Egypt re-starting nuclear program

What could go wrong with leading from behind? It is a Sunday, a bit of time perhaps to go down memory lane with our Commander in thief, Hillary Clinton and our former friend Mubarak. But first the story:

As  North Korea has demonstrated, an impoverished, an impoverished, starving  population is no obstacle to a determined leader desiring nuclear weapons.   So now, Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt, is committing  billions of dollars to re-starting the country’s nuclear program, a reactor that  could pave the way for nuclear weapons.

Yes,  nukes for the very same man who the US is supplying F-16 fighters to. The very  same man who leads a country that  is broke, where the foreign exchange reserves have dwindled to the point where  essential wheat imports for the staple, heavily subsidized bread that prevents  mass starvation for millions who could otherwise not feed themselves. Ariel Ben  Solomon of the Jerusalem  Post reports:

Earlier  this week, Egypt announced that it is seeking Russian assistance to revive its  nuclear program.

He  explains the possible motivations for this move:

It  seems to be a move by the Muslim Brotherhood-led government to solidify the  country’s position as a regional power,  as well as a way to improve relations with Moscow since Cairo has been facing  difficulties in getting aid from the International Monetary  Fund.

The  move could also be seen as a play to  increase Cairo’s leverage with the West so that it receives the aid it desires  without having to make too many concessions in  return.

On  the other hand, we also learn that:

Hamdi  Hassan, spokesman of the Brotherhood’s parliamentary caucus, said in 2006, “We  [Egyptians] are ready to starve in order to own a nuclear weapon that will  represent a real deterrent and will be decisive in the Arab-Israeli  conflict.”

Read more: American Thinker

Now the hypocrisy FLASHBACK: 2009 – Hillary Clinton Has A Most Wonderful Time Visiting Hosni Mubarak

Yes we sure know how to treat our friends don’t we?

President Obama and President Mubarak Speak to the Press
President Barack Obama and President Mubarak of Egypt address the press after meetings at the White House on the prospects of peace in the Middle East. August 18, 2009 Really very sad. Just take the first few minutes to watch, it gives a keen insight as to what a traitor looks and sounds like..

Finally a short clip that says it all and how we got to where we are:

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