Labor Dept.on payments to labor unions worldwide

Senate Republicans say the Labor Department appears to be spending millions  in taxpayer dollars to establish labor unions and promote collective bargaining  in foreign countries and are asking top Obama administration officials for a  full audit.

The purported activities were conducted by the agency’s Bureau of  International Labor Affairs.

The bureau for the past several years has purportedly made numerous awards —  worth millions of dollars — to the United Nations, the Solidarity Center and  other similar groups, “whose stated objective is to help establish labor unions  in foreign countries,” the senators said.

The bureau’s stated mission is to “help ensure that workers around the world are  treated fairly and are able to share in the benefits of the global  economy.” 

When I caught this story, an old post of mine came to mind. In the heat of the Acorn scandals which was a headliner for months, I recalled that Wade Rathke, founder of ACORN had moved on to India of all places. Acorn Alive and Well- Moving World-Wide

…[Wade] Rathke, who left the US ACORN group in 2008, focuses now on a separate organization he founded named ACORN International. The group has members in nine countries, including India, and focuses on the billion or so people who live in mega-slums.

So now we know where ACORN is getting its funding. From us. Recall Wade Rathke?

  • Founder and former Chief Organizer of ACORN, a nationwide activist network engaged in “community organizing” and in voter mobilization drives for George Soros’ Shadow Party
  • Former draft-resistance activist for the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
  • Former activist in the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) and protegé of its founder George A. Wiley
  • Co-founder of the Tides Foundation, along with Drummond Pike. Currently serves as Board Chairman of the Tides Center and member of the Tides Foundation Board of Directors
  • Founded Local 100 of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in New Orleans and heads it to this day. Rathke is president and co-founder of SEIU’s Southern Conference and a member of SEIU’s national executive board. He also helped launch the United Labor Union (ULU), which organizes low-skill service workers.
  • Rathke chairs the AFL-CIO’s Organizers Forum and formerly served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO.

Full background over at Discover the Networks 

“At a time when our federal budget is deteriorating rapidly … it is troubling  to us that the department appears to be spending millions of dollars of taxpayer  funds to establish labor unions and promote collective bargaining in foreign  countries,” they said in a letter to acting Labor Secretary Seth Harris

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