Fart Chart : State list of farts and burps of Dairy Cows

I caught this story over at My Tea Party Chronicle. Take a stroll over for her take on it on the lighter side, and a bit of a sad hoot. Here is mine:

Poor Bessie, looks like milk is on the way out, if Bessie cannot get control of her farts and burps. Insanity reigns supreme. Another EPA farting away millions of dollars in studies. But here is the fearsome sentence:

The $14.6 million NAEMS study, led by Purdue University, was financed by a consent agreement between industry and the EPA to measure emission levels from CAFOs and to develop improved methods for estimating emissions in order to regulate CAFOs and monitor their compliance with the Clean Air Act and other environmental protection laws. 

Here is a link to The Cow Fart Chart

In other words, they entered into a legal agreement. Why in the world did they do that? Who entered into the agreement on behalf of the industry?  Guess who will be sued if they do not comply after the EPA comes up with the standard? There will be no more Bessies. Family farms will go, but big Agra will not doubt get waivers. That is how they will do this little number.

Here tis:

The emissions released by cows during milk production may be creating enough environmental pollution to negatively affect human health, which is why we’ve decided to include dairy cow emissions in our research into Milk ProCon.org’s core question “Is drinking milk healthy for humans?”

The US government does not have (as of Jan. 17, 2011) regulations for the amount of allowable air pollutants from dairy farms. In 2007 the EPA began collaborating with eight universities on a National Air Emissions Monitoring Study (NAEMS) to develop such regulations. Full story here at Milk Procon Org

Thanks go to My Tea Party Chronicle

Agenda 21, the ultimate plan for you and the world.

Always on Watch has a post not to be missed. If you are not up to speed on Agenda 21, now is the time. No, it is not some Right Wing nut job conspiracy. Read Maggie’s Notebook if you doubt me. It is shocking how far we  have come  down the road to this conclusion.

Bill Clinton formed the President’s Council on Sustainable Development in 1993, and it was in effect until 1999. Barack Obama has just signed his 86th Executive (No. 13575) on June 9, 2011 establishing the White House Rural Council (WHRC). Hold onto your chapeau because Agenda 21 is a chameleon with many names. Executive Order 13575 looks eerily similar.  It looks like every department and office in Obama’s government is involved in EO 13575 which is interested in your rural “food, fiber and energy.”

Out of the pages-upon-pages of Agenda 21 implementations, the bottom line is the control of the world’s land use.  It calls for smaller homes, smaller roads, smaller schools, neighborhoods with smaller blocks, walking access everywhere, cycling and public transit. Smaller private areas, including yards – because the “public realm” will provide the park like environments for you. They may be working in your City Hall right now. Your City may be taking government money right now, and they may also be paying out dues.  HERE at Maggie’s Notebook for a must read, and if you still have doubts, check out the LA Times.

Read “The world’s biggest problem? Too many people,” an op-ed from the Los Angeles Times on July 21, 2011. Still have questions?

More here at Conservatives on fire

EPA now giving millions to China, & around the world

The bizarre actions of the EPA never stop. Just when you think that one has heard it all, it continues to stun- giving out millions first in grants here in the U.S, now the world. EPA keeps on giving and destroying our country. Now this Congress thinks it can raise our taxes to pay for the pig methane over in Thailand and there will not be a revolt?  Catch this one:

“Chairman Upton’s report makes use of this database: it shows that EPA has awarded $718,000 to China’s EPA to assist with control of air emissions, $700,000 to Thailand to collect methane from pig farms and $150,000 to Interpol for climate change programs.  Since 2009, $27 million in taxpayer dollars has been sent to foreign countries.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Outrage of the Year” – that is what U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, is calling the distribution of tax dollars to China by the Obama Administration, through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to promote its climate change agenda.

“As the White House calls Congressional leaders to a meeting to address our nation’s debt and spending crisis, a report recently released by Congressman Fred Upton shows that the Obama EPA has been spending millions of taxpayer dollars in places like China – a country we already owe 1.2 trillion – to promote its liberal climate change agenda,” Senator Inhofe said.  “This is truly the outrage of the year.

Read the full transcript here: Media Newswire

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