‘Five Jihadists Have Reached Their Targets in the United States Under Barack Obama’

Just for the record, so much for the 3:00am phone call.

Rep. Tom Cotton speaks on the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism efforts

“I rise today to express grave doubts about the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism policies and programs,” said the freshman congressman from Arkansas. “Counterterrorism is often shrouded in secrecy, as it should be, so let us judge by the results. In barely four years in office, five jihadists have reached their targets in the United States under Barack Obama: the Boston Marathon bomber, the underwear bomber, the Times Square Bomber, the Fort Hood shooter, and in my own state—the Little Rock recruiting office shooter. In the over seven years after 9/11 under George W. Bush, how many terrorists reached their target in the United States? Zero! We need to ask, ‘Why is the Obama Administration failing in its mission to stop terrorism before it reaches its targets in the United States?’”

Charles Krauthammer was on The O’Reilly Factor to discuss Barack Obama’s bizarre reaction to radical Islam.  Krauthammer told Bill, “I don’t know what he’s thinking but I sure know what he’s saying and doing.  The lengths to which he will go to avoid telling us the truth about the enemy is becoming comical and certainly embarrassing… He refuses to use the word Islamist which is used throughout the Muslim world…  And yet Obama won’t touch it because he refuses to use any words that might imply a connection between radical Islam and terrorism which as anybody who’s over the age of 9 knows is the single greatest cause of terror in the world today.”

Labor Dept.on payments to labor unions worldwide

Senate Republicans say the Labor Department appears to be spending millions  in taxpayer dollars to establish labor unions and promote collective bargaining  in foreign countries and are asking top Obama administration officials for a  full audit.

The purported activities were conducted by the agency’s Bureau of  International Labor Affairs.

The bureau for the past several years has purportedly made numerous awards —  worth millions of dollars — to the United Nations, the Solidarity Center and  other similar groups, “whose stated objective is to help establish labor unions  in foreign countries,” the senators said.

The bureau’s stated mission is to “help ensure that workers around the world are  treated fairly and are able to share in the benefits of the global  economy.” 

When I caught this story, an old post of mine came to mind. In the heat of the Acorn scandals which was a headliner for months, I recalled that Wade Rathke, founder of ACORN had moved on to India of all places. Acorn Alive and Well- Moving World-Wide

…[Wade] Rathke, who left the US ACORN group in 2008, focuses now on a separate organization he founded named ACORN International. The group has members in nine countries, including India, and focuses on the billion or so people who live in mega-slums.

So now we know where ACORN is getting its funding. From us. Recall Wade Rathke?

  • Founder and former Chief Organizer of ACORN, a nationwide activist network engaged in “community organizing” and in voter mobilization drives for George Soros’ Shadow Party
  • Former draft-resistance activist for the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
  • Former activist in the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) and protegé of its founder George A. Wiley
  • Co-founder of the Tides Foundation, along with Drummond Pike. Currently serves as Board Chairman of the Tides Center and member of the Tides Foundation Board of Directors
  • Founded Local 100 of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in New Orleans and heads it to this day. Rathke is president and co-founder of SEIU’s Southern Conference and a member of SEIU’s national executive board. He also helped launch the United Labor Union (ULU), which organizes low-skill service workers.
  • Rathke chairs the AFL-CIO’s Organizers Forum and formerly served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO.

Full background over at Discover the Networks 

“At a time when our federal budget is deteriorating rapidly … it is troubling  to us that the department appears to be spending millions of dollars of taxpayer  funds to establish labor unions and promote collective bargaining in foreign  countries,” they said in a letter to acting Labor Secretary Seth Harris

Read more:  Fox News

Egypt re-starting nuclear program

What could go wrong with leading from behind? It is a Sunday, a bit of time perhaps to go down memory lane with our Commander in thief, Hillary Clinton and our former friend Mubarak. But first the story:

As  North Korea has demonstrated, an impoverished, an impoverished, starving  population is no obstacle to a determined leader desiring nuclear weapons.   So now, Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt, is committing  billions of dollars to re-starting the country’s nuclear program, a reactor that  could pave the way for nuclear weapons.

Yes,  nukes for the very same man who the US is supplying F-16 fighters to. The very  same man who leads a country that  is broke, where the foreign exchange reserves have dwindled to the point where  essential wheat imports for the staple, heavily subsidized bread that prevents  mass starvation for millions who could otherwise not feed themselves. Ariel Ben  Solomon of the Jerusalem  Post reports:

Earlier  this week, Egypt announced that it is seeking Russian assistance to revive its  nuclear program.

He  explains the possible motivations for this move:

It  seems to be a move by the Muslim Brotherhood-led government to solidify the  country’s position as a regional power,  as well as a way to improve relations with Moscow since Cairo has been facing  difficulties in getting aid from the International Monetary  Fund.

The  move could also be seen as a play to  increase Cairo’s leverage with the West so that it receives the aid it desires  without having to make too many concessions in  return.

On  the other hand, we also learn that:

Hamdi  Hassan, spokesman of the Brotherhood’s parliamentary caucus, said in 2006, “We  [Egyptians] are ready to starve in order to own a nuclear weapon that will  represent a real deterrent and will be decisive in the Arab-Israeli  conflict.”

Read more: American Thinker

Now the hypocrisy FLASHBACK: 2009 – Hillary Clinton Has A Most Wonderful Time Visiting Hosni Mubarak

Yes we sure know how to treat our friends don’t we?

President Obama and President Mubarak Speak to the Press
President Barack Obama and President Mubarak of Egypt address the press after meetings at the White House on the prospects of peace in the Middle East. August 18, 2009 Really very sad. Just take the first few minutes to watch, it gives a keen insight as to what a traitor looks and sounds like..

Finally a short clip that says it all and how we got to where we are:

The feared Pressure Cooker – Will Feinstein ban?

Of course we knew this was coming, But the Senator from Tennessee was going to have none of it with Piers Morgan. Tenn. Senator Asks Piers Morgan When He’s Moving Back To England.

A Tennessee state senator is being slammed for insensitivity to the Boston Marathon bombing victims after posting an illustration of a pressure cooker – like the ones used in last week’s deadly attack – to mock gun control advocates.

Republican Stacey Campfield posted an illustrated image of an “Assault Pressure Cooker” on his personal blog Camp4u on Sunday.

“Here comes Feinstein again” he titled the post in a reference to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who authored an assault weapons ban in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

‘Here comes Feinstein again’ was the title of Campfield's controversial blog post.

Read more: NY Daily News

Western Journalism:

CNN host Piers Morgan more than met his match in Tennessee Sen. Stacey Campfield Wednesday night. At the close of the interview, the state lawmaker asked Morgan, “Now that gun control has failed, Piers, I’m wondering when are you going to move back to England?”

Popularity of the AR-15 Among Women Rising

Here is a feel good story for a Friday. The ladies out on the range. What could be better? Here we go:

What’s unique on this range is that all the gun owners are members of A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League—and they’re all firing AR-15 semiautomatic rifles.

“I think there is a small bit of status for a gal that says she owns an AR-15,” said Juliana Crowder, president and co-founder of A Girl and a Gun. “Especially right now, since they’re so hard to get a hold of.” ( Read more: Aurora Shooting Survivor: ‘People Kill, Not Guns’)

Recent attempts to pass stricter gun laws are having an unintended effect: AR-15s are flying off store shelves. The rifles and their accessories account for roughly a billion dollars of the $4  Billion U.S. Gun Industry. 

“The AR-15 is becoming extremely popular among women,” said Crowder. “Some women are very gadgety or want to be personalized, they’re painting them, getting these different grips and colors, and stylizing it. It’s very popular because they can build it to their own specifications– use it for fun, and feel pride of ownership in it.”

Crowder’s own AR-15 is purple—the same color as her former dance studio. An ex-dance teacher, Crowder now focuses her time on her all-female shooting league. In just two years it’s grown to 28 chapters in eleven states. (Read more: New York’s Assault Weapon Registration Begins)

“My favorite thing about my AR-15 rifle is the confidence I feel when I shoot it at the range,” said Girl and a Gun member Jennifer Galle. “It gives me a sense that I can defend myself, that I can do this, and it brings me peace of mind knowing that this is a weapon that I can use for my own personal protection.” (Read More: Newtown Mom Makes Heart-Wrenching Plea on U.S. Gun Laws)

“We know we can be safe,” Crowder agrees. “We can be efficient. We can be effective to defend ourselves with that particular tool as our husbands and our fathers can.”

Great video over at  CNBC

H/T and more: CNBC

This vid is not too bad either. Senator Feinstein, take a look, just so you know what one is.

M. Obama visits Saudi ‘person of interest’ in Hospital, visitor to WH

Why did Saudi national questioned in Boston jihad bombings visit White House? Why did Michelle Obama visit him in the hospital?

I had caught the story that Michelle Obama had made this visit earlier but not from a reliable source, or so I thought. This story is really going to get rich before it is over. Add this one: Michelle Obama reportedly visited Saudi national al-Harbi at the hospital in Boston… But, she skipped Jeff Bauman – the American who lost both legs in the Boston Marathon blasts.
Jeff helped US officials identify the bombers. H/T: Gateway Pundit

mo saudi

From Jihad Watch:

Whatever his role (or lack thereof) in the Boston jihad bombings was, he was scheduled to be deported on national security grounds for terrorist activity. So why was he visiting the White House? And what was Michelle Obama doing palling around with him?

Saudi student Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Al-Harbi was injured in the Boston Marathon Bombings.
He was once a “person of interest” in the bombings. He was put on a terror watch list after the bombings.

Michelle Obama visited al-Harbi in the hospital last week.
He posted pictures on his Facebook page:

Then there’s this…
Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi has visited the White House several times since 2009.
580x226xalharbi.jpg.pagespeed.ic.r_AzFD8A_Z.jpgOf course, the White House will say it was another “Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi.”

Here are the dates:
Hat Tip Fenwick  More at Jihad Watch

Obama killed program that kept an eye on Muslim immigrants

So we had a program that kept a good eye on immigrants from Muslim countries. Did anyone in Congress let us know that Obama was getting rid of it because it was “offensive”? NSEERS was its name’

The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) or INS Special Registration[1] is a system for registering certain non-citizens within the United States, initiated in September 2002 as part of the War on Terrorism. Portions were suspended as of April 27th, 2011.[2] This system has two separate components: port-of-entry registration and domestic registration. In each case, those who register are fingerprinted, photographed, and interrogated. They are required to provide detailed information about their plans and to update Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if their plans change. They are only permitted to enter and depart the U.S. through designated ports of entry.

Domestic registration

Certain non-citizens who were in the United States prior to September 10, 2002, have been required to register in person at an INS office.[3] This procedure is required of males over the age of sixteen who entered the United States legally on particular types of visa (primarily student, work, and tourist) from certain countries.

Results of the program:

As of May 2003, 82,581 individuals had complied with the domestic portion of the program. Of these, at least 13,153 were placed in deportation proceedings. Although the program originally included a requirement to re-register annually, the Department of Homeland Security, which gained jurisdiction over the program, eliminated this requirement. More at wikipedia

Thanks Janet. Well Done.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was on Happening Now this morning and remarked on Obama’s previous moves to make America less secure. Obama did away with the NSEERS program that scrutinized immigrants from 25, mostly Muslim, countries. Rand Paul reminded FOX viewers of this program this morning.

“Where 25 countries were targeted and we said they need special scrutiny to make sure they’re not coming here to attack us. President Obama disbanded that.”

Liberals like Obama thought NSEERS was offensive and discriminatory. So Obama did away with it.
Via Happening Now:


H/T: Gateway Pundit

Illegal immigrants get 99.5% approval for legal status; high number raises concerns about fraud

My internet is back in business, no thanks to Comcast but that story is for another day. Thanks to my readers for hanging in. Now that the immigration bill is headed for a showdown in light of  our questionable policy on vetting anyone and everyone who darkens our portal, this story should raise a few hairs. Silently the Obama administration has been flooding our country with illegals. Yes, illegals and aliens. So here we go with a story no doubt of graft and corruption. You know, the usual Chicago way.

The administration has approved 99.5 percent of applications of those who have applied for legal status under President Obama’s nondeportation policy for young adults, granting legal status to more than 250,000 formerly illegal immigrants.

That’s very concerning in light of the most recent reminder namely this terror attack in Boston, near where I live,” she said, “that we simply are not taking enough care in screening the people we admit for legal status whether it’s this kind of deferred action or a green card or an asylum application.”

But the high rate leaves others wondering whether the administration is doing all it can to weed out fraud or potentially dangerous illegal immigrants in DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, as it’s formally known.

Unlike the 1986 amnesty, when every applicant was interviewed in person and there still was double-digit fraud Mr. Crocetti said that’s not likely to be an option this time around.

“You really have to wonder who they’re giving deferred action to, and what kind of risk they represent to us,” said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies. “The screening process is much less for DACA than it would be for a green card, and so it’s all that much more susceptible to fraud.”

DACA is seen by many as a test-run should Congress pass a broad legalization for most of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.

Read more: Washington Times

Obama and his tinkering with Miranda Rights

This is a part of a post I did back in 2011 with disturbing updates. We were concerned then, and we need to be more concerned now. Obama and Eric Holder have indicated that there is no need to Mirandize the Boston terror suspect right way. We will do some sort of a hybrid thing. No, not a military court but sort of a civil court with well……maybe 48 hours is permissible before he gets read his rights. Where does the constitution or court decision state this is “subject to interpretation.” But here is the concern. Recall that now Obama has deemed the whole of the United States a potential battlefield. Which means any of us could caught in his web. Worse, he now promulgates “Preventive Detention” and “Prolonged Detention”.

The Senate voted on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world. Even Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) raised his concerns about the NDAA detention provisions during last night’s Republican debate. The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself. UPDATE: The New American has a great analysis… Be sure and look at this ACLU link.

Then we have “Prolonged Detention” that even Rachael Maddow had a problem with.  “Prolonged Detention” is the term being used. This is not your father’s Gitmo.

Tinkering with Miranda… is this another step… “Obama can unilaterally change Supreme Court rulings should be concerning to all Americans”. Obama has contempt for the Supreme Court, the Constitution which he says is flawed, and Congress. “Domestic Terror” suspects…my guess he has in mind American Citizens who he may feel are a threat to his growing usurping of all powers which belong to other branches of government.If he gets by with this one, what will be the next change to Miranda or any law for that matter. What is your guess?

Obama has already given Miranda rights to foreign terrorists and Somali pirates waging jihad against U.S. soldiers and civilians.

Now Obama and Holder have revised Miranda rights for what the Wall Street Journal describes as “domestic-terror” suspects. The policy is so vaguely described here, if at all, and who the new Miranda policy applies to and how Obama can unilaterally change Supreme Court rulings should be concerning to all Americans. via Rights Are Curtailed for Terror Suspects – WSJ.com.

New rules allow investigators to hold domestic-terror suspects longer than others without giving them a Miranda warning, significantly expanding exceptions to the instructions that have governed the handling of criminal suspects for more than four decades.

The Supreme Court’s 1966 Miranda ruling obligates law-enforcement officials to advise suspects of their rights to remain silent and to have an attorney present for questioning. A 1984 decision amended that by allowing the questioning of suspects for a limited time before issuing the warning in cases where public safety was at issue.

The Justice Department believes it has the authority to tinker with Miranda procedures. Making the change administratively rather than through legislation in Congress, however, presents legal risks.

“I don’t think the administration can accomplish what I think needs to be done by policy guidance alone,” said California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. “It may not withstand the scrutiny of the courts in the absence of legislation.”

More at Creeping Sharia

Vote Tally Count Cyber CISPA Security Bill 2013

While we were not paying attention and worrying about our God and Guns, this evil deed was done.

You can read about the recent changes to CISPA—including why EFF continues to oppose the bill—in their recent analysis. We urge individuals who are concerned to speak out by calling their Congressional Representatives and then following up with an email.

 Not in the United States? Click here.

UPDATE: 2013 Bill

House Vote #117
Apr 18, 2013 12:59 p.m.
Passed 288/127

For individual votes click on the gov track record HERE

The threat of a White House veto and denunciation of dozens of civil liberties groups wasn’t enough.

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, a dangerously broad effort to fortify the nation’s cyber defenses by allowing private and public entities to share data. Because of the way the bill is written that can include the private communications of consumers. The threat of a White House veto and denunciation of dozens of civil liberties groups wasn’t enough.

SF Gate

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