Fauxahontas Warren spent weekend in China trying to cause heap big trouble


So Warren wants to cause heap big trouble for Trump if she can apparently, and undermine Trump’s efforts on the eve of tense negotiations with North Korea. She spent three days blowing smoke in China as well as trying to make trouble in South Korea and Japan. All on on our dime apparently. She is not the first to make a magical mystery tour in the region. Hillary of course made her “land mark” landing in India as we all know, and this: 

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in China for Easter weekend, speaking with dignitaries in Beijing about her reservations regarding President Trump’s actions on the world stage and collective concerns about Sino-American trade relations.

Warren, a Democrat whose name has been floated as a 2020 Trump opponent, talked trade policy with Vice Premier Liu He, Defense Minister Wei Fenghe and another Chinese official named Yang Jiechi, according to Reuters.

“This has been a chaotic foreign policy in the region, and that makes it hard to keep the allies that we need to accomplish our objectives closely stitched in,” Warren said.

She reportedly accused Trump of trying to “take the legs out from underneath [the American] diplomatic corps,” which “Fox & Friends” discussed may have been a reference to the president’s firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

“You can’t but help see this through a political prism,” Griff Jenkins said. “She is trying to go overseas and undermine our significant and very important negotiations.”

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China: Erudite, Suave, and Clever


China: Erudite, Suave, and Clever

By Mustang

It is an interesting study.  On the one hand is Barack Hussein Obama, a man elected to the American presidency owing to his vast experience and proven diplomatic ability, who in spite of apologizing to the entire world for the United States of America, its history, and its people, managed to fall flat on his face during the so-called Arab Spring movement, which was entirely his and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s own creation.  Yes, of course, this is the same HRC who wanted to replace Obama and continue his disastrous (for America) legacy.  And then on the other hand, there is a growing Chinese influence in the area of the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) that is anything but Obama-Clintonesque.  Let’s take a look …

One may recall that the Arab Spring had its beginning in 2010 when a Tunisian set himself on fire after being harassed by a city official.  It thoroughly shook the Middle East for two solid years and may not be over with yet.  In this time, three regional dictators met their end because of the Arab Spring, but we are not yet entirely sure this was necessarily a good thing.  It takes years to record a history.

Nevertheless, in the wake of the successful civil disturbances in Tunisia and Egypt, the threat that these instabilities would spread was in fact real —and worrisome to everyone except the American left.  There was no need to worry about that 3 a.m. phone call —because no one was answering the phone.  Demonstrations occurred in Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Syria, and Yemen. A major civil uprising engulfed Libya.  While some countries placated the people with moderate reforms, other nations responded with a heavy hand.  John McCain-funded Al Qaeda terrorists were quick to seize hold of the uprisings in Libya and Syria, where violence within the religion of peace continues.  In Saudi Arabia, everyone received a raise in pay.

How did the American left respond to the crisis they created?  Essentially, the USA implemented two strategies.  First, the Obama administration pissed all over itself, and then in phase two, it managed to get four American heroes killed.  It was the least complicated foreign policy in the entire world. 

China, on the other hand, has been nothing if not consistent in its MENA policies and programs.  What motivates China is a desire for energy security, an increase of overseas markets, and foreign investment opportunities.  China consistently opposes military intervention; its MENA policy pragmatic and realistic.  In order to achieve energy security and economic opportunity, China prefers a stable international environment —although I suspect this is only true the farther one moves away from China.  In China, there are three focuses: find ways to cooperate, be clever in negotiation, and manage conflict in a way that benefits Chinese economic policy.  Stable governments provide more in the way of personal security and economic opportunity.  For these reasons, China opposes US military intervention.

Conservative Americans tend to look at things through different lenses.  It may be true that conflict does little to stabilize government —but surely this is only true for as long as it takes Army Rangers to choke the living crap out of people who are desperately asking for it.  Once that’s done, then we can begin efforts to stabilize the new government … with everyone involved in the winning side living happily ever after.  Doing this, however, forces China to place its long-range economic plans on hold, or re-starting very complex negotiations, neither of which benefits China.

Note: Our concerns should not be what benefits China, but rather, what benefits ourselves. 

MENA countries have long been a strategic focus of the US, Russia, and the European Union.  For China, the area is not as important as its Pacific neighbors, so China’s Middle East behavior hinges on its understanding of western strategies.  This means that US policy in the Middle East should be simple, stable, and straight-forward.  In this regard, the Obama administration did the United States (or its people) no favors —and it left Chinese diplomats scratching their heads and sucking air through their teeth.

I believe that China wants to avoid actions that will place it in a direct confrontation with the United States; I think this is what is driving Sino-MENA policies.  Realizing as it did how predictable the United States was under the incompetent leadership of Bush I—Clinton—Bush II—Obama, China appears to be the real winner in the Middle East.  Certainly, no one in the Middle East views China as a threat and this will no doubt continue for as long as China regards American foreign policy as comical.

Working behind the scenes, China is being extraordinarily knowledgeable, exceedingly smooth, and astonishingly clever.  I hope Trump can do better than his predecessors.

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John Kerry: ‘There would have been no Paris Accord if there had been penalties

We hear the sky is falling now that Trump refuses to redistribute our wealth to the rest of the world via the Paris Accord. But you know the drill. John Kerry, the master negotiator that he is, rises up in his righteous anger yesterday. Let’s just look how his mind worked when we first heard his words of wisdom on the agreement when it was first approved. I am sure “Public Shaming” would have really done the trick in compliance. It’s working great for his Iran deal he negotiated.

“So that is a serious form of enforcement, if you will, compliance. But there is no penalty for it, obviously, but if there had been a penalty, we wouldn’t have been able to get an agreement.”

On December 14, 2015 I posted this and see if you can follow his logic.

Here Kerry opines on two insights on the Global Warming “agreement.”Kerry: Public Shaming is ‘Most Powerful Weapon in Many Ways’ to Enforce World Climate Agreement. The other astute observation?

While discussing the global climate change agreement made in Paris over the weekend, Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged on Fox News Sunday that there wouldn’t been an agreement at all if there were binding penalties for countries not meeting emissions standards.

President Obama, Kerry said, was determined to “get an agreement that would move the world in the right direction.” As such, Kerry said that the “best thing we can do” to get countries to reduce their carbon emissions was a “mandatory reporting requirement.”

In a bit of circular logic, Kerry said that countries would have to retool their reduction levels every five years to meet their commitments, but he couldn’t say there was anything beyond their own word to force them to so.

“The best thing we can do in an effort to try to change people’s thinking is to do this mandatory reporting requirement,” Kerry said. “The mandatory reporting requirement has to be updated every five years. Every five years, it is mandatory that countries retool their reduction levels in order to meet the demands of meeting the curve of reduction to which they have committed. So that is a serious form of enforcement, if you will, compliance. But there is no penalty for it, obviously, but if there had been a penalty, we wouldn’t have been able to get an agreement.”


Nancy Pelosi visits Dalai Lama, he prays to rid her of ‘negative attitudes’

In other words, this is known as a junket at tax payers expense. It is curious that Nancy chose the Dalai Lama to heal her wounds. Once more she rambles along, but anyway, Northern India can be nice this time of year.

If there’s anyone on earth who can heal Nancy Pelosi’s bitterness and “negative attitudes,” it might be the Dalai Lama.

During a Congressional visit to Dharamsala, North India, on Tuesday, the House Minority Leader admitted the Dalai Lama was praying for her to rid herself of her negativity.

The most curious part of her speech came when Pelosi said she wouldn’t delve into the “brutal tactics of the Chinese government,” which rules Tibet.

Her reason?

“His Holiness prayed for me that I would rid myself of my negative attitude about dwelling on the negative too much,” Pelosi confessed to the crowd.

The California politician has called herself “a devout, practicing Catholic,” yet her staunch pro-choice position on abortion stands in opposition to the church.

It remains to be seen if the Dalai Lama’s supplication on Pelosi’s behalf has indeed done the trick. H/T: The Blaze

Bill Nye, the eugenics guy, says lets penalize families with ‘extra kids’

Bill Nye the science guy gives me a bit of PTSD. A flashback to the days of the old “Red China” days when they had their plans of destroying any aspect of culture. Purging it of thousands of years of history. We are doing that quite well without Bill. But now he moves on to Eugenics. Western Civilization is already looking at the specter of a declining birth rate that dooms itself to annihilation. Bill Nye has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Period. That is it. But this will be the new indoctrination for us and here is when it began. Here we go:

The Internet is rightly mocking the complete disaster that is the Rachel Bloom “My Sex Junk” video that is part of the new Netflix series, “Bill Nye Saves the World.” As bad as that is (it is BAD), another portion of the series is even worse. The 13th and final installment is titled “Earth’s People Problem,” and with a name like that, you know we could be in for some ideas that border on eugenics.

The 26-minute episode starts off in fairly inoffensive fashion. Following an intro that demonstrates how human consumption is like sponges soaking up water, Nye explains how women who have access to educational and professional opportunities tend to have fewer children.

Let’s Reconsider…Forced Sterilization?

The fight against climate change, Nye’s most passionate cause, is brought up by Rieder, who notes that children in developed countries use 160 times more resources than children in the developing world. This is where the creepy totalitarianism of the environmental movement starts to show itself. Nye asks, bluntly, “Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?”

Extra kids. These d-mn people and their existence, am I right? Nye (who, again, decided we all needed to see that abomination from Bloom) is wise enough to set limits on humanity. This whole concept and the ease with which he discusses it is so frightening and evil that I am genuinely appalled at Netflix’s decision to air it.

Rieder says we should “at least consider” a form of punishment for people who have these Extra Kids (TM). Nye impatiently responds that “consider means do it.” Snow, to her credit, jumps in and takes issue with the idea that “we do anything to incentivize fewer children or more children.” Benfield notes the history of compulsory sterilization in America, a practice that was in place as recently as the 1970s. The issue was not come at from a position of justice in the past, she adds. But this time will be different, I guess?

So, if you’re scoring at home, that leaves China’s maternity laws and their recently ended one-child policy as the key points from this half hour of science televangelism. As Calandrelli says, it’s time for America to “catch up.” With China.

Yeesh. The program had eight minutes left that I couldn’t watch even if I tried.

The Federalist

Lawmakers say ‘halt’ to sale of Chicago Stock Exchange to China

Of course this is done over the holidays with an abbreviated comment period. We gave Russia our Uranium why not give China access to manipulating our financial markets. The unthinkable is thinkable these days. The Obama regime remains without comment. Here tis:

stockLawmakers are demanding a longer review of a Chinese firm’s deal to purchase the Chicago Stock Exchange, voicing concerns over the sale’s impact on U.S. national security and the financial security of the American marketplace.

“As the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) conducts its process to review this transaction, we similarly urge you to consider the negative impacts Chinese state-affiliated ownership of the Chicago Exchange will have on national security and the financial security of the American marketplace,” the lawmakers wrote.

Earlier this month, the Chicago Stock Exchange announced that CFIUS found “no unresolved national security concerns” regarding the deal. The sale now only faces approval by the SEC. The Treasury Department has declined to comment on the development.

The lawmakers argued Thursday that the deal would offer the firm the ability to “manipulate” the $22 trillion U.S. equity marketplace.

“The integrity of, and confidence in America’s financial markets is a bedrock component of our nation’s security,” they wrote. “This transaction raises serious questions that go well beyond the limited scope of review that has already taken place. Allowing an entity such as CCEG to acquire one of our nation’s exchanges—with the access, information, and opportunities that exist to undermine U.S. interests—is a very serious matter.”

“Given these concerns, we urge you to consider rejecting this transaction,” the lawmakers wrote.

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Clinton denied high level Chinese defector to assist Beijing leaders

This is a prime example of the kind of leadership we can expect with a Clinton Presidency. She never was able to figure out the White hats, nor the Black hats. She tore through the Middle East dispatching an Arab Spring hell fire the likes of which ended with failed states rich with terrorists. You want some intelligence? No, let’s help China. Here tis:

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton turned away a high-ranking Chinese defector who sought political asylum after the communist police chief sought refuge in a U.S. consulate in southwestern China four years ago.

Critics say Clinton’s handling of the defection of Wang Lijun, a close aide to a regional Communist Party leader, was a blunder and lost opportunity for U.S. intelligence to gain secrets about the leaders of America’s emerging Asian adversary.

However, the defector’s case highlights Clinton’s policy of seeking to preserve U.S. ties with China’s communist leadership instead of pursuing much-needed intelligence gathering on China at a time when Beijing is emerging as an increasingly threatening power.

Details of the mishandling of the Wang defection have been kept secret by the Obama administration, and Clinton’s version of events were contradicted by U.S. officials and the official Chinese account. Instead of gaining long-term access to a valuable defector with inside knowledge of Chinese strategy and policies, Clinton contacted the Chinese government in Beijing and allowed security officials to take Wang into custody outside the U.S. consulate some 30 hours after he entered the property in a daring bid to flee China for the United States.

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