Dan Crenshaw whines Dems tricked him, voted for Military NDAA Red Flag Law


The NDAA. It’s an enormous piece of legislation that Crenshaw didn’t take the time to read. This after he previously puts out a YouTuber on what the NDAA bill is all about.  Now he says he was tricked.  “You gotta read the damn thing Danny boy” so says Rob over at Weasel Zippers. It seems Dan has forgotten rule #1 after becoming a member of Congress.  
Rule #1. The Democrats are not your friend. They will lie to you. Maybe he could spend more time on the job than being a media sensation.

Dan Crenshaw

Dan Crenshaw

The military court protective order provision, buried deep in HR 4350, is another example of the “red flag law” gun control measures sweeping the country. Rep. Speier said she introduced the language to help curb the skyrocketing suicide rates among active military personnel. Gun rights advocates don’t buy it and point to a slippery slope that has the potential to compromise the Fifth Amendment right that no one shall be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”   

Gun Owners of America, a prominent gun-rights advocacy organization, said the language of the bill passed by the House creates a military court gun confiscation program, and that it represents a clear, “disgusting violation of the Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights of our armed service personnel who offer their lives to defend those same constitutional rights every day. 

“Seizing firearms first and ‘getting the Due Process later’ will never constitute sufficient Due Process, no matter how much anti-gunners may pretend it does.”

However, the fight is not over. The U.S. Senate has yet to consider their version of the NDAA, and both chambers will need to iron out any differences between their respective bills before it becomes law. NRA-ILA says it will continue to fight against the inclusion of these anti-gun provisions in the final bill.

Vote totals and individual votes at Gov Track here

While we are concerned about the trillions, it is the billions that may claim our guns.

Here is his cliff note edition for his fans and constituents. This was done is 2019 to let us know he is on to the NDAA.

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