Radical Apollo Alliance Named to Obama’s Climate Task Force

Recently I posted Obama signs new lawless Executive Order regarding Climate change. Now we find out more about who and why now the move. Tides foundation, Apollo Alliance funded by George Soros are among those who have their nasty fingers behind this. But first, a few seconds from our “Constitutional” professor regarding our founding document. Just remind us what is ahead of us.

The co-founder of the Apollo Alliance and supporter of wealth redistribution was named this week to Obama’s Climate Task Force. The Bell News reported:

Even while Climate Scientists are backing off from the dire predictions on Global Warming, President Obama has decided to double down on the junk science with an Executive Order.

…… So expect more Federal Land seizures in the near future), one of the most disturbing realizations to come from this latest Executive Order is that one of the “Advisers” on the President’s Task Force is a Co-Founder of the Communist Affiliated Apollo Alliance, Co-Architect of the President’s current “Green” economic plan and is a known supporter of Wealth Redistribution.  That man is Governor of Washington State Jay Inslee.

According to Key Wiki, Jay Inslee Co-Founded the Apollo Alliance (Funded by the Tides Foundation who is Funded by George Soros and is now apart of the Blue Green Alliance) which housed a number of radical leftists such as the former Green Jobs Czar, and self described Communist, Van Jones as well as  a former founder of the Communist Terrorist group The Weather Underground, Jeff Jones.

Bell News:

In 2007, then Congressman Jay Inslee Co-Authored a book with Apollo Alliance Executive Director and Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, Bracken Hendricks, titled Apollo’s Fire.   Apollo’s Fire is the blue print (Which President Obama has been following to the letter) on how to fundamentally transform the United States into a “Clean Energy Economy” in order to save the world from the effects of Global Warming.  This plan is known as The New Apollo Project.

On page 114 at the bottom of the 2nd to last paragraph in Apollo’s Fire, Mr. Inslee and Mr. Hendricks admit (by quoting fellow Apollo Alliance Co-founder Joel Rogers) that their New Apollo Project is not just about creating a Clean Energy Economy, but about redistributing the wealth:

“A new Apollo Project for energy is appealing because it is part of a class of investments that pay for themselves—it is not merely redistribution of wealth—and it makes our whole country better off.”

More from Bell News:

From pushing the Smart Grid, to the seizure of GM through the bailout, President Obama has been following The New Apollo Project as it is laid out in Apollo’s Fire to the letter.  Which brings up the question.  Why now, in his 2nd Term, has the President suddenly decided to create this new Climate Task Force, especially since he has been executing the Apollo plan so well on his own?

The only answers I can come up with is that the President created this Task Force to draw attention away from the new directives he has given Federal agencies in the Executive Order.  Also as he increases the speed of the “Fundamental Transformation” which is called for in The New Apollo Project before his 2nd term runs out, and people begin to complain about losing their freedoms and property in the name of saving the planet, he will have someone to point to and blame it on.  Instead of taking the heat and admitting that he is acting on a plan created by a George Soros Foundation he will just point to the Task Force and say, “We Democratically voted on it”.

H/T:Gateway Pundit. And of course, nothing like our gal Val and Van Jones to close out the post.

Labor Dept.on payments to labor unions worldwide

Senate Republicans say the Labor Department appears to be spending millions  in taxpayer dollars to establish labor unions and promote collective bargaining  in foreign countries and are asking top Obama administration officials for a  full audit.

The purported activities were conducted by the agency’s Bureau of  International Labor Affairs.

The bureau for the past several years has purportedly made numerous awards —  worth millions of dollars — to the United Nations, the Solidarity Center and  other similar groups, “whose stated objective is to help establish labor unions  in foreign countries,” the senators said.

The bureau’s stated mission is to “help ensure that workers around the world are  treated fairly and are able to share in the benefits of the global  economy.” 

When I caught this story, an old post of mine came to mind. In the heat of the Acorn scandals which was a headliner for months, I recalled that Wade Rathke, founder of ACORN had moved on to India of all places. Acorn Alive and Well- Moving World-Wide

…[Wade] Rathke, who left the US ACORN group in 2008, focuses now on a separate organization he founded named ACORN International. The group has members in nine countries, including India, and focuses on the billion or so people who live in mega-slums.

So now we know where ACORN is getting its funding. From us. Recall Wade Rathke?

  • Founder and former Chief Organizer of ACORN, a nationwide activist network engaged in “community organizing” and in voter mobilization drives for George Soros’ Shadow Party
  • Former draft-resistance activist for the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
  • Former activist in the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) and protegé of its founder George A. Wiley
  • Co-founder of the Tides Foundation, along with Drummond Pike. Currently serves as Board Chairman of the Tides Center and member of the Tides Foundation Board of Directors
  • Founded Local 100 of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in New Orleans and heads it to this day. Rathke is president and co-founder of SEIU’s Southern Conference and a member of SEIU’s national executive board. He also helped launch the United Labor Union (ULU), which organizes low-skill service workers.
  • Rathke chairs the AFL-CIO’s Organizers Forum and formerly served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO.

Full background over at Discover the Networks 

“At a time when our federal budget is deteriorating rapidly … it is troubling  to us that the department appears to be spending millions of dollars of taxpayer  funds to establish labor unions and promote collective bargaining in foreign  countries,” they said in a letter to acting Labor Secretary Seth Harris

Read more:  Fox News

Gibbs to join Facebook – White House will control social media

Hot Air seems to be trying to figure out why Bob is in the front row for a seat with Face Book.

Facebook interested in hiring Robert Gibbs for some reason

A job for Mr. Gibbs at Facebook could be worth millions of dollars. While details of his potential compensation package have yet to be discussed, people briefed on the talks said that he would receive a cash salary as well as shares ahead of the initial offering. Facebook is being valued by some investors at more than $60 billion and could be the largest offering in history.

Obama and a Search Engine get you am Egyptian Revolution: Of course you would want to get the White House operative on board. Bob will get his direction from Obama and Hillary in keeping control of Facebook. The Cabal of Google, Facebook and Obama. It is well documented that the Facebook Executives as well as Google  were instrumental in stirring up the young folks and fermenting revolution

Here is what is going on with Facebook right now regarding Israel  from Yid with Lid:

There is an attack against Israeli Jews happening on Facebook but the social media site refuses to shut the incitement down. Its called the Third Palestinian Intifada, and the site is almost totally in Arabic. The ‘Third Palestinian Intifada’, urges its readers to copy the link, place it in their profiles and publish it on all pictures, videos and pages – everywhere they can. An alert announces that a march to “Palestine” will begin from neighboring countries on May 15 and soon after, “Palestine will be liberated and we will be freed. Our goal now is to reach millions of subscribers on this page before May.”

The page also includes hateful language  calling for its supporters supporters to build on the previous two murderous previous intifadas in which Arab terrorists murdered and wounded thousands of Israeli civilians and caused the death and injury of thousands of innocent Palestinians.

The Facebook page directs readers to supplementary content on other sites such as Twitter and You Tube. And ends with a warning to Facebook. “If Facebook Blocks this page..All Muslims Will Boycott Facebook Forever.” Full Story over at Yid with Lid:

Here is a bit of a refresher-

“What we shared is a belief in changing the world from the bottom up, not from the top down,” Obama told Google employees during a 2007 visit to its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Money CNN Didn’t Van Jones say something like that?

ERIC SCHMIDT, FORMER GOOGLE CEO: My view of Mr. Soros is that he is one of the most important people in the world today in terms of the impact he has had.

Three reasons to be wary of Google

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO, he resigned two weeks ago, he is on the White House council for science and technology, co-chaired by John Holdren. They also have privileged access to NASA airfields.

Second point — they are working way too close with hard-core leftists. Eric Schmidt is on the board of an organization called the Politics of Trust Network. You might recognize a couple of other names on that board like Van Jones, oh, and Drummond Pike, the former CEO and founder of the Tides Foundation.

In 2010 the Google, Inc. charitable giving fund of the Tides Foundation gave over $145 million directly to nonprofits and academic institutions. Google has made donations in the seven figure range to Moveon.org. George Soros is doing that, too, one of farther left political action groups in America.

They also gave money to the Trickle Up Program, a big recipient of cash from the Tides Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Institute. Full story here at  Fox News

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