The Bohemian Grove Meeting on July 13, 2011

I caught this action concerning the Bohemian Grove on the History Channel some time ago. It was a bizarre story. At first I could not believe it. After much research, it is indeed true. The rich and powerful meet to party and lord knows what else. The T.V.  program included Alex Jones who had attempted to enter the compound 5 years ago. Info wars is selling his DVD of his attempt to crash the party, as well as his take on the happening. Is Governor Perry attending this year as he has attended Bilderberg as so many Presidents have? Is he waiting to be “confirmed” as the next President? Is this Bilderberg on Steroids?


“Like Clinton, Perry has attended a Bilderberg meeting. In June 2007 Perry attended the Bilderberg confab in Istanbul, Turkey, making the mandatory promise of secrecy and to follow orders … Speculation that Perry is the Bilderberg group’s ace card was prompted by the current political climate, which can largely be gleaned from the fact that Perry is a longtime, unwavering supporter of the NAFTA Superhighway and related infrastructure projects. These pave the way for the Bilderberg-supported North American Union (NAU) proposal that would merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Bilderberg Group as reported by the History Channel

When I saw this link over at Before its news that they were meeting again on the 13th, a bit of  the scary dude type emerged. Many have tried to infiltrate the grove. They have unbelievable year round security. The T.V. show had a small clip taken sometime ago, and it was a stunner.One can only ask why. Here is the background of the group by The Sonoma County Free Press and Wikipedia

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In this new video release, Anonymous has called for the occupation of Bohemian Avenue and Railroad Avenue, the roads leading to the entrance of Bohemian Grove on the dawn of July 13th.

Aerial Map view of Bohemian Grove area. –

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Indianna law will track users of some cold medicines in real time.

Oh how it starts out so well-intentioned. Nothing like a database of purchasers. Here is part of the operative sentence “stores some personal information about buyers”. Some? I would have to subscribe to the paper for the full story, but let’s just say, I have the gist of it. Indiana, I thought you had better sense. There will be others after you, that may not be so well-intentioned and use the database you set up for ugly purposes.

Pharmacists and police are gearing up to implement a new Indiana law that will better help them identify and track methamphetamine makers and dealers.

Beginning Jan. 1, retailers selling ephedrine and pseudoephedrine must use an electronic system that tracks drug sales in real time and stores some personal information about buyers.

The National Precursor Log Exchange, or NPLE, will issue “stop-sale” alerts to pharmacists if buyers try to purchase more than the allowable limit within a 30-day period. The limit has been reduced to 7.2 grams — or about 240 cold pills — from 9 grams. The one-day limit remains 3.6 grams.

Currently, police have to review hundreds of pages from log books from pharmacies to determine who is buying more than is legally allowed. From The Republic

Obama Administration Sides With Lebanon’s Hezbollah Over Israel in Border Dispute

Israel with Billions of Dollars worth of Gas off the Coast. We sure can’t let them have that. Of course, Obama would want the U.N. to decide the territories. Need I say more? Here tis:

According to Wikileaks documents released last December, Obama State Department officials refer to the Hezbollah terror organization as the “armed resistance.”

This is the same terror organization that fires on Israeli troops from behind 3-story buildings in residential neighborhoods.

The Obama Administration is siding with the Hezbollah-dominated Lebanese government over Israel in a recent border dispute.
Haaretz reported:

Amid rising tensions over gas reserves, Israel to submit proposal to UN on where maritime economic border with Lebanon should be over next few days; U.S. endorsed Lebanon’s proposal submitted to UN in August.

In the next few days Israel will submit to the United Nations its take on where its maritime economic border with Lebanon should be, as the two countries scramble for gas reserves estimated to be worth billions of dollars.

Israel’s position is due to be approved by the cabinet on Sunday; Jerusalem argues that Lebanon’s proposal includes major areas belonging to Israel.

Last August, Lebanon submitted to the United Nations its version of where the maritime border should be – the exclusive economic zone. In November, it submitted its version of its western border, with Cyprus.

The Lebanese proposal does not include the large Tamar and Leviathan gas prospects, operated by Delek Energy and U.S. company Noble Energy. But the National Infrastructure Ministry found that the proposal contains reserves with a potential value in the billions of dollars. Full Story over at Gateway Pundit

 Just in case you are wondering what’s going on over there. Any Questions?

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