Veteran’s Day – We honor and salute the men and women

This was a tough one today. Dispirited, wanting to give it a rest regarding a post. Why bother, does anyone even care. How many will even bother to stop by. I really have had enough of it.

Then I thought of our founders, our first patriots who felt the same way, but it wasn’t getting up and doing a post. It was about and fighting through almost insurmountable odds. Willing to lay down their lives for me. Through the years there were many more who felt and did the same.

So here is a remembrance to all those Veterans who are out there. Indeed, thank you for your service. Do stop by and check out the link below. It is the least we can do.

Honor the fallen with the names, pictures and stories of our Service men who have so willing given their lives. Here is the link


Those who serve may have a wide variety of political views and philosophies, but they’re all Americans, love America, and they dedicated themselves to preserving the nation in the best tradition of Americans.

We also have a link from our home page under Fallen Warriors on the right side of our home page for updates.

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