Sunday Respite – Monster Fish with fangs

We have more interest in outer space then that which is lies beneath our ocean. This one caught my attention. Note the fangs. For more, after the clip finishes, click on the clip to the right for even more amazing scenes of what lies in our oceans. Enjoy.

A rare video of a living fangtooth fish of the Anoplogastridae family of deep sea fish. Their teeth are the biggest (in proportion to their body) of any animal. This one was trawled from 600 metres off San Clemente Island, California. Notice too the massive lateral line along the back, which is a very sensitive detector of water movement in the dark world where they live.

It’s 1968 again – a look back at the Democratic Convention

Fox news reports that the Democrats are working on more rules to control the angry mobs – er, those who are feeling the Bern. Meanwhile Philadelphia is ramping up to give lots of space to the Bernie folks convention time. The clip visits some of the old wounds back in 1968 that cost the Democrats the election. Here we go:

Philadelphia has approved four demonstration permits in support of Sen. Bernie Sanders at the July Democratic National Convention — including a large rally planned near the convention’s epicenter.

One of the permits is for an event consisting of four days of all-day rallies at FDR Park in support of Mr. Sanders. The city said it expects 30,000 participants, and organizers said in an interview they hope turnout will be much higher.

The park is adjacent to the Wells Fargo Center, where many of the Democratic National Convention events will be held — raising the possibility of a large demonstration in support of Mr. Sanders just steps away from where delegates will officially select the Democratic nominee. A growing number of Democrats are concerned the conventioncould turn out to be divisive and disorderly due to activities planned by Sanders supporters.

The city has also granted permits to three smaller demonstrations at Thomas Paine Plaza, a few miles from the Wells Fargo Center. The city says it expects 2,000 to 3,000 participants at those events.

More at WSJ


Charlotte Observer: ‘Girls must get use to seeing male genitalia’

Where to even start on this one. And boys? They should get use to seeing little girls in the nude? Oh I think they will do just fine. Especially all of our new “refugees” – many can’t control their base instincts. So any boy on a given day can claim he is transgendered and gain access to not just girls, but adult locker rooms as well. Here we are, welcome to the end days of Rome.

A leading North Carolina newspaper issued an editorial last week telling girls to attempt “overcoming discomfort” at the sight of “male genitalia,” should transgender bathroom laws be enacted.

In a defense of President Obama’s order compelling schools to allow access to restrooms on the basis of gender identity, the Charlotte Observer editorial board compared the discomfort of school-aged girls seeing male genitalia in locker rooms to the discomfort of white people being around black people in post-segregation America.

“This is what the Obama administration nudged the rest of the country toward Friday,” the editorial said. “Yes, the thought of male genitalia in girls’ locker rooms — and vice versa — might be distressing to some. But the battle for equality has always been in part about overcoming discomfort — with blacks sharing facilities, with gays sharing marriage — then realizing it was not nearly so awful as some people imagined.”

While admitting that exposure to male genitalia is a possible outcome of transgender bathroom laws, the editorial said the notion that such laws constitute a threat to the privacy and safety of women and children is a “political fiction” pushed by Republicans.

More at Washington Times

Senate GOP approves Judge nominee opposed by 20,000 police

This is why we are getting rid of the GOP and why we have so much contempt for those who rattle around in the halls of Congress. They care not one wit. This anti-cop judge who is knee deep in the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore will have a lifetime appointment. This is the contempt message we send to our police officers. Each Senator’s vote can be found at the bottom of the post’s link. Just for the record, here is Freddie Grays fine curriculum vitae  Here  of his life of crime. Just the highlights no doubt.

The Senate confirmed Paula Xinis for a federal judgeship in Maryland by a vote of 53-34, over the protests of major state police unions and outside conservative groups.

The president of Maryland’s Fraternal Order of Police, Ismael Canales, wrote to Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., urging him and fellow senators to oppose the nomination on behalf of “over 20,000 active and retired law enforcement professionals.”

“Based on prior and recent experiences,” Canales wrote, “Ms. Xinis has shown a clear bias [against] law enforcement which began in her position as a complaint examiner … and culminated with her involvement in the civil suit surrounding the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore.”

In her capacity as a complaint examiner for the District of Columbia’s Office of Police Complaints, Xinis ruled against the accused officer in all six cases that came before her.

That record was interpreted as “obvious disdain for the law enforcement profession” in a letter written to each member of the Senate by Baltimore’s local Fraternal Order of Police.

Xinis, a partner and senior trial attorney at the Baltimore law firm representing the family of Freddie Gray, will serve in what is in effect a lifetime position on the U.S. District Court of Maryland. Gray died in police custody and trials are ongoing for the six officers involved in his arrest.

Monday’s vote to confirm President Barack Obama’s nomination of Xinis, 47, was by a relatively tight margin. If three more senators had voted against her, the nomination would have failed.

The 10 GOP senators who did not vote were: Tom Cotton, Ark.; Ted Cruz, Texas; Michael Enzi, Wyo.; Jeff Flake, Ariz.; Ron Johnson, Wis.; Jerry Moran, Kan.; Pat Roberts, Kan.; Dan Sullivan, Alaska; Pat Toomey, Pa.; and David Vitter, La.

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 114th Congress – 2nd Session

as compiled through Senate LIS by the Senate Bill Clerk under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate

Vote Summary

Question: On the Nomination (Confirmation Paula Xinis, of Maryland, to be U.S. District Judge )
Vote Number: 72 Vote Date: May 16, 2016, 05:30 PM
Required For Majority: 1/2 Vote Result: Nomination Confirmed
Nomination Number: PN327
Nomination Description: Paula Xinis, of Maryland, to be United States District Judge for the District of Maryland
Vote Counts: YEAs 53
NAYs 34
Not Voting 13

Vote Summary

By Senator Name

By Vote Position

By Home State

More at the Daily Signal

Obama spending millions for summer jobs – for refugees

So much for Obama concerned with America and our kids.

Obama spending millions to find summer jobs — for refugees

“The New Americans Career Pathways project will provide in-school youth with summer jobs and academic support for 400 students in the refugee populations of Utica, NY,” according to a White House Fact Sheet. “The students will receive summer job work experience and academic tutoring in English and Math, and support in finding part-time jobs.”

Other projects include “employment-related services” for Native American youth in California, Illinois and Iowa; to “create summer employment and year-round work experiences for 1,000 disconnected youth and underserved populations, including Latino and Arab-American youth” in Detroit; and inner-city jobs programs in Indianapolis, Philadelphia and other places.
Obama spending millions on summer jobs for refugees. Ignores millions citizens long-term unemployed 

Hillary Clinton – Red team, blue team, she’s sick of it!

Today I am about plum wore out with politics. But…. hold on. A little gem to show the the beast flailing away without the prompter.

WH says ‘Just putting up curtains’ in locker rooms will protect privacy in trans locker rooms

Little mentioned this weekend, as the Nation attempts to grapple with the latest edict spewing forth regarding bathroom access, was that this is not just limited to bathrooms. Even more intrusive is that this applies to locker rooms and showers as well. And why should it stop at just school age children? Let’s wreck our common sense norms at any cost. Here Josh Ernest with his best cavalier attitude.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters Friday that the administration issued specific suggestions along with its directive for public schools nationwide to allow students to use bathrooms and locker rooms according to their gender identity (rather than their biological sex) and that one suggestion is “just putting up curtains” in school locker rooms.

CNS News


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