D.C Taxi non-problem with a Government solution

The one thing that I had appreciated was the availability of cabs when visiting D.C. The charge was by zones, and reasonable.But hey, if there isn’t a problem, the Government seems to need to create one. Reducing the number to 4000? When no one is complaining? We must get rid of anything like the individual desire to be in business for oneself. More corruption in the D.C. sewer. A great video which says it all as to what our country has become. These folks need to join a Tea Party! Here tis from Carpe Diem.

Taxicabs in Washington, D.C. are plentiful (estimated to number as high as 10,000), accessible and easy to find almost any time or day, and with fares cheaper by 20-25% than regulated, limited entry markets (“cartels”) like NYC and Boston.  From my personal experience, most D.C. taxi drivers are owner-operators who enjoy working for themselves and being able to set their own hours.  As a group, the drivers are generally friendly and courteous.  In other words, it’s a consumer-driven, market-based  industry with affordable fares and great service, and both the D.C. taxi drivers and D.C. customers are perfectly happy with the current system. 

So what’s the problem?  There really is no problem, unless apparently you’re an over-zealous, anti-market, meddling bureaucrat, and/or a large, anti-competitive taxi company with a self-interest in controlling a large share of a restricted market with high barriers to entry.  In that case, the government “solution” to D.C.’s “non-problem” with its taxicab industry is to create a “taxi cartel,” by artificially restricting the number of DC taxicabs to only 4,000 (putting thousands of taxi drivers out of work), and charging a $10,000 cartel membership fee to purchase a special license called a “medallion.”  

The D.C. Taxi Hobgoblin and Government “Solution” to a “Non-Problem”: Create a D.C. Taxicab Cartel

Is a Taxi Cartel Like This Coming to D.C.? Click on image to enlarge

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