John Kerry -the next Secretary of Defense? How absurd

John Kerry, the next Secretary of Defense?  Just a reminder below with a few minutes of clips. How fast can we dismantle and dishonor our military? We are going to expect our young men and women be placed in harm’s way with this man “looking out” for them? What a joke. Another expression of Obama’s anger if this comes to pass.

“[If you] make an effort to be smart… you can do well; [if not], you get stuck in Iraq.”
– John Kerry, 10-30-2006:

He then refused to apologize.

 Swiftboat Veterans For Truth Ad on John Kerry – Sellout

John Kerry actually windsurfed forward in the 2004 campaign. He voted for the Iraq war, then against it, then for it, and finally against it. It must have made the troops feel really supported. 


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