Will the real Edward Snowden please stand up and who are your handlers?

The Free Beacon has a story today regarding the NSA and the so called “gaps” that the agency can not or is not willing to address. While they bemoan the P.C. correctness that has infiltrated the organization, I submit the issue is far more serious. I will give you a post I did several years ago. I will let you draw your own conclusions. First from the Beacon:

Until Snowden, the NSA had a reputation as one of the intelligence organizations most dedicated to protecting secrets. But the case exposed gaping holes at the agency, and a House intelligence report says gaps persist years after Snowden fled the country and holed up in Moscow . More at Free Beacon.

We have a guy who never got it together. High School drop out, military failure, three months on the job. William Binney, one of the original whistle-blowers, worked for the NSA for over thirty years before he resigned more than ten years ago over this very same story. Much of the same information about the NSA. For the Binney interview and the development of the Utah spy Center: NSA Utah spy center holds ribbon cutting ceremony-videos .

Hot Air  Even the intel guys can’t figure it out:

Among the questions is how a contract employee at a distant NSA satellite office was able to obtain a copy of an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, a highly classified document that would presumably be sealed from most employees and of little use to someone in his position.

A former senior NSA official said that the number of agency officials with access to such court orders is “maybe 30 or maybe 40. Not large numbers.”…

Here is NSA Gov Site with their spin on the Spy Center.

Other Sources: NY Times NSA Domestic Spying Center tells the tale of the mass surveillance of Americans. August 22, 2012.

And the girl friend?   From the WH Dossier   Snowden Left Beautiful Girlfriend in the Lurch

Yes, that’s Lindsay Mills, the gal Ed Snowden ditched so he could become the hero of telephone records. Apparently she’s a ballet trained, pole dancing fountain of pulchritude who blogs about her life at “L’s Journey,” was still up the last I looked.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit got a glimpse of the website before it went off-line for awhile, finding the latest post in which she says she’s now “without a compass.”

I gather Snowden took the compass so he could find his way to Hong Kong. (Alert: sound is very loud when playing clip)

Lindsay Mills

Warning- Sound is very loud in the clip. Here she is doing her dance thing.

The Guardian on Monday shares more about the young man who it says was behind last week’s leaks concerning National Security Agency programs that sweep up data on phone calls and Internet activity. It paints a portrait of a mediocre student with a GED degree who joined the Army in 2003, but was discharged after breaking his legs in a training accident. Snowden says he later wound up working with the CIA and then a contractor because he’s skilled at computer programming.

The Washington Post, which along with the Guardian published a report last week based on documents allegedly leaked by Snowden, adds that:

“With wire glasses, short, dark hair and a thin goatee, he maintains an academic look. Yet he never completed his coursework at a community college in Maryland, only later obtaining his GED — an unusually light education for someone who would advance in the intelligence ranks.


The real reason U.N. Samantha Power is M.I.A.

Of course the real Samantha Power is showing her real persona. Let’s take a look at her past writings to understand why she was a “No Show” at the U.N. meetings regarding Syria. She has nothing but contempt for the U.S. Keep in mind these meetings are on going. She didn’t miss just the only one. First the refresher then we will look at her “Tweet.”

Commentary Magazine: (An excellent piece, well worth the full read on our gal)

 In a 2003 article for the New Republic, Power:  “The U.S,” she wrote, “came to be seen less as it sees itself (the cop protecting the world from rogue nations) than as the very runaway state international law needs to contain.”

Power wrote that America’s record in world affairs had been so harmful to the freedoms of people around the world that the United States could remedy the problem only through profound self-criticism and the wholesale adoption of new policies. Acknowledging that President Bush was correct in saying that “some America-bashers” hate the American people’s freedoms, Ms. Power stated that much anti-Americanism derives from the role that U.S. power “has played in denying such freedoms to others” and concluded:

U.S. foreign policy has to be rethought. It needs not tweaking but overhauling….Instituting a doctrine of mea culpa would enhance our credibility by showing that American decision-makers do not endorse the sins of their predecessors. When [then German Chancellor] Willie [sic] Brandt went down on one knee in the Warsaw ghetto, his gesture was gratifying to World War II survivors, but it was also ennobling and cathartic for Germany. Would such an approach be futile for the United States?

Now we get back to the faux Samantha Power. The schizophrenic Power who first says “get there fast” and then we have a couple of clips of poor Fox’s Rosen trying to find out why Power didn’t get there fast.

Ambassador Power’s twitter account tweets that “UN must get there fast” — and I think, why didn’t she get to the UN EMERGENCY MEETING FAST?  We need our Ambassador.

I hope she has a good excuse for her absence — other work or serious personal matter — because this IS her job, not a junior, to represent the USA in critical international matters:

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 5.30.50 PM

H/T: Greta Wire

Published on Aug 22, 2013

Rosen to Psaki: Where Was Samantha Power During the Emergency UN Security Council Meeting on Syria? Snarky Psaki, the face of our State Dept. Am I the only one that notices the change in tone with this administration? They use to hide their contempt for us.

More snarky from this mouthpiece. She has “secure” communication via twitter with the U.N. and her staff. Get out the old laugh meter.

McCain and Graham demand Egypt release jailed Muslim Brotherhood leaders

Our two Gopers tell Egypt how to run their show. Yes, release the Muslim Brotherhood guys because that is how one has Democracy.  Bonus Question: Is this how we get the good guys to win us some Democracy by arming the rebels – hint: al-Qaeda in Syria? These same bozos think so.

We have the media to thank that they have become the defacto spokespersons for the party. We have these two to thank for being a stodge of Obama and playing out his nasty card game. I could go through their statements as they opine on Democracy, but let the savants speak for themselves.

H/T: Weasel Zippers

Rino Graham and McCain here is a reminder

These are the same people who call Jews the “descendants of apes and pigs” and regularly call for the destruction of Israel.

Via Al-Arabiya:

U.S. Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham urged Egypt’s military-backed government to release jailed members of the Muslim Brotherhood and called on rival parties in the country to engage in a national dialogue and avoid violence.

McCain and Graham met with top military and civilian leaders in Cairo as part of international efforts to resolve a standoff with supporters of the ousted President Mohammad Mursi. “Democracy is the only viable path to stability,” said McCain, a former presidential candidate, calling for “an inclusive political process in which all Egyptians are free to participate,” AFP reported.

Both lawmakers referred to the military’s July 3 ouster of Mursi as a “coup,” something their government has been reluctant to do as it would have legal implications for the $1.3 billion dollars (977 million euros) in U.S. aid to Egypt.

“The people who are in charge were not elected, and the people who were elected are now in jail,” Graham told reporters.

“We urge the release of political prisoners,” said McCain, referring to Brotherhood members who have been detained since Mursi’s ouster by the military on July 3, the Associated Press reported.

“In a democracy, you have to talk to each other. It is impossible to talk to somebody in jail,” Graham said.  ED: P.S. Unless one winds up tortured.

IRS counsel Wilkins met Obama two days before targeting Conservatives

This just might get interesting. According to Fox news, the Senate has been investigating the IRS scandal as well as the House with Dem Baucus heading up his side of the aisle. Under the radar, with little notice, Baucus it is reported, will have much on this within a month to six weeks. So this fellow Wilkins defended old-time pal Jeremiah Wright Pro Bono. Well, well, well. So here we go:

Embattled IRS chief counsel met with Obama 2 days before agency changed  targeting criteria

The Obama appointee implicated in congressional testimony in the IRS  targeting scandal met with President Obama in the White House two days before  offering his colleagues a new set of advice on how to scrutinize tea party and  conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

IRS chief counsel William Wilkins, who was named in House Oversight testimony  by retiring IRS agent Carter Hull as one of his supervisors in the improper  targeting of conservative groups, met with Obama in the Roosevelt Room of the White  House on April 23, 2012.

Wilkins, who is one of only two Obama appointees at the IRS, is a former lobbyist with the firm  WilmerHale,  where he spent his time “counseling nonprofit organizations, business entities,  and investment funds on tax compliance, business transactions, and government  investigations.” At the firm, Wilkins defended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Chicago-based United Church of Christ from a 2008 investigation into whether  Wright violated his church’s nonprofit status by speaking in favor of Obama.  Wilkins successfully defended Wright’s church pro bono.
More at the Daily Caller

Obama signs Executive Order- Mandatory testing for HIV Aids coming our way

Oh I suppose I could be easily written off as some right-wing fanatic who sees darkness in what everyone else otherwise is delighted to hear. After all, what possible could go wrong with a President along with his gal Valerie Jarrett deciding that by decree that we all will be “tested” for a certain medical condition. Now that Obamacare has miraculously morphed into the Affordable Care Act, we need to pay attention.

Does anyone think this is not going to be mandatory? And if a President can decide by his authority alone what conditions will and will not be addressed, we are required to look into the past and see what our government and others have done with this authority. Before you write me off, let me remind you what has happened already.

Obamacare quotas: ‘Cut Jewish and Asian doctors’

Page 879: “Give preferences to entities that have a demonstrated record of … training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds.”

“Racial preferences in the Senate Health Care Bill, in addition to being unconstitutional, will not improve health care outcomes for minority patients.” Examining the terms of the race provisions, they said they find them “constitutionally suspect and ill-defined.” Sound familiar?

Barack Obama issued an executive  order on July 16, 2013 titled “HIV Care Continuum Initiative” which he  claims will be a national movement and federal involvement in the war on  HIV/AIDS.

According to the executive order, recommendations are that HIV testing be  administered for “all individuals ages 15 to 65 years” and this will be overseen  by the US Preventative Services Task Force, coordinating with, you guessed it,  criminal Kathleen Sebelius’ Department of Health and Human  Services.

Sebelius and Valerie Jarrett have issued a statement claiming they know what’s best for Americans and that “scientific developments  have advanced our understanding of how to best fight HIV” and “recent research  also shows that an important benefit of earlier treatment is that it  dramatically reduces the risk of HIV transmission to partners. Furthermore, HIV  testing technology is faster, and more accurate than ever before, and HIV drug  treatment is less toxic, and easier to administer.” Read more: Freedom Outpost

Recall our past.

German healthcare can be used as an example.  This is a video that provides some background on the German universal healthcare system that is relevant to the current debate on government control of the healthcare system in America. Included is the United States part it played.  The question is not that the programs are currently the same, but why should this much power be given to the Government, which can so easily be abuse by such a messianic dictator that may gain power?

Reich reveals the schocking truth about Obamacare. Note the laughter of the College Sudents in the video.

This is a recording of Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, speaking at the University of California, Berkley on September 26th, 2007. He explains what national healthcare (like Obamacare) will mean for the country.

Bottom line: The insiders know that the young will get screwed by Obamacare, that life expectancy will go down under Obamacare and that medical innovation will suffocate.

Alan Dershowitz Slams Special Prosecutor Angela Corey

There should be a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the illegal acts of the government.Someone who says this is not known for his Conservative views. Of all of the stuff out there on this, Alan Dershowitz, gives out the background to the real story behind the Zimmerman case. 0ne can only hope that the MSM will cover all of the history. This was from an interview done back Published on May 21, 2012.

In early April 2012, Special Prosecutor Angela Corey decided not to take the George Zimmerman case to a Grand Jury, opting for the filing of a Criminal Information which then was presented along with an Affidavit of Probable Cause.  The Court found probable cause for the charges.

It turned out, once pre-trial discovery was exchanged, that the affidavit upon which probable cause was found had not disclosed a lot of significant exculpatory details.  There was no mention of the significant injuries to Zimmerman, or of John Good’s eyewitness account that Martin was on top of Zimmerman hitting him Mixed Martial Arts style.  All the Affidavit said on the subject of the physical confrontation was that there was “a struggle.”

The Affidavit identified the voice screaming for help as that of Martin based on an interview with his mother, but did not reveal what we now know, that Martin’s father initially denied it was his son.

Alan Dershowitz was livid.

From the post, If Angela Corey threatened suit against Dershowitz and Harvard, she needs to step down from Zimmerman case, June 7,2012, Dershowitz was prophetic

As reported by Dershowitz (h/t Ace):

State Attorney Angela Corey, the prosecutor in the George Zimmerman case, recently called the Dean of Harvard Law School to complain about my criticism of some of her actions.

She was transferred to the Office of Communications and proceeded to engage in a 40-minute rant, during which she threatened to sue Harvard Law School, to try to get me disciplined by the Bar Association and to file charges against me for libel and slander.

She said that because I work for Harvard and am identified as a professor she had the right to sue Harvard.

When the communications official explained to her that I have a right to express my opinion as “a matter of academic freedom,” and that Harvard has no control over what I say, she did not seem to understand….

Even if Angela Corey’s actions were debatable, which I believe they were not, I certainly have the right, as a professor who has taught and practiced criminal law nearly 50 years, to express a contrary view. The idea that a prosecutor would threaten to sue someone who disagrees with her for libel and slander, to sue the university for which he works, and to try to get him disbarred, is the epitome of unprofessionalism.

Marion Barry battles Fox over D.C. Walmarts

Walmart claims it will be pulling out of plans to finish building stores and put other plans for stores on hold. I just caught an interview with Marion Barry on Fox. It reminded me of an earlier post that was equally based on  fine reasoning. Walmart might cause young people to steal says Commisoner   How does one even respond to the arguments. For some reason, D.C  City Council believes it can hold Walmart to a higher wage rate than anyone else. First the video of Eric going toe to toe with Marion, then the earlier post of mine. Marion says Walmart has a gun to his head. He should know.

Published on Jul 11, 2013

Marion Barry Battles Eric Bolling Over Walmart

Walmart might cause young people to steal says Commisoner

The first of four Wal-Marts planned for the District where they would probably be built, the residents have more immediate, street-level concerns:

Brenda Speaks, a Ward 4 ANC commissioner, actually urged blocking construction of the planned store in her ward at Georgia and Missouri avenues NW partly because of that risk. Addressing a small, anti-Wal-Mart rally at City Hall on Monday, Speaks said young people would get criminal records when they couldn’t resist the temptation to steal.

There’ll probably be a lot of shoplifting going on. They’ll need a lot of security,” Terriea Sutton, 35, said.

Note..:her office’s leverage with Wal-Mart is currently “very limited.” That’s because Wal-Mart is not asking for tax incentives or other public subsidies that would require D.C. Council approval. What is it that is being “negotiated? Either they have the right to build, or they do not. 

UPDATE: Apparently she has found the leverage she needed. Increase what they must pay their workers.

 The fact that over 1500 jobs may be created, that the stores will be in the areas that are desperate for resources that are not available, are lost in the conversation. But the best part? It may cause some criminal records!

Feinstein: ‘I can’t remember how many DUI’s one can have’ and still be legalized

The exact quote: “I can’t remember how many DUI’s somebody can have’ and still be legalized under immigration bill.

There are plenty of blogs that have reviewed the nasty business inside the immigration bill that just passed its first hurdle. Instead, I bring you this summary from our gal Feinstein who really has not a clue what she voted on because….drum roll please…… “my mind is filled with intelligence right now,” so let us rush this sucker through as fast as possible because we all need to get out-of-town before… well, you fill in the blanks. Video of her over at CNS News. Hint: No one has read the bill.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)  said on Tuesday she “can’t remember” how many DUIs an illegal alien can have and still be made a legal resident of the United States under the immigration reform bill being considered this week in the Senate.

At the Capitol, CNSNews.com asked Feinstein, “Under the Corker-Hoeven amendment last night, the immigration bill, how many DUIs can an illegal alien have before becoming legalized?” Feinstein was one of 52 Democrats who voted for the amended bill. “Well, I can’t answer that right now. I just don’t know,” Feinstein replied. “Have you read the bill, the amended parts?” she was asked. “I’m on the Judiciary Committee. I sat through all the hearings and my mind is filled with intelligence right now, and candidly I can’t remember how many DUIs somebody can have, but hopefully it isn’t many.” “Two is what is…” “I was going to say, one or two.” Feinstein interjected. –

In fact, even after the inclusion of the Corker-Hoeven amendment on Monday, the Senate bill will allow an illegal who has two DUI convictions to be granted legal status in the United States and put on a path to citizenship. (See pages 251-253)

H/T:CNS News.. video over at the link.

Supreme Court Proof of Citizenship Voter Registration Law Struck Down

Maggie’s Notebook brings us this: Arizona Proof of Citizenship Voter Registration Law Struck Down at Supreme Court – Thomas, Alito Dissent. Wander over for her thoughts on the matter. (Two posts today).

Arizona’s voter registration law (Proposition 200) was struck down by the Supreme Court today with Justices Thomas and Alito dissenting. The law required showing proof of citizenship at the time of registering:

U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court

In the majority opinion, Justice Antonin Scalia said the state law was preempted by language in the federal statute saying that states must “accept and use” a federal registration form.

The state law ordered officials to reject the form if there was no accompanying proof of citizenship. Source: Reuters

Alabama, Georgia and Kansas have similar laws and joined Arizona’s case.

Look at this from Justice Sotomayor:

At an oral argument in March, Thomas Horne, a lawyer for Arizona, told the justices that the state was within its rights to ask for additional information beyond the simple federal form.

“It’s extremely inadequate,” Horne said. “It’s essentially an honor system. It does not do the job.”

“Well,” answered Justice Sonia Sotomayor, “that’s what the federal system decided was enough.” Source: USNews-NBC

Just wait until we get 30 million more “immigrants” on the non-books. Washington State does not even have polling locations. All is done by mail. What with same day registration, some states voting for over a month, no standards whatsoever, but now we must “accept and use” a federal registration form? Even Banana Republics require I.D.

Farm bill is chock-full of agribusiness pork

Apparently, Congress has not received the message from the voters. It is going to be “pork’ on steroids. Amazing that these same people will present themselves for re-election in 2014. For the House, all of them. So while they wail about the massive over spending that is a threat to the survival of our nation, the debt we are burdening the next generations that will be impossible to repay, it’s spend, spend, spend. So they roll food stamps into the farmers pork bill. Better to see you my dear. And we do. A nice piece over at Hot Air that let’s us know what is going down while the thieves in chief spy on our behaviors.

This behemoth and pork-filled bill is going to be directing a full decade’s worth of federal policy, but it’s going to fly on through under the radar to the tune of a trillion dollars paying for all kinds of miscellaneous programs, like expanding broadband in rural communities and cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay; it’s nothing short of a raging party funded by the taxpayer’s dime, and everybody’s invited!

The Heritage Foundation points out, this is all a lot of hemming and hawing over what is a much more expensive bill than the last go-around, plain and simple:


As the WSJ points out, peanut, cotton, and sticky-rice farmers are going to be some of the big winners of the price guarantees in the bill:

The federal subsidy in the House bill guarantees farmers of Japonica Rice that if market prices drop below 115% of the average price of all types of rice, they will get a government payment to make up the difference. …

The move shines a light on guarantees against drops in commodity prices that are in some ways replacing the much-maligned direct payments to farmers Congress is seeking to end. Subsidies for products such as corn, wheat and cotton cost taxpayers about $5 billion a year. Rice growers have received a total of more than $2.6 billion in subsidies since 1995, according to the Environmental Working Group…

The sticky-rice provision won strong support from, among others, two Northern California lawmakers from neighboring districts, according to congressional aides and people working with the rice industry: Freshman Republican Rep. Doug LaMalfa, a fourth-generation Japonica Rice farmer who sits on the House agriculture committee; and Democratic Rep. John Garamendi, a rancher and pear farmer.

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