Acorn Alive and Well in India– Rathke’s Moving World-Wide

Any guesses as to who is funding this effort? Let’s jazz up the world, as if there is not enough unrest and anti-American sentiment. They never falter. On a semi-related topic, I see that Anita Dunn has resurfaced on “Meet the Press”….My thoughts on who is pulling the strings now? Maoist loving Anita Dunn, corrupt Valerie Jarrett who is Obama’s minder. Now add Rathke– all in this together,

November hasn’t been a great month for our beloved President. ACORN, which POTUS probably assumed was dead and buried, has a division in India.

The ACORN Foundation India works to organize the slum’s trash collectors and sorters known as “ragpickers.” The group was set up separately by the founder of the ACORN community organization that Obama once worked with in America… ACORN India issues the ragpickers identification cards that help cut down harassment by police and neighborhood watch groups.

…[ACORN’s] Shetty says roughly 40 percent of all Mumbai’s waste gets recycled, meaning ragpickers are part of the “green-collar” workforce that politicians and industrialists tout as a “win-win” between environmental and business concerns. ACORN India is resisting efforts to commercialize the sector unless the ragpickers are the ones chosen for the formalized jobs.

…[Wade] Rathke, who left the US ACORN group in 2008, focuses now on a separate organization he founded named ACORN International. The group has members in nine countries, including India, and focuses on the billion or so people who live in mega-slums.

Activists tied to ACORN International will protest outside Obama’s speech to Parliament Monday to pressure Indian lawmakers not to allow foreign companies like Wal-Mart into retail…
Got that? Those “green collar” jobs the Democrats are always touting?

Apparently they involve sitting on top of landfills and sorting plastic for 67 cents an hour.

Doug Ross

3 Responses to “Acorn Alive and Well in India– Rathke’s Moving World-Wide”

  1. Labor Dept.on payments to labor unions worldwide | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] When I caught this story, an old post of mine came to mind. In the heat of the Acorn scandals which was a headliner for months, I recalled that Wade Rathke, founder of ACORN had moved on the India of all places. Acorn Alive and Well- Moving World-Wide […]


  2. Angel Says:

    gosh this doesn’t even surprise me my friend..after all ..he spoke volumes in India a bout how wonderful Izzzzzzzlam is!!


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