Ohio law would require teen drivers to have CPR and First Aid

Yes, indeed, a sad story. It took EMS 6 minutes to reach the scene of the accident. Solution? Why we simply force everyone now to take classes in order to be able leap into the breech. Of course it is a great idea, but where do we end with these great ideas? For me, this is a precise example of how our government feels about us. We are merely cogs in the bureaucratic wheel that can be dictated to. Any thoughts about making this optional? When do these mandates end? When I googled this story, I was amazed how everyone concurred that this was a simple solution without regard to the impact on its subjects. How easily it now comes to pass these laws that require us to perform certain behaviors.

A Geauga County woman’s death could create new requirements for teens eager to get behind the wheel.

“A young neighbor man came into the culdesac too fast, he did not see her. He ran off into the grassy berm, he did not cover her and he did not do any CPR,” said the Jennifer’s mother, Peggy Halley.

According to Peggy, it took six minutes for paramedics to arrive. In the days after her daughter’s death, Peggy started writing letters to local lawmakers to see what changes could be made to driver’s license requirements.

Because of the tragedy, Republican State Representative Cheryl Grossman, of Grove City, decided to sponsor legislation which would require all teen drivers to learn CPR and first aid training. “Just one time you could affect the outcome in a positive way in a tragic accident or someone having a heart attack, it would be well worth it,” said Rep. Grossman.

The bill is being currently drafted and is expected to be introduced next month.

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Special plants for a Winter’s day

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