Sean Penn: A ‘Re-Born’ Haiti is An ‘Opportunity’ to ‘Return’ America’s ‘Dignity

How about being honest Sean. We are one of the most generous nations on earth. No, we do no need an opportunity to return to our dignity thank you very much. At your last interview I saw, you were proud of your Socialist parents. Fine, but there are other countries that need to step up, and you cannot expect to take all of my pie to fulfill your political ideals. Haiti needs to rid itself of its corruption. I use to give to Doctors without Borders, but I found out they have to pay a “steep fee” to gain access. Food is locked up in storage and will not be released unless a bribe. See, we live in a capitalistic society, I like it that way. I intend to keep it that way. So if you are not proud of our Country, that is just too bad.

When speaking in Washington about the status of re-building Haiti one year after its devastating earthquake, Academy award-winning actor Sean Penn said “a re-born Haiti will spark a new generation” of “American might through dignity.” Penn argues that America has an “opportunity” in Haiti to help “return” its “dignity not only internally but globally.”

According to the United Agency for International Development (USAID), theUnited States is the largest contributor of aid to Haiti since the 2010 earthquake, donating $712,727,890. This does not include the close to $1 Billion in Aid Americans have given via non-profits. The international community pledged $5.3 billion Wednesday forearthquake-shattered Haiti over the next two years,

Washington Post

So why did Bill Clinton and everyone else fail in Haiti? The reason is fairly simple.

There is no central authority there. The police are corrupt. There’s no army, and many politicians are thieves. In slums like City Soleil, neighborhoods are run by drug dealers, voodoo priests or common extortionists.

Say relief workers give food and clothing directly to Haitians in need. Odds are as soon as the relief person leaves, a thug will steal the charity from the poor person. Block by block in Haiti, gangsters rule, and the people are powerless to do anything about it. If you fight the criminals, you and your family will be brutalized.

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5 Myths about why the South seceded

So let me see if I have this straight: Low income people who want tax-cuts are the same as those who favored slavery. As if we have not been ginned up enough, the Washington Compost comes up with this gem. Let’s stoke up the Civil War and slavery. So we are poor knuckle draggers who must be saved from ourselves. Those devilish tax cuts of Bush, the left just cannot get over it.
Full story about the 5 myths – this one was enough for me: Washington Post:
“[T]wo ideological factors caused most Southern whites, including those who were not slave-owners, to defend slavery. First, Americans are wondrous optimists, looking to the upper class and expecting to join it someday. In 1860, many subsistence farmers aspired to become large slave-owners. So poor white Southerners supported slavery then, just as many low-income people support the extension of George W. Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy now.”

Time for the left to get off its high horse

There is a great article over at the National Review by Jay Nordlinger on the hypocrisy on the left. A review of all of the nasties that the left had to say regarding Bush, in case the left’s memory is drawing a blank. Here tis from:  National Review

One of the lines of Democrats is, “They mean and crazy, we nice and sane. Republicans are extreme and dangerous, and Democrats are good, well-meaning citizens.” I thought it might be timely to offer, or re-offer, a piece I did about a year and a half ago, called “All Wee-Weed Up: Protests on the right, hypocrisy on the left.” Go here, if you wish. The piece will remind you — if reminding you need — of the general stance of the Left during the eight years of Bush 43. I’m not talking about obnoxious rabble on the street — such rabble will always be with us. I’m talking about esteemed writers, artists, and officeholders.

Here was Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee: “I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for.” Plus, “This is a struggle of good and evil.” By “this,” Dean meant politics in general. “And we’re the good.” An editor of The New Republic wrote a piece called “The Case for Bush Hatred.” It began, “I hate President George W. Bush.”

Is Nazi stuff your concern? John Glenn said of Republican campaign rhetoric, “It’s the old Hitler business.” Al Gore said that the Bush administration was “unleash[ing] squadrons of digital brownshirts.” Julian Bond said of the Bushies, “Their idea of equal rights is the American flag and the Confederate swastika flying side by side.” Keith Ellison compared 9/11 to the Reichstag fire. Garrison Keillor called Republicans “brownshirts in pinstripes.”

Assassination? Allow me to excerpt a couple of paragraphs from my piece:

Even before Bush was elected president, the kill-Bush talk and imagery started. When Governor Bush was delivering his 2000 convention speech, Craig Kilborn, a CBS talk-show host, showed him on the screen with the words “SNIPERS WANTED.” Six years later, Bill Maher, the comedian-pundit, was having a conversation with John Kerry. He asked the senator what he had gotten his wife for her birthday. Kerry answered that he had taken her to Vermont. Maher said, “You could have went to New Hampshire and killed two birds with one stone.” (New Hampshire is an early primary state, of course.) Kerry said, “Or I could have gone to 1600 Pennsylvania and killed the real bird with one stone.” (This is the same Kerry who joked in 1988, “Somebody told me the other day that the Secret Service has orders that if George Bush is shot, they’re to shoot Quayle.”) Also in 2006, the New York comptroller, Alan Hevesi, spoke to graduating students at Queens College. He said that his fellow Democrat, Sen. Charles Schumer, would “put a bullet between the president’s eyes if he could get away with it.”

Rest here:   National Review

Paula Deen’s Recipe for English Peas

Chuckle Time:  for something on the lighter side. Don’t miss the Review Link at bottom!! Paula outdid herself on this recipe. For anyone else who finds Paula particularly annoying, this should hit the spot.


Cook Time: 5 min  Level: Easy   Yield: 6 to 8 servings



  • 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
  • 2 cans (14 1/2-ounces) English peas, drained



Melt the butter in small pot and add the peas. Cook over medium heat until peas are warm.

For some hilarious Reviews scroll down at bit at: Food Network Reviews

Here is a sample:

I got super creative and heated the peas in the microwave. Yes!! It is possible!! And you can serve them with Rachel Ray’s Late Night Bacon for super delicious eatin’! Well, I didn’t actually have ENGLISH peas..I just had plain old American peas..Del Monte to be exact but the recipe works just fine. Oh, and I left out the butter..but still, excellent recipe!!

H/T The Agitator

Bill Ayers, communist provided Arizona shooter’s curriculum?

Here is a fascinating turn of events if true. WND is usually reliable, so we will see where this story takes us. The Progressives may be in for more than they figured when they started this witch hunt, though I doubt the left will cover this tidbit. It may tell us just as much about Obama and his early friends as we know about the shooter. Here tis:

Jared Lee Loughner, the suspected gunman in Saturday’s Arizona shooting, attended a high school that is part of a network in which teachers are trained and provided resources by a liberal group founded by Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers and funded by President Obama, WND has learned.

Mountain View was part of the Smaller Learning Communities throughout Loughner’s entire attendance there, from 9th grade until he withdrew without graduating before his senior year.Obama provided the group with funds in the 1990’s when he worked at an education reform group alongside Ayers.

In 1995, with Obama as its chairman, the newly formed Chicago Annenberg Challenge, or CAC, a school reform organization, gave the Workshop a grant of $175,000. The CAC provided another $482,662 to the Workshop over the next few years.

Since 2003, Mountain View has been part of what is known as the Smaller Learning Community, a network of schools that have been restructured to create a more personalized learning environment where students often have the same teachers and fellow students from grade to grade.

Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop has the stated goal of providing support for teachers who want to create smaller learning environments. Ayers reportedly recruited a radical activist, Mike Klonsky, to head the Workshop. Klonsky still serves as director.

The Small School Workshop originally was associated with theUniversityof Illinois in Chicago, where Klonsky previously taught in the education department alongside Ayers, whoretiredfrom theuniversitylast year. The group was headquartered for a time inside theuniversity’sdepartment of educationbuilding.

Ayers was on a working group of five that originally founded the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Correspondence shows Ayers was instrumental in recruiting Obama to serve as the CAC’s first chairman.

Ayers served as co-chairman of the Chicago School Reform Collaborative, one of the two operational arms of the CAC.

Klonsky served with Ayers and Ayers’ wife, former Weatherman terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, in the Students for a Democratic Society group, a major leftist student organization in the 1960s that later splintered, with Ayers and Dohrn leading a more activist approach with the Weatherman. Klonsky reportedly favored less aggressive tactics, promoting the philosophy that young workers possessed the potential to be a revolutionary force to overthrow capitalism.

In the 1970s, Klonsky became a top communist activist and leader of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party.

He reportedly identified as a Maoist, and traveled in 1977 to Beijing, where he held friendly meetings with the Chinese leadership.

In a book, “Revolution in the Air,” author Max Elbaum, himself a former Maoist activist, recounts that in Beijing, Klonsky toasted the Chinese Stalinist leadership who, in turn, hailed the formation of his Communist Party group as “reflecting the aspirations of the proletariat and working people,” effectively recognizing Klonsky’s organization as the all-but-official U.S. Maoist party.

In a brief conversation with WND in September 2008, Klonsky would not state whether he is still a communist. He did not deny his associations with Ayers or his communist activism in the 1970s.

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