Nigeria to open consulate offices in North Carolina

“As parts of its efforts to make immigration matters easier for Nigerians living in some remote parts of the United States, the federal government has concluded the arrangement to begin the operation of a Consulate-General in California”. Immigration matters? Just how many Nigerians are here now?

Put this post down in the column, I want to know why. Nigeria and her brood are apparently coming our way. I could see Chicago of course, Obama’s hood. But North Carolina? Anyone down that way can you give us a hint as to why? 

“Also, the government of Nigeria is considering the opening of Consulate offices in Chicago, North Carolina and some other places”, according to Professor Adebowale Adefuye, the Nigeria’s Ambassador to the United States.

Making this known recently during a function jointly organised by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Continental Africa Chambers of Commerce,

Ambassador Ade Adefuye noted that he had been able to discuss the idea of opening a Consulate-General in St. Francisco with President Goodluck Jonathan during his last visit to the United Nations.

He added that the President assured him that everything would be put in place to begin the operation very soon, noting that it will be very easy and fast since Nigeria already has its own building in the area .All Africa

H/T: Before it is news

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