Harry Reid to change Senate rules so he can be a dictator too

I am trying to get myself off the ledge and remain a warrior. Not a happy one, and feeling more like a Historian at the time of the Roman empire. That said, as they say, the higher the rise, the faster the fall.  Now it is Obama’s tenure. No longer can Bush be blamed. So here we go in the new bi-partisan approach that will bring us all together.

Looks like Reid is going to bore down similar to Obama. I guess the rule change regarding Obamacare wasn’t enough. Nothing like the taste acquired for those who chose power over the law. Forget that Reid refuses to let any of the hundreds of bills passed by the House ever see the light of day over at his venue, Forget no budget has been passed by the Senate. So here we go, let’s get this government dismantled and quick. First, a memory from Harry. He thinks we smell.


WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) pledged on Wednesday to change the rules of the Senate so that the minority party has fewer tools to obstruct legislative business. (The GOP is so annoying-don’t you just hate having three branches)?

In his first post-election press conference, the Nevada Democrat said he wouldn’t go so far as to eliminate the filibuster, which requires 60 votes for the chamber to enter and exit the amendment and debate process. But in remarks meant to preview a more combative approach during the next session, he warned Republicans that obstructionism as a tactic won’t be tolerated — or as technically feasible. (Combative-now that is a new approach-Boehner, please don’t cry).

“I want to work together, but I also want everyone to also understand, you cannot push us around. We want to work together,” Reid said. (This is where you chuckle)

“I do” have plans to change the Senate rules, he added. “I have said so publicly and I continue to feel that way … I think the rules have been abused, and we are going to work to change them. We will not do away with the filibuster, but we will make the senate a more meaningful place. We are going to make it so we can get things done.”

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