Bloomberg gives $50 Million to end coal energy

Yes, the rich will tell the rest of us to hunker down, put more wood on the fire in the winter, and sweat it out in the Summer for what? So they can live out their dream of dictating to the world their weird reality. Bloomberg gives out his method of reaching his agenda.. “progress will come not from national governments and international bodies, but instead by driving action at the city and local level”. I guess buying off local politicians is a lot cheaper now than the National and International bodies.

Here tis:

Responding to yesterday’s announcement regarding New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s commitment to donate $50 million from his charitable foundation to the Sierra Club, today policy experts from the National Center for Public Policy Research warn these funds will greatly increase the prospects of ending coal as an energy source, bringing higher energy prices to an already sluggish economy.

Billionaire Bloomberg is a classic limousine progressive who can afford electricity at any price. Unfortunately, hardworking Americans and especially those on fixed incomes can’t – rising utility bills have a big impact on their budget by draining their disposable income,” said Deneen Borelli of Project 21.

“With Bloomberg’s cash infusion the Sierra Club can expand their campaign nationwide and bring political pressure on utilities and target elected officials who are trying to reign in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) attack on the coal industry. I’m concerned that elected officials and CEOs will buckle under the media pressure and sheepishly run away from coal use.

The irony of catching the post at Right Side News was this google ad:

Bloomberg’s gift to the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign will advance the effort to effectively retire one-third of the nation’s aging coal fleet by 2020. The grant reflects Mike Bloomberg’s view that progress will come not from national governments and international bodies, but instead by driving action at the city and local level.

The House is considering a bill to reign in the EPA. Looks like it is getting late in the day.

Utilities such as American Electric Power, Duke Energy and Southern Company recently announced they are closing coal-fired power plants because of new EPA regulations.

“Obama’s war on coal is already having an impact on utilities. Since coal provides about 45 percent of our nation’s electricity, the campaign to end its use is going to be especially harmful to states such as Indiana that derives more than 90 percent of its electricity from coal. In addition to the expected layoffs announced from the closing of the power plants, the cost of meeting new EPA requirements for the remaining coal power plants will be passed on to consumers. Bloomberg’s support of the Sierra Club is only going to accelerate the political pressure to end the use of coal,” added Deneen Borelli.

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