OAN

New York Times:

The police in New Zealand are establishing checkpoints south of Auckland, the country’s largest city, to prevent people from moving illegally between regions with different levels of virus restrictions.

“The checkpoints on the outskirts of Auckland will be stopping vehicles and questioning drivers, ensuring there is no nonessential movement through the region,” said Andrew Coster, the country’s police commissioner, in a statement.


New York Post:

Australia’s insane COVID rules are a warning to the rest of the Free World

Lockdowns have cut a swathe through the norms and conventions of an advanced Western democracy, from the suspension of a state-level parliament, to the banning of protests, to military enforcement of the COVID rules.

Australian authorities don’t fool around. State premiers have vast powers, and use them. In Melbourne, located in the state of Victoria, a curfew is in place, and limits apply to people leaving their homes. There are hefty fines for non-compliance.

The state of South Australia has developed an app to enforce home quarantines. As a news report explains, “The app will contact people at random asking them to provide proof of their location within 15 minutes.” If they fail to do so, the health department will notify the police, who will send officers to check on the malefactor.

Unrestricted travel is a hallmark of a free society, but Australians can barely leave the country. Travel has been cut off between states, creating an arbitrary patchwork of states trying to isolate themselves from COVID cases elsewhere.

Tens of thousands of Australians have been trapped overseas, unable to come back home because of monthly limits on how many people can return.

My thoughts:

I am of a certain age when as kids there were no vaccines for measles, mumps, chicken pox. We became sick, got well and when well went back to school. We went to school through the 1957 flu epidemic. No school was shut down, we simply soldiered on. Yes some kids did have adverse and lasting effects from the diseases. But the proportion was small, and the good of the whole outweighed the enormous cost of massively restructuring our society. There was not one thought of it.

Am I an anti vacciner? Not particularly. Though it needs to be a choice for parents in my mind. Especially the COVID vaccine. There is a reason that it usually takes almost a decade for approvals. The clinical trials participants have kids, years go by and is needed to determine the safety of a medication or vaccine. If one is at risk and at a certain age group it makes sense to me to have the Covid vaccine. All vaccines and medications have risk. Risk versus reward. That is how the game of life is played.

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Comedy? “Gen Z Intern” to the White House


I have lost my sense of humor. Comedy? Comedian Benny brings us a laugh a-rama to the White House. Really? Where is the consideration for the people’s House? I recall when visits to the White House were respectful. I did the usual tourist thing back in the day and did the tour. It was an honor. Appealing to the lowest common denominator. How about this administration getting a gripe. What’s with Vogue anyway?



…..Another of Benny’s iconic roles is Kooper, a “Gen Z intern” who brings both enthusiasm and chaos to every job he takes on—and Vogue got an inside look at Kooper’s latest gig: serving as an intern at the White House.

Clad in a Thom Browne seersucker shorts suit, Kooper storms the White House to make some calls, deliver some coffee, and, of course, create some content. (“Is Olivia Rodrigo still here?” he asks as his day in the West Wing begins.) After popping in to say a quick “Hey” to POTUS, Kooper goes on to assist White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki with a variety of tasks, including booking a nail appointment—not that she’d asked for one. “It’s called initiative,” he says.

Together, Kooper and Psaki also discuss the importance of getting vaccinated. “We need to get shots in the arms of every single American,” Kooper urges on one important call, his feet up on his desk. “Now, I’m heading to a haircut.” He gets an A for effort. 

Joe Biden’s White House: How far we’ve fallen.

Benito Skinner, a comedian and impersonator, plays the role of an effeminate “Gen-Z” intern named Kooper who lands a gig at the White House, and of course vaccines are front and center.



Teen Vogue Pushes Kids To Join The Democratic Socialists of America…



Via Newsbusters:

The indoctrination of our youth begins with media sites like Teen Voguethat are now publishing articles with the purpose of encouraging young adults to become part of Democratic Socialists of America. The organization name is an oxymoron in itself but the morons who are pushing this don’t care about the consequences that come from a radicalized nation. According to this new article, “there is no future under capitalism” and it is “a system of profit and exploitation.”

It sounds absolutely ridiculous to those who have studied the history of socialism and how it quickly morphs into communist dictatorship and fascism. The truth is that Generation Z has grown up in a time of peace for the United States and are the most prosperous and privileged people in the world because of capitalism. The GDP per capita for the largest economies in the world quickly reveals the superiority of capitalism in promoting wealth for all citizens.

The author of this Teen Vogue article, Calla Walsh, wrote, “As the youngest delegate at this week’s Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) National Convention, I urge members of my generation to mobilize toward building a socialist future.”

Keep reading…


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The Great California Bacon Crisis – thank the voters

California will suffer a shortage of bacon and other pork cuts, with significantly higher prices. Thank the voters of California for voting “yes” to prop 12 for mandating hogs get bigger digs. Not only pork raised in California are involved but the sale of any pork sold that is raised in or outside the State are included. The courts have upheld the proposition.

The minimum space for sows is 24 sq. ft. In Iowa and other hog-producing states, breeding sows are typically kept in gestation crates of about 14 sq. ft.


Larry Elder thinks he is going to become Governor, be successful in bringing about change, dealing with the inability of the electorate to see any cause and effect? I say let California do without the piggies. Why should other states be impacted by the requirements of California. They impacted the price of our cars, enough with our food supply,


California Proposition 12, the Farm Animal Confinement Initiative, was on the ballot in California as an initiated state statute on November 6, 2018.[1] The measure was approved.

yes vote supported this initiative to:

  • establish minimum space requirements based on square feet for calves raised for veal, breeding pigs, and egg-laying hens and
  • ban the sale of (a) veal from calves, (b) pork from breeding pigs, and (c) eggs from hens when the animals are confined to areas below minimum square-feet requirements.
no vote opposed this initiative, thus:

  • keeping in place minimum space requirements based on animal movement—not square feet—for calves raised for veal, breeding pigs, and egg-laying hens and
  • continuing to ban the sale of shelled eggs from hens—but not liquid eggs from hens, veal from calves, or pork from breeding pigs—that are confined to areas not meeting space requirements based on animal movement standards.

Fiscal impact

Note: The fiscal impact statement for a California ballot initiative authorized for circulation is prepared by the state’s legislative analyst and director of finance.

The fiscal impact statement was as follows:[23]

Potential decrease in state and local tax revenues from farm businesses, likely not to exceed the low millions of dollars annually. Potential state costs ranging up to ten million dollars annually to enforce the measure.[24]

Due to a number of restrictions in the state, nearly all of the hog producers moved out of California despite the high demand for pork products.

“California is by far the largest state in the country, representing 13% of the U.S. population and about 15% of the domestic pork market,” said Michael Formica, assistant vice president and general counsel for the National Pork Producers Council. “It takes 750,000 sows to supply the California market yet only 1,500 sows are housed in the state. Most of the pork consumed in California is produced in other states.”

With the approval of Proposition 12 in November of 2018, California voters approved a ballot measure changing production standards again, this time not just for the few remaining sow operations in the state, but for pork sold in the state. The proposition prohibits the sale of any uncooked pork in the state not meeting the new set of production standards spelled out in Proposition 12, whether raised there or outside its borders. With a compliance deadline of Jan. 1, 2022, less than 1% of U.S. pork production currently meets Proposition 12 requirements.

“The most important thing to know about Prop 12 is the residents of California were asked a simple question: ‘Do you think farm animals should be protected from cruel treatment?’” Formica said. “That is a yes or no question and, of course, everyone said, ‘Yes, animals shouldn’t be treat cruelly. We agree!’ Unfortunately, California voters were misled by this question, one that failed to provide context for the high standards of animal care followed by U.S. pork producers.

Read more

The consensus from the media?

“Eventually though, those same analysts predict the California standard could become the norm, simply by the fact that the industry can’t afford to ignore the market demand from the state.”

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California Gives Female Inmates Condoms, Offers Abortion After State Forces Them To Stay With Transgenders

The California prison system is now taking on its first wave of those prisoners that are requesting transfers into women’s prisons. There are three hundred waiting to transfer since January when the bill became law. Twenty have been processed so far. No one has been turned down. 1237 now claim as being transgendered. Women’s prisons are known to be an easier place to do your time, so no doubt just the beginning of co-ed prisons. Violent males, rapists all are welcome to apply.


There are no exceptions in the bill to make sure that men who have committed violent or sexual crimes against women are not placed in prison with women. Once transgender inmates are housed and classified by gender identity as opposed to biological sex, crimes they commit in prison are cataloged with the stats of the opposite sex. This will make it impossible to track how many male-to-female transgender inmates abuse their male-bodied privilege and assault, harass, or attack female prisoners. In practical terms, this would both skew the violent crime stats and make it that much harder for women inmates to differentiate their male attackers from the rest of the prison population.

Statistically, men commit the majority of crimes against women. The World Health Organization estimates that 35 percent of women internationally have experienced sexual violence, most of it at the hands of intimate partners, and 38 percent of the murders of women are committed by male intimate partners. Women in prison who have perpetrated crimes have, in many cases, also been the victims of crimes. As they serve their debt to society, they should not be further victimized.

Here we go:

2013/01/26 Rally at Chowchilla Valley State Prison for Women

As The Daily Wire reported last September, inmates in California are now housed according to their self-proclaimed gender identity. SB 132 — signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) — states that prison officers must privately ask inmates in the intake process if they identify as transgender, nonbinary, or intersex. Inmates can then request a move to the facility that houses other inmates in line with their preferred identity.

The Women’s Liberation Front — a left-wing feminist organization that opposes gender identity legislation due to its negative effects upon women and children — revealed that corrections facilities are now offering contraceptives as a result of the policy:

Women incarcerated in California’s largest women’s prison are describing the conditions as “a nightmare’s worst nightmare” after the introduction of new pregnancy resources in the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) medical clinics. The new resources are a tacit admission by officials that women should expect to be raped when housed in prison with men, where all sex is considered non-consensual by default within the system. 

New posters recently appeared in medical rooms outlining the options available to “pregnant people” in prison, including prenatal care, abortion, and adoption. The poster also declares that women have the right to “contraceptive counseling and your choice of birth control methods by a licensed health care provider within 60-180 days prior to scheduled release date.” However, the only methods available to incarcerated women to prevent pregnancy are condoms, which appeared shortly after the men, and Plan B emergency contraceptives.

Women’s prisons across the state appear to be making final preparations such as these for a massive wave of transfers after nearly 300 requests were initiated following SB 132 going into effect in January of this year. So far, only about 20 of the transfers have been processed (and exactly zero transfer requests have been denied) — leaving hundreds of men, many of whom are sex offenders, awaiting entry into the women’s estate.

As more men arrive at the women’s facilities, the crisis will only worsen. In just six months since the enactment of SB 132, the number of incarcerated people self-identifying as trans or non-binary (thus becoming eligible to request a facility transfer) has increased from 1,088 to 1,237. The nearly 300 pending transfers are only the beginning of the invasion of women’s prisons by violent male inmates, including convicted murderers and rapists.

“You might as well declare the prison is co-ed and ship us off to Pelican Bay!” one devastated woman currently incarcerated in CCWF said.

More at Daily Wire


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Josef Mengele in the form of S. Matthew Liao: Human Engineering – Making Humans Smaller to fight Climate Change

Could We Make Humans Smaller Than Cats? Tucker Carlson covered climate change last night. It turned out to be a report with our very own Josef Mengele dressed in the cloak of a “world renown” bioethicist by the name of S. Matthew Liao.  Human Engineering is the new buzz word. If we can’t alter the earth’s changing climate in time to save us, then the better mitigation is to simply change humans. Liao spoke at the World Science Festival on June 4 2016. I include a portion of it. The full thing is out there for now on YouTube.

One thing we have learned with Covid and labs. There are a whole lot of labs fooling around with Mother Nature. To even propose these ideas of changing the size of humans, altering our genomes so we cannot eat meat, should chill us to the core. Tucker later on had physicist Koonin on to challenge the notion of the dooms day scenario of Liao. I picked up a composite clip of him and offer it today.

The latest science suggests that it is too late to prevent human-induced climate change. Technological optimists are now turning their minds to mitigation through techniques of geo-engineering, like giant space mirrors or seeding the oceans with iron to prompt carbon-absorbing algal blooms. But projects to alter the entire planet will expose all life to massive risk.

So, why not address the source of the problem and engineer humans to reduce our environmental impact and adapt? Genetic engineering could make us smaller or reduce our appetite for meat. Doses of Oxytocin could make us more sympathetic and cooperative. Such possibilities are criticised as extreme, but are they any more so than re-engineering the planet?

S. Matthew Liao is a professor of philosophy at New York Universtiy.

Genetic engineering could help solve many of the major problems of the 21st century, from eliminating certain diseases to growing more nutritious crops. At the 2016 World Science Festival, bioethicist S. Matthew Liao discussed how it could even help reduce humanity’s footprint on the planet, by making some surprising changes to the human body.

What is not spoken out loud on tape but no doubt talked about behind closed doors is the elimination of some humans totally. Why stop with just small people? We have already been through this with Margaret Sanger.

Interviewed on the Sunrise Weekend morning show, NYU Professor Matthew Liao promotes hormone treatments on children ‘when they’re small’ to close their ‘growth plates’ and thus stunt child growth. Professor Liao says this helps fight climate change since ‘larger people consume more energy than smaller people.’ Weekend Sunrise Australia

Physicist Steve Koonin Challenges Unsettled Climate Change Alarmism

It’s refreshing to get a non-hysterical perspective from a reputable source for a change instead of the babble the media and its political cohorts churn out. There are several interviews with him included. The first one is Tucker Carlson.

The best of the swamp today.

Minn City Council Candidate Encourages Rioters to Burn Down Wealthy Neighborhoods


Looks like the Minneapolis City Council is looking for a few good Marxists to join their radical group. First a candidate to round out this group and then we will visit a couple of the members.

A Minneapolis City Council candidate publicly encouraged Black Lives Matter rioters who “feel like burning sh-t down” to target wealthy communities instead of poor ones.

Margarita “Rita” Ortega


Police are now investigating her for making a “credible threat,” according to reports. Margarita “Rita” Ortega wrote on her personal Facebook page that “the poor community is not your oppressors” and claimed that the wealthy community of Lake of the Isles has “more then [sic] needed.”

So let’s wander over to the Council and meet a couple of the members.

The Minneapolis City Council is the legislative branch of the City of Minneapolis. It consists of 13 members, elected from separate wards to four-year terms. The Council is dominated by members of the DFL (the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party), with a total of 12 members. The Green Party of Minnesota has one member, Cam Gordon.


First a couple of the transgendered members.

Phillipe Cunningham (born July 7, 1987) is the city councilperson for Minneapolis Ward 4 and one of the first openly transgender men to be elected to public office in the United States.[2][3][4] In the Minneapolis City Council election, 2017, Cunningham won over 20-year incumbent Barb Johnson by 157 votes.[5][6] Cunningham identifies as black, queer, and transgender.[7]

Early life and education

Cunningham was born in Streator, Illinois, where he lived until he was 18.[8] His father worked as a unionized tractor mechanic/builder for more than forty years, while his mother was a dry cleaner employee; he is their only child.[9] He studied at Mills College and Southern Illinois University Carbondale before transferring to DePaul University,[8] where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese studies.[10] He transitioned during his junior year at DePaul,[8] inspired by the life and work of Lou Sullivan.[11]


Prior to his election to public office, Cunningham worked as a special education teacher in the South Side of Chicago[5] and for the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. He also worked as Senior Policy Aide and Advisor for Education, Youth Success, Racial Equity, and LGBTQ Rights for the Office of the Mayor of Minneapolis.[10]

On July 10, 2015, when same-sex marriage was legalized, Cunningham married Lane Cunningham, who is an IT professional at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities .[12] They met at the Victory 44, a popular restaurant until its closing in 2017.[13]

Here he is out on the “stump.”


Andrea Jenkins (born 1961) is an American policy aide, politician, writer, performance artist, poet, and transgender activist. She is known for being the first black openly transgender woman elected to public office in the United States,[1] serving since January 2018 on the Minneapolis City Council.

Personal life

Jenkins is a performance artist, poet, and writer who identifies as bisexual and queer.[18][19] She is a grandmother. Her own mother now lives in Ward 8. She has a partner of eight years. Jenkins was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in 2018.[20]

She has participated in the Trans Lives Matter movement and chaired the board of Intermedia Arts.[3] In 2015, Jenkins was grand marshal of the Twin Cities Pride Parade.[18] Jenkins has cited Barack ObamaHarold Washington, the Black Panther PartyJeremiah Wright, and Jesse Jackson as having influenced her to be involved with politics.[21]

Jenkins moved to Minnesota to attend the University of Minnesota in 1979 and was hired by the Hennepin County government, where she worked for a decade. Jenkins worked as a staff member on the Minneapolis City Council for 12 years before beginning work as curator of the Transgender Oral History Project at the University of Minnesota‘s Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies.

Born in 1961, Andrea Jenkins was raised in North Lawndale, Chicago.[2][3] She has said she grew up in “a low-income, working-class community” and “lived in some pretty rough places.” She was raised by a single mother, Shirley Green, who was “very loving and very much concerned that we get a good education.”[4]

When she was young and still presenting as male, she participated in the Cub Scouts and played football at Robert Lindblom Math & Science Academy before moving to Minneapolis in 1979 to attend the University of Minnesota.[2][3][5]

In her 20s, Jenkins came out as gay, married a woman, became a parent, and divorced.[5] At 30, she began to outwardly present as female and returned to college to finish her bachelor’s degree from Metropolitan State University, which she followed by earning two master’s degrees–an MFA in creative writing from Hamline University and an MS in community economic development from Southern New Hampshire University.[2][5][6] During which, Jenkins worked as a vocational counselor for the Hennepin County government.[5]


Jenkins worked for a decade as a vocational counselor with Hennepin County.[2][5] In 2001, Robert Lilligren, who was running for a seat on the Minneapolis City Council, asked Jenkins to be a part of his campaign.[5] After his election, Jenkins joined Lilligren’s staff where she worked as an aide for four years.[7]



Abdi Warsame – no doubt on his way to Congress.

Abdi Warsame (SomaliCabdi WarsameArabic: عبدي وارسام‎) (born 1978) is a Somali-American politician in Minnesota’s Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party. After moving to London as an asylum-seeker, he immigrated to Minnesota in 2006. In November 2013, he was elected to the Minneapolis City Council, becoming the first Somali official to be elected to the position.[1] Warsame was reelected for a second term in 2017. Some information indicates he resigned in March of 2020 to take a position in Housing however he is listed as voting later in the year,

Early life and education

Warsame was born on March 5, 1978 in MogadishuSomalia.[1][2] In the late-1980s, and his family sought asylum in London.[1] Warsame earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the Middlesex University. He also holds a master’s degree in International Business from the University of Greenwich.[3] In 2006, Warsame immigrated to Minneapolis, Minnesota.[3]

Warsame first entered politics in 2011, while working on Mohamud Noor‘s campaign for a state Senate seat on a DFL ticket.[1]

Warsame was the founder and spokesperson for the Citizen’s Committee for Fair Redistricting, which took part in the Minneapolis redistricting process. The group lobbied the Minneapolis Charter Commission to redraw the municipality’s political districts so as to maximize the East African community’s vote.[1] The commission concurred and established a number of new precincts in Ward 6.[4][5]

2013 Election

Warsame ran in the 2013 Minneapolis municipal elections to represent Ward 6 on the Minneapolis City Council.[1]

Somali-American professionals contributed significantly to Warsame’s election campaign. 

Personal life

Warsame is married and has four children.[3] He is a resident of the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, which is home to the largest concentration of Somalis outside of East Africa.[1]

Move the clip to 2:15 to miss the Somali talk.


So much for the swamp today. More on the other members later.








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