Reid says ‘visitors are smelly’ and ‘Cantor is Childish’

Anyone recall Reid’s comments about the “smelly visitors”? I couldn’t resist  this video of Harry Reid. Let me think about who is childish!! Enjoy

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says House Majority Leader Eric Cantor should not be part of the debt limit negotiations. He’s calling the Virginia Republican congressman “childish.”

Reid says Cantor’s conduct during the sensitive White House talks have shown, in Reid’s words, “he shouldn’t even be at the table.” Reid says other congressional leaders are negotiating in good faith as an Aug. 2 deadline approaches for raising the debt limit. Yahoo News

China built San Francisco Bridge almost complete

The land of the Liberal Loonies sends us this story. Where is Mr. Trumka on this one? The city can give away millions to illegals and who knows what all, but wants to go on the cheap in the bridge building contract? Where are the steel workers outrage? Oh, its California… it is to be expected. Anyone want to bet this was our stimulus money at work?

America will never recover if we outsource everything, including our public infrastructure. Link to the video animation  Here


The Shanghai-based company employed as many as 2,500 workers at peak times on the project, including 1,000 welders, who gained U.S. qualifications specifically for the work, he said. In total, it used 43,000 tons of steel on the project. Another Chinese company, Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co. made the 1- mile main cable for the bridge, Zhou said.

The final segments for San Francisco Bay’s new suspension bridge are being loaded onto a ship in Shanghai today, moving California’s largest current public works project a step closer to completion.

Five Months Early

Shanghai Zhenhua, a unit of Hong Kong-listed China Communications Construction Co., completed its work five months ahead of schedule, according to Chairman Zhou Jichang. The first of the sections arrived in California in January 2010. Loading the modules onto the ship will be completed by July 16, according to Tan Guangren, head of enterprise cultural division at the company.

The structure is part of the Bay’s new $6.4 billion East Span, due to open in 2013, which also includes a 1.2-mile viaduct. Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.’s work making the 525-foot tower at the heart of the suspension bridge and the 28 steel deck sections for it, highlights how Chinese engineers are expanding overseas and winning contracts for more complicated projects.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind-project,” William Ibbs, professor of construction management at the University of California, Berkeley, said in a telephone interview. “Seeing something of this magnitude go up is astounding.” Full story at  Bloomberg

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