“Sandy”, the unreported suffering that gives Obama a lift?

Yesterday Christie was once again asked about his interaction with Obama when he heaped praise on the three phone calls he received, and of course “The Visit”. Nothing done in real-time by FEMA, but hey, he wanted the goodies so we give him a pass.

I had planned a philosophical post about the turning point in our country coming up tomorrow. But this says it so much better. Because Christie again yesterday reiterated that the support from Obama was great, and he was going to be “non-political”. Folks love his straight talk. But in reality, he is nothing more than a hack. Perhaps there are those who want to give him a break because he is doing it for his constituents. That is what they all say when they load up the pork. How about telling the real truth about the suffering Christie and getting on with the truth of where we are,

So we have the Hurricane that does not exist. Nothing in the media other than Fox for the most part. In some ways  this is worse than Katrina since this time around it will be below or close to freezing. Over two million  still without power. By the way, FEMA is putting out a bid for water today. First time. Please don’t forget the other States as well. No heat. No light, little gas to even run generators.

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