Agenda 21, the ultimate plan for you and the world.

Always on Watch has a post not to be missed. If you are not up to speed on Agenda 21, now is the time. No, it is not some Right Wing nut job conspiracy. Read Maggie’s Notebook if you doubt me. It is shocking how far we  have come  down the road to this conclusion.

Bill Clinton formed the President’s Council on Sustainable Development in 1993, and it was in effect until 1999. Barack Obama has just signed his 86th Executive (No. 13575) on June 9, 2011 establishing the White House Rural Council (WHRC). Hold onto your chapeau because Agenda 21 is a chameleon with many names. Executive Order 13575 looks eerily similar.  It looks like every department and office in Obama’s government is involved in EO 13575 which is interested in your rural “food, fiber and energy.”

Out of the pages-upon-pages of Agenda 21 implementations, the bottom line is the control of the world’s land use.  It calls for smaller homes, smaller roads, smaller schools, neighborhoods with smaller blocks, walking access everywhere, cycling and public transit. Smaller private areas, including yards – because the “public realm” will provide the park like environments for you. They may be working in your City Hall right now. Your City may be taking government money right now, and they may also be paying out dues.  HERE at Maggie’s Notebook for a must read, and if you still have doubts, check out the LA Times.

Read “The world’s biggest problem? Too many people,” an op-ed from the Los Angeles Times on July 21, 2011. Still have questions?

More here at Conservatives on fire

17 Responses to “Agenda 21, the ultimate plan for you and the world.”

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    […] Now why is Obama coming after the family farm? By what right and for what purpose? Who is going to enforce it? By what right will they have to enter private property to enforce the ”new rules’? See our earlier post:Agenda 21 The ultimate plan for you and the world […]


  4. Otis P. Driftwood Says:

    No doubt that the powers that be in the New World Order will NOT be living in smaller homes or driving smaller cars or riding bicycles. Their yards will be big enough, and gated, so they will not have to go to public parks and mingle with the Great Unwashed Masses.


  5. Always On Watch Says:

    Thank you for linking.

    Over the past several days, I’ve come to the conclusion that this Agenda 21 thing is very, very important for us to know about. I think that the information I’ve been reading explains why our local governments have been tightening the noose around the uses we make of our private real estate.

    A friend of mine in the UK has been helping me with some of my research on the topic, and I found the video via some of this friend’s information.


  6. bunkerville Says:

    I hope so as well. I guess I have my question answered as to why the EPA is so involved– remarked over at your place yesterday. WHat I dont understand, why dont they defund the damn agency? I am really worried about Rick Perry… I feel confidant he is the plant for 2012. The media is fawning over him… an almost “tell”. He worked for Gore — headed up the Texas Campaign … attended Bilderberg


    • Cheryl Says:

      Yes, worried about Perry as well. Some of the back story on him is starting to emerge and it isn’t pretty.
      Thanks for the link on my research above! It’s going to take a complete power turnover of the senate, house, and WH to get these executive orders rescinded and defunded. Vet all candidates on this problem. The issues of Smart Growth and Sustainable Development are Agenda 21 being implemented in everyone’s local community. Same Agenda, different names. Check into your local “comprehensive plans” for your city and county. That is where they are putting the screws in place all over the nation. Another avenue is the indoctrination in the schools. Make sure your children are not buying into this propaganda.
      Hang tough and fight back!! Thanks bunkerville for the post on this!!


      • bunkerville Says:

        Everyone just thinks this is nothing but a conspiracy theory….but it is a stunner how far along Obama’s minions have taken us down this road.


  7. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Thanks for the link. AOW left me a comment last asking me to see her post this morning. That video ought to put the fear of God into everyone that sees it. Those of us that have been writing about Agenda 21, in all its hidden forms, have been frustrated by the apparent lack of interest that we find especially among our political leaders.


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