The Conservative denial – more than the economy that has us down

Is it the economy? That has many conservative bloggers down? It is more than being dispirited. There is overwhelming sadness in many quarters. Many are chosing to cut back, and perhaps not post  at all.

I suggest that the sadness, and fear for the future is about more than descending or progressing into a European style socialism. We are/were the last superpower. For close to a century, mutually assured destruction kept the peace within the superpowers. Allies of ours took comfort in us being around. Now it turns out, much to their detriment. They became dependent on us for their freedom just as of our citizens became dependent on our government.

So the testing begins, They kill our Ambassador, Iran is becoming more and more bellicose. China steals our secrets and develops a plane similar to our latest design. It builds its Navy. Russia says it will sail the seas once again as it did in the cold war, Obama will be more flexible. He tells us little of what is going down. The media colludes, secrets leak out. Enough to make us nervous.

In response, Iranian born Valerie Jarrett who was born in Iran, and I have posted ad nauseam still has friends in Iran– she loves Iran, so her friends say, is to “negotiate”. She speaks Persian Farsi. I am sure that is why she is involved. Valerie Jarret’s Father in law, head of Communist youth party– just a refresher.

There is much more to our discomfiture. As bloggers, many are History buffs. That is what brings us to our interest in government.  No, it is not about the economy that brings us to our sadness. Rather it is our concern and fear of what the future holds regarding our security. We know what appeasement brings to governments who have rotted on the inside.

The world knows we are sick of war, and so we should be. But our Appeaser in chief will not just be the appeaser. He intends to destroy our defenses, manage ways around to circumvent the approval of treaties, cut our nukes, our Navy, make sure we are not energy independent. The list goes on and on but I have said enough, you fill in the rest of it. Because you know. It is not the economy alone that will bring us down, we shall soon become prey to a more powerful force. That is how the last chapter ends. It always has, and always will.  We have much to fear. So does the world.

This list is based on –

The military budgets for China, India and Russia are PPP figures, not nominal figures. These figures were published by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).


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