Vote Tally Count Boehner Budget Debt Bill

Here is our link to the Final Senate and House Vote Breakdown, August 2, 2011
Earlier House Vote  on 7/29/11 Here:
From Gov Track:
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House Vote On Passage: S. 627 Vote Overview

  Totals Democrats Republicans Independents All Votes
Needed To Win
Aye: 218 (50%)
0 218 0
No: 210 (48%)   188 22 0
Present: 0 (0%)   0 0 0
Not Voting: 5 (1%)   5 0 0
Required: Simple Majority of 428 votes (=215 votes)

(Vacancies in Congress will affect vote totals.)

Vote Details.




The Hill: Republicans voting no:

Justin Amash (Mich.), Michele Bachmann (Minn.), Paul Broun (Ga.), Jason Chaffetz (Utah), Chip Cravaack (Minn.), Scott DeJarlais (Tenn.), Jeff Duncan (S.C.), Trey Gowdy (S.C.), Tom Graves (Ga.), Tim Huelskamp (Kan.), Timothy Johnson (Ill.), Jim Jordan (Ohio), Steve King (Iowa), Tom Latham (Iowa), Connie Mack (Fla.), Tom McClintock (Calif.), Mick Mulvaney (S.C.), Ron Paul (Texas), Tim Scott (S.C.), Steve Southerland (Fla.), Joe Walsh (Ill.), and Joe Wilson (S.C.).

McCain, Pelosi, we are all mad here!

Here is a great post– go over to the blog “Be sure you are RIGHT, then go ahead” for the insanity roundup=here is a piece:

We're All Mad Here ‘But I don’t want to go among mad people,’ said Alice. ‘Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the cat. ‘We’re all mad here.’ — Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland The old white rabbit is at it again, proving that he’s not yet cured of the chronic hoof-in-mouth disease he displayed when he was merely a RINO…I mean ‘maverick’: McCain: Tea Partiers Have Bad ‘Hobbit’ Of Not Supporting A Raise In Debt Ceiling Both McCain and the Wall Street J … Read More

via Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

H/T: as well My Blog

Obama has secret plan for Debt Crisis

We are saved!! Obama has a secret plan. Everyday, we are so blessed because one never knows what our leader may be able to pull out of his magical hat.

Chief of Staff William Daley told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer last night that Obama has issued a secret plan for solving the debt crisis.

From the transcript:

BLITZER:  So what you’re saying is the president did present a plan to the speaker, John Boehner.

DALEY:  Yes.

BLITZER:  But – but he didn’t…

DALEY:  Right.

BLITZER:  – make it public.

DALEY:  No, because there’s… both the speaker and – and the president had agreed and – that these sort of negotiations do not happen in public.

Read more at the  Washington Examiner and poor Leader….

And our fearless leader is totally sleepless..thinking about 2012 no doubt.

(Washington Examiner) As John Boehner spent the night trying to wrestle members into place to support his debt ceiling deal, Valerie Jarret reminded reporters yesterday that it was President Obama who was losing sleep over the issue.

“He’s getting absolutely no sleep. He’s working tirelessly, meeting with his economic team, doing a lot of outreach, exploring all kinds of possibilities for compromise,” Jarrett said.

CA Jerry Brown signs State DREAM Act

Well now, isn’t this just swell. We are no longer a country of laws. California is in a world of its own. Coming our way soon you betcha.

Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Dream Act this past Monday, giving undocumented college students access to privately funded financial aid. Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, the author of the bill, is already seeking to expand the bill to give these students access to state-funded tuition aid,

In June 1996 the Communist Party USA paper People’s Weekly World held a tribute event in Los Angeles for unionists Jerry Acosta and Gil Cedillo.

The Southern California Friends of the People’s Weekly World tribute to two of Los Angeles’ finest labor leaders, Jerry Acosta and Gilbert Cedillo, became a dynamic rally of elected officials, activists, labor and community leaders in solidarity with labor struggles and in the fight to defeat the ultra-right in November…

Cedillo has championed drivers licenses for illegal aliens, and has twice (2006,2011) introduced a version of the DREAM Act into California State Assembly.

Cedillo announced the introduction of the California Dream Act with a “coalition of business, education and labor leaders” including , Javier Nunez, President, Executive Board, Laborers International Union, Local 300, socialist affiliated Kent Wong, Director, UCLA Labor Center, the National Council of La Raza, Nancy Ramirez, Western Regional Counsel, MALDEF, and David Huerta, Regional Vice President, SEIU United Service Workers West. More at Trevor Loudon

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