Obama’s perfect storm. As shock wears off, unrest and anger will appear

Eight out of 10 give Obama high marks for his handling of Sandy. The fact that he has little to do with the response of course is moot.Why post this poll? Because by Tuesday, the man who is taking credit for the great response to Sandy will soon find himself “unloved”.  I do not want to minimize in any way the suffering of those who are effected. It’s just the politics of it.

I suggest this will be the undoing of Obama. Most Americans are not ready to go through a tough time let alone losing their homes. This time, millions are enduring what is the unthinkable. A cold house? No electricity?  Where is our Government which has always provided. The man who takes credit, will have to take the fall. Shortages will increase- food, gas, nerves will fray, portions of civil society may break down. So as much as we would like Benghazi to break through, I suggest that this is the story yet to be told. The man unwittingly set his own trap. Who is he going to blame this time? George Bush?

President Obama gets sky-high marks for his response to Hurricane Sandy, which cut a brutal path along the country’s East Coast on Monday, according to the latest release of the Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll.

Nearly eight in 10 likely voters say the president has done an “excellent” or “good” job dealing with what’s been labeled a “super storm.” Almost as many give positive reviews to the federal government’s response generally. Even two-thirds of those who support Republican Mitt Romney in next week’s presidential election say Obama is doing well in this area.

H/T:Washington Post

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