White House Press beats on Carney for over 10 Minutes

Could it be? The White House Press Corps is getting weary of the Big Lie– Obama has no plan for the deficit issue. Fox’s new Ed Henry starts the smack down, and amazingly, others join in. Even NBC. It takes a few minutes for it to get rare… but it happened.

White House press asks Carney a simple question: why not release the plan?

Or the lack thereof. After bobbing-and-weaving for nine minutes, Carney finally says what everybody knows: The president won’t put his plan on paper because he doesn’t want it to become “politically charged” before a compromise can be reached. In other words, you’ve got to pass it to find out what’s in it:

UPDATE: So POTUS doesn’t have a plan, as such. The Republicans, for their part, have several. But the president’s senior advisers are recommending that he veto the latest. Take a look at the Veto link above for a chuckle!

National Review

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