Feds investigating if Boston bombing linked to Waco cult siege and Oklahoma City

No surprise is there? I caught CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for some reason as the story was going down. Hot air has the video: Hot Air:

Plenty of outrage coming from Twitter about this and other instances of media speculation in the wake of the multiple explosions in Boston today, and it’s worth discussing separately from Allahpundit’s excellent tracking post on the main story. Wolf Blitzer is covering the story for CNN at its headquarters, and he filled the time by speculating that today’s Patriot Day holiday in Massachusetts might have  something to do with the apparent bombing of the Boston Marathon

Feds investigating if Boston bomb attack is linked to Patriots’ Day anniversaries of Waco cult siege and Oklahoma City bombing- Yes, that’s the headline:

Patriots’ Day commemorates the first battle battle of the Revolutionary War, which took place April 19, 1776

Federal investigators are looking into possible connections between today’s bomb attack on the Boston Marathon and the Patriot’s Day anniversaries of the Branch Davidian compound seige in Waco, Texas, and the Oklahoma City bombing, a Justice Department source tells MailOnline.

Today’s attack took place on Patriots’ Day, which marks the first battle of the Revolutionary War and the ‘shot heard ’round the world.’ It is a day held in reverence by right-wing domestic groups and others who oppose the federal government.

President Barack Obama himself acknowledged the significance of the holiday during his briefing this afternoon.

‘Today is Patriots Day,’ he said. ‘A day that reflects the freedom Boston has celebrated throughout its history.’

The 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, which killed 168, occurred the day after Patriots’ Day. Bomber Timothy McVeigh was said believe the date was significant.

The federal siege of the Branch Dravidian compound, which left 82 members of the cult dead, began on Patriots’ Day in 1993.  

More here with Waco pictures and more Oklahoma bombing story

Kerry lies about the death of Afghan Diplomat

I was stunned to hear Kerry speak this morning. Kerry now says it was an I.E.D. After posting last week that the story of the death of a Diplomat in Afghanistan was morphing, a new version was now being promulgated. Even worse, when I googled the story, many of the versions did not include the FBI was being called in. Now why in the world would the FBI be called in? This was a military incident. Why not talk to the survivors before spinning this new version? Stay alert on this on, another Benghazi to be buried.

Was it a I.E.D? A Suicide Bomber, were they lost?

“As long as I am secretary of state I promise you I will do everything in my power to cover your back, you cover mine. We’ll be a good team and together we’ll get the job done.”

An FBI investigation is in its preliminary stages.

Smedinghoff was just 25 when she and four other Americans were killed while walking from a military base to a nearby school. Two explosions occurred, apparently a suicide car bombing followed by a roadside blast.

On Friday I posted :State Department has new story on Afghan blast that killed Diplomat

The State Department has acknowledged that five Americans killed in Afghanistan, including 25-year-old diplomat Anne Smedinghoff, were on foot when they were caught in the blast of a suicide bomber, and not in an armored vehicle as officials told bereaved relatives earlier this week.

The deaths of U.S. diplomatic personnel — and the State Department’s changing account of how they died — raise echoes for some of the security failures in Benghazi, Libya, where Islamist extremists killed four Americans in assaults on the U.S. diplomatic compound Sept. 11.

 Questions about the incident are likely to multiply in coming days, as more details about the attack are revealed. A witness reported Thursday that the provincial reconstruction team was lost, which is why the personnel were caught in the blast
US Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday he would be making a stop on the way home from a 10-day overseas tour to visit the family of a young diplomat killed in Afghanistan.

“We are not going to be deterred. We are going to be inspired. And we’ll use Anne’s idealism as another motivation to the idealism that brings all of you to this effort in the first place,” he told embassy staffers.

“We can make this world better,” Kerry said. “We can strengthen other countries. We’ve seen it happen.

H/T:Kanasas City

“As long as I am secretary of state I promise you I will do everything in my power to cover your back, you cover mine. We’ll be a good team and together we’ll get the job done.” Yepper!

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