S. Korean President Returns Six U.S. MIA Remains in Person. Biden Sends No One.

One of our important allies, South Korea, was snubbed big time by Biden. Worse was the lack of respect for our fallen. Biden could not trouble himself to send a government representative to meet Moon. I bet if Trump was in office he himself might have taken the opportunity to spend some time with Moon Jae-in. It got zero coverage. Moon came half way around the world to pay respect. The U.S government? Zero effort.

Almost 40,000 Americans died in that three-year conflict with North Korea and China. Another 100,000 were wounded and a stunning 7,500 still remain unaccounted for.

This is not the biggest story of the day, but one that is due respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

An American flag is prepared for presentation to the next of kin“An American flag is prepared for presentation to the next of kin” by Beverly & Pack is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, and his wife, Kim Jung-sook, flew to Hawaii this week to personally return the recovered remains of six U.S. soldiers from the Korean War in a solemn ceremony at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser has a lovely collection of photos from these ceremonies if you’d like to get a sense of this important historical event.

An additional report is at  HotAir.com.

Moon Jae-in is the President of a nation that has stood as one of our staunchest military and diplomatic allies since before most of us were born and they sit on the front line of one of the most incendiary hotspots on the planet. He came to the United States from halfway around the world to fulfill a sacred obligation to our country.

It didn’t involve much of a trip for the Admiral to meet the South Korean president.

Red State:

Bringing home the remains of the fallen is always an emotional issue for Americans, many of whom still fly black POW-MIA flags from the Vietnam War. Accessing remains even delayed peace talks after the Vietnam fighting. And the Leave No One Behind mantra raised its emotional head after Biden’s Afghan retreat did leave Americans behind.

So, when the president of a long-time democratic ally and an economic powerhouse, especially one from Asia where signs of respect are so revered and expected, personally gets involved in the return of soldiers’ remains, it’s a pretty big deal. Or should be. The U.S. still has about 30,000 troops stationed in South Korea as a tripwire to deter another North Korean invasion.

The Biden administration, however, sent no one to the ceremony, which also involved repatriating remains of now-identified Korean soldiers to their homeland.

That five-sided military building did assign an admiral, who was very professional and respectful as a military man but not a government rep.

The Korean president, of course, delivered his remarks with dignity, showing no signs of umbrage as he and a Korean Honor Guard handed the remains of six Americans to the Defense Department’s POW/MIA Accounting Agency. He then accepted the remains of 68 now-identified South Korean troops, which flew back to Korea on the president’s plane. “American and Korean heroes are finally returning home to their families after a 70-year-long wait,” Moon said. The solemn ceremony received little news coverage beyond Honolulu because without White House representation it was unimportant and any news coverage noting that, like this report, might be seen as critical of the administration that is not headed by Donald Trump.

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Australia: 95 percent in hospital for Covid have been vaccinated


And Victoria, Australia has been in lockdown for 8 months says Sky news


 Health Minister Martin Foley.

Health Minister Foley announced 867 new COVID cases recorded yesterday.  During the statistical outline Foley identifies 375 people as hospitalized, 81 people in intensive care and 61 people on a ventilator.   Then comes the statistic everyone in government and media ignore.  Amid the recorded cases “78% of the hospital cases are fully vaccinated, and 17% are partially vaccinated (1 dose)”….

That means 95% of the COVID patients in Victoria hospitals are vaccinated.

Victoria is reflecting this same issue, perhaps worse.  78% of the hospital patients are fully vaccinated, that’s actually a higher percentage than the population vaccinated as a whole. Meaning vaccinated people are arriving at the hospital in greater percentage than they represent in the population.  The vaccine could be making people suffer more severe outcomes.   Watch it again.  These are his own statements.

356 people out of 375 patients are vaccinated, yet 81 people are still in intensive care with 61 on a ventilator.  

H/T: Conservative Tree House

I wonder if this could have to do anything with Governor Hocul wanting New Yorkers to be Apostles for the vaccine?

The governor’s daughter-in-law is listed on federal lobbying disclosure reports, showing that she and her team actively tried to influence members of Congress and those within President Joe Biden’s administration.

Hochul’s daughter-in-law isn’t the only close family member creating optics problems for the new governor.

Hochul’s husband, William Hochul, is a former federal prosecutor who works as senior vice president and general counsel at gambling and hospitality giant Delaware North. The Daily Beast noted that Hochul’s administration will have authority over key regulators that have ties to the gambling industry, including the New York State Gaming Commission.


Our stalwart reader Kid gives us this nugget of info here:

UK.GOV site – Page 19 lists a number of vaccinated who died of the Covid delta variant.

Click to access Technical_Briefing_20.pdf

Looks about right.


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Sheer Madness – Health care workers fired, National Guard now doing bus driving and health care


We learn that one in five so called “migrants” is sick according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas here.

The migrants are strewn throughout various military bases here in the U.S. We can assume the medical units of the services are taking care of said migrants. If the military is not stressed enough, we now call on the National Guard to leap into the breech and take care patients because of the deliberate firing of possibly tens of thousands of health care workers.

Capt. Buddy Davis at local hospital in Port-au-Prince


Those in the National Guard I would assume have their own day jobs that are medical in nature. The States calling up the National Guard simply move the chess pieces on the board. Who is going to fill the jobs that they leave once they are called up? Add to that, the National Guard are now bus drivers too.

Bus driver shortage has states looking to National Guard to transport kids to school

Ohio is far from the only state dealing with this shortage. Last week, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker activated up to 250 members of the National Guard to drive school buses throughout the state as needed.

New York hospitals fire, suspend staff who refuse COVID vaccine

NEW YORK, Sept 27 (Reuters) – New York hospitals on Monday began firing or suspending healthcare workers for defying a state order to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and resulting staff shortages prompted some hospitals to postpone elective surgeries or curtail services.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told a news conference the city’s hospitals were not yet seeing a major impact from the mandate, adding he worried about other areas of the state where vaccination rates are lower.

Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo suspended elective inpatient surgeries and had stopped accepting intensive-care patients from other hospitals as it prepares to fire hundreds of unvaccinated employees, a spokesman Peter Cutler said.

Cutler said the decision to curtail some operations would inconvenience patients and hurt hospital finances. Elective inpatient surgeries bring in about $1 million per week, he said.

Sheer madness. The Governor of New York and Tucker Carlson’s take. Health care workers were willing to sacrifice all when no one understood anything about the Covid virus. This is the thanks.

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Biden: ‘”An unrelenting stream of immigration ” “Non Stop, Non Stop” – not a bad thing

UPDATE: I fully expected for it to be taken down.  I found a Rumble clip. It is a shortened version.

Tucker Carlson last week dug up a C-Span clip of Biden done in February 2015. Biden celebrates Whites becoming a minority in the United States. “Non-White DNA is the source of our strength.”

“An unrelenting stream of immigration is not a bad thing.” “Non Stop, Non Stop”

We get our first glimpse of the future foot soldier DHS one Alejandro Mayorkas right by his side. Mayorkas was making the rounds on the Sunday talkies claiming the immigration system was completely broken. Of course, no one argued back that it was indeed the Biden administration that had done just that.

In the clip of Biden we get a chilling insight of exactly what Biden had/has in mind. The “Great Replacement.”

To cue up Biden is around 5:00. Some video of the migrants has been overwritten.. But we get the drift of Tucker.

Link here


Here is a link to the full interview via the Fox Network:



We are suppose to believe that this is a conspiracy theory. 

According to Renaud Camus, the “Great Replacement” has been nourished by “industrialisation“, “despiritualisation” and “deculturation”;[e][21][22] the materialistic society and globalism having created a “replaceable human, without any national, ethnic or cultural specificity”,[23] what he labels “global replacism”.[24] Camus claims that “the great replacement does not need a definition,” as the term is not, in his views, a “concept” but rather a “phenomenon”:[25][13


A people was here, stable, had been occupying the same territory for fifteen or twenty centuries. And suddenly, very quickly, in one or two generations, one or several other peoples substitute themselves for him. He is replaced, it is not him anymore.

— Renaud Camus, 2013 interview for Action Française.[7]

In Camus’s theory, the indigenous French people (“the replaced”)[f][19] is described as being demographically replaced by non-European peoples—mainly coming from Africa or the Middle East—in a process of “peopling immigration” encouraged by a “replacist power”.[a][4][26] According to French philosopher Pierre-André Taguieff, the validity for using the term “conspiracy theory” to define Camus’s concept indeed lies in the second part of the proposition:

To [the theory of a replacement through mass immigration], that claims itself to be an observation or a description, is added in the “anti-replacist” vision a conspiracy theory which attributes to the “replacist” elites the desire to achieve the “Great Replacement”. From the ideas of “peopling colonisation” and “mass immigration”, “anti-replacists” went to that of a genocide by ethnic, racial and cultural substitution, involving the completion of a programme or an action plan.

More at  Wikipedia
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Sunday Respite – Autumn Road

Another beautiful day coming up. Fall indeed is settling in.

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Love On The Autumn Road – NAM T. S.

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Saturday Passel of Potpourri

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BiBi’s cute reaction when she first see a piglet

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Saturday Respite – Love On The Autumn Road

We had our first cold snap which should herald a glimpse of the fall colors soon. A relief from the muggy days we have been having. These crystal blue skies we get this time of year are a treasure.

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Love On The Autumn Road – NAM T. S. You may prefer watching it in full screen.

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Hezbollah – Next Door

by Mustang

Hezbollah (also the “Party of God”) is a Lebanese Shia Islamist militant group led by Hassan Nasrallah.  Hezbollah is the militant wing of a Shia Jihad Council; its political wing is the Resistance Bloc Party in the Lebanese Parliament.  Civilized nations have designated Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.  Lebanon, Iraq, and Russia are not among them.

Hezbollah Flag“Hezbollah Flag” by upyernoz is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Following Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982, Lebanese clerics adopted the model established by Ayatollah Khomeini during the Iranian Revolution of 1979.  The organization of Hezbollah was an Iranian effort, through funding and the dispatch of a core group of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, to aggregate a variety of Lebanese Shia groups into a unified organization to resist Israeli occupation.

According to some, Hezbollah has grown more powerful than the Lebanese Army.  With control over radio and television stations, social services, and operational control over paramilitary fighters in other countries, Hezbollah, with financial support from Iran and Syria, has become a state within a state.

Hezbollah is responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks in Israel, Lebanon, Kuwait, Argentina, Panama, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Bulgaria.  In Latin America, Hezbollah was responsible for the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in 1992 and the Argentina Jewish Center in 1994.  In both incidents, Hezbollah murdered 114 people.  The bombing in 1994 was the first Hezbollah assault outside Lebanon or the Middle East.  The Hezbollah terror network is also suspected of downing Alas Chiricanas Flight 00901 in Panama one day after the Argentina Jewish Center.

Note: No one should be foolish enough to think that Hezbollah’s terrorist network is confined to Latin America. The Hezbollah terror network that moved from Lebanon to Colombia and the tri-border area between Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina to carry out the 1994 bombings, remains active today.  Known as Unit 910 (also its External Security Organization (ESO)), Hezbollah is popularly supported in Latin America because it co-opted Lebanese families living throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands.

Presently, 300,000 Shia Moslems live in the United States; they receive their religious instruction from Shia mosques, the largest of which is in Dearborn, Michigan.  If Lebanese immigrants residing in Central and South America can throw their support behind Hezbollah, there is no reason to think that Lebanese living in the United States would not do the same.

Since 1994, Hezbollah has morphed from a terrorist network into a narcotics cartel.  Of the more than 2,000 individuals identified as narcotics associates, 200 affiliate with Hezbollah.  Today, Hezbollah’s business affairs component (HBAC) directs and manages its growing money-laundering schemes and multi-ton shipments of cocaine.  Hezbollah’s involvement in drug trafficking is not new.  Since 1994, Hezbollah kingpins have invested in media outlets, established numerous investment mechanisms and cash/credit businesses to help launder illicit revenues.

One of these, the most notable, is Al-Inmaa Engineering and Contracting, whose managing director carries a Venezuelan passport.  Other business enterprises involve textile industries, beef, charcoal, electronics, tourism, real estate, and construction firms.  In 2018, the US Justice Department listed Hezbollah as one of the world’s top five transnational criminal organizations.

Naming Hezbollah (along with three Mexican cartels and the Central American criminal gang, popularly known as MS13) was a wake-up call for Latin American nations.  Most Latin American politicians did not know that Hezbollah had so thoroughly infiltrated their criminal elements.  Today, Hezbollah has become the principal hybrid threat to Latin American security.

For well over 150 years, beginning during the Ottoman Era, wave after wave of immigrants arrived in Venezuela from Lebanon, Syria, and Armenia.  Moslems, Christians, and Jews primarily settled in Margarita Island, Puerto Cabello, Punto Fijo, and La Guairá.  By 1975 (at the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War), tens of thousands of Lebanese migrated to Venezuela seeking safety.  At the time, Venezuela had a high standard of living, and the people were allowed to pursue their unfettered dreams by the government.

Hezbollah wasted no time exploiting transplanted Lebanese to build local support networks and did so, initially, without most Lebanese immigrants knowing about it.  Slowly, an army of logistics professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and accountants, emerged from within the diaspora to raise money, conceal and move illicit funds, most of which funded Hezbollah’s global terror network.

Today, Hezbollah’s terrorist network operates through compartmentalized familial clan structures, now embedded within the Maduro regime’s illicit economy and its bureaucracy.  Many of these clans assimilated into the Maduro apparatus and bureaucracy; they are now high-ranking officials, have much to say about Venezuelan society, and these, in turn, are working their way into the political structures of neighboring countries.

Hezbollah’s crime-terror network in Colombia and Venezuela came to light in 2011.  Following a two-year investigation, law enforcement authorities arrested 130 criminals and seized $23 million of illicit funds that moved through West Africa into Lebanon through the Lebanese-Canadian Bank.  It was called Operation Titan.

Operation Titan was a joint Colombian-US effort started in 2008 targeting the Medellin Cartel, called La Oficina de Envigado.  The investigation connected Medellin to Lebanese families and communities and eventually to Hezbollah.  The investigation resulted in the collapse of Hezbollah’s transregional cocaine trafficking scheme through Ayman Saied Joumaa, a Colombian-Lebanese drug kingpin.  The United States indicted Joumaa for his involvement in drug trafficking with Los Zetas in Mexico. According to US federal authorities, he runs an extensive maritime shipping network tied to Hezbollah.  Sadly, Joumaa remains free.

Ali Mohamad Saleh, a prominent Shia businessman and Hezbollah kingpin facilitated a complex maze of cross-border trade and bulk-cash transactions between Colombia and Venezuela. It was more than drugs; it involved weapons, contraband, bulk-cash smuggling, and money laundering. Mohamad and his brother, Kassem, became Hezbollah’s primary Latin-American terror financiers in 2012. Colombian and US officials exposed Mohamad and Kassem, but they escaped to Venezuela.  Today, they are living in Maracaibo, working with another prominent Maduro-supported Lebanese clan.

The Saleh family is not the only terrorist clan operating with impunity in Venezuela.  Ghazi Nassereddine has been a person of interest to the Federal Bureau of Investigation since 2015.  Ghazi’s older brother, Abdallah, is a prominent businessman with substantial investments in real estate, commercial centers, and tourist traps.

Migrants from Lebanon, the Nassereddine rose to political prominence after Hugo Chávez became president of Venezuela.  Ghazi entered the foreign ministry, attaining official diplomatic status, and Abdallah worked his way into an important position within the United Socialist Party.  Ghazi used his position to establish relationships between Hezbollah operators, Venezuelan ministers, and military counterintelligence chief Carvajal Barrios.

The result of these interactions was a cocaine-for-weapons scheme between FARC[1] and Hezbollah.  FARC transferred cocaine to the Maduro regime, and a planeload of weapons arrived from Lebanon and found their way into Colombia.  Today, Ghazi directs a think tank called Global AZ; it has ties to France, Germany, and Italy.  Other members of Nassereddine run political indoctrination camps, paramilitary training camps, weapons and drug smuggling operations, and petroleum security operations.

Maicao is a historic commercial hub in La Guajira, Colombia.  It has a large concentration of Lebanese immigrants dating back to the 1800s.  In 2017, Colombian immigration officials deported a Lebanese-Hezbollah financier named Abdala Rada Ramel.  Ramel ran drug trafficking operations and a smuggling ring from Maicao to Cartagena.  Ramel bragged about his relationship with Hezbollah ESO leader Salman Raouf Salman — a known global terrorist thought to be instrumental in the 1992 and 1994 bombings.  Salman has more aliases than most people have socks.

Argentina issued an arrest warrant in 2009 and offered a $7 million reward for information leading to his capture.  Salman and his brother José Salman El Reda were instrumental in establishing Hezbollah support networks in Latin America.  Salman Raouf Salman and José Salman remain free.

Since 2014, US-Colombian joint investigations led to ten separate but interrelated kingpin designations and three federal indictments by the US federal government.  Involved in the convergence points were air and sea bridges between Venezuela, Iran, and Hezbollah.  It is a transregional threat that props up Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela and Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Concluding discussion

The situation in Venezuela is critical.  Millions of citizens are unable to access primary healthcare and adequate nutrition.  Most people have no access to safe water.  The Maduro government routinely commits atrocities against citizens, including extrajudicial executions, kidnapping, illegal incarceration, the summary court-martial of civilians, torture of detainees, and beatings of people the government declares as “trouble-makers.”

Venezuelan citizens today are fleeing repression and shortages of food, medicine, and medical supplies.  It is one of the most significant migration crises in recent Latin American history.  Some 5.5 of 32-million Venezuelans have fled their country since 2014.  Many of these forced immigrants remain in irregular status, meaning they cannot obtain work permits, send their children to school, or access health care.  This, in turn, subjects them to exploitation and abuse in their temporary refuges.

What can we do about any of this?  Actually, nothing.  But it is instructive to note that Venezuela regressed from a nation with a high standard of living to a fourth-world cesspool within the span of a single generation.  Latin American caudillos have been a plague among their people for two hundred years.  The list of them is long.  They all followed similar paths to achieve and maintain power.

Many met an untimely (but well-deserved) end … some met a much-deserved end but took their time achieving it.  Castro depended on Russia, and now Venezuela depends on Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.  The situation should elicit some empathy for these people, who have no guns to defend themselves nor any means of fighting for their liberty.  More disturbing, however, is that a lethal terrorist group has found its way into the political structure of Venezuela.  This cannot and will not end well for the Venezuelan people.

Meanwhile, there is a well-entrenched terrorist group in Central and South America, with swarms of illegal immigrants crossing the US border in Texas — people from Haiti, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, and yes … Venezuela; people whose true identities we cannot ascertain.  And then, there are significant quantities of drugs flowing across the border, as well (as if hundreds of Covid-infected illegals weren’t enough).  Where is the fentanyl coming from?  According to the US DEA, it’s coming from China through Mexico.  According to the US DEA, 90,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2020 alone.

Oh, and one more thing.  In this toxic environment, the American people elected Joe Biden to lead their nation.

[1] Also, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC began as a guerrilla group in 1964 known to employ a variety of terrorist tactics.  Initially funded through kidnapping and ransom, illegal mining, and extortion.

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Biden Starting Plans To Give Back Lands To Native American Tribes

Biden is picking up where Obama left off. Obama gave back 560,000 acres. Trump added 76,000 acres back to Native Americans.

Biden’s representatives plan to meet with several tribal leaders to discuss plans to protect and restore tribal homelands, the U.S. Department of the Interior said on Tuesday.

Don’t count on the Supremes bailing us out on this one. They have already given the green light in a ruling back in 2019- from an earlier post:

Supreme Gorsuch sides with Liberals again on Indian hunting case

Another disappointing ruling by our changed latest Supreme Gorsuch. One can only imagine where this will lead in other Indian cases if the USA is bound to treaties written centuries ago. Better yet, apparently the issue had been ruled on before. So much for “settled Law.” Even better, wait until we have to give back much of the Southwest to Mexico.

The four dissenting justices said the majority was ignoring a clear precedent — a similar case in 1895 involving the same treaty language and the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. Lower courts agreed, but the justices, in a 5-4 ruling, sided with Mr. Herrera on Monday, saying the treaty is good law. Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia, sided with the court’s four Democratic appointed justices.

Wyoming can’t abrogate an 1868 treaty with the Crow Tribe just because it was signed before Wyoming officially became a state, the Supreme Court ruled Monday in a case breathing new life into American Indian-U.S. relations.

The ruling contradicts a century-old high court precedent and could guarantee American Indians’ hunting rights on some federal lands.

Now for the latest.

Reuters reported:

Federal land trust policies allow tribes to re-acquire historic land and aim to remedy practices going back more than a century that took away Native American tribes’ lands across the present-day United States.

“We have an obligation to work with Tribes to protect their lands and ensure that each community has a homeland where its citizens can live together to lead safe and fulfilling lives,” Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Bryan Newland said. “These important actions are a step in the right direction to restore homelands that will strengthen Tribal communities.”

The meetings are currently scheduled to be held throughout October. Interior Department Secretary Deb Haaland, a former U.S. representative from New Mexico, is the first Native American to lead a Cabinet agency. She oversees the U.S. government’s relationship with nearly 600 federally recognized tribal nations as well as policies guiding the use of 500 million acres of federal and tribal land, a fifth of the nation’s surface,” Reuters added.

Deb Haaland, U.S. Secretary of the InteriorSecretary Deb Haaland made history when she became the first Native American to serve as a cabinet secretary. She is a member of the Pueblo of Laguna and a 35th generation New Mexican. (Doing a fast math, giving that a generation is 30 years,  30 generations gives you about a 1000 years. I am sure she knows the name of everyone of the tribes.)

The department in April allowed regional Bureau of Indian Affairs directors to review and approve applications, a reversal of a Trump-era order that gave jurisdiction to the department’s headquarters and triggered delays.

A department official said 560,000 acres of land were placed in trust for tribes during the Obama administration, followed by 75,000 acres of land under the Trump administration.

More at Yahoo News

This should put Texas in a happy place. Not overwhelmed yet by the so called migrants? Let’s just give the state back to Mexico? How about California going back to Spain? Why not the U.S. back to Great Britain?

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Emmy’s first: ‘Non Binary’ Outfit worn by Carl Clemons-Hopkins

Carl Clemons-Hopkins became the first non-binary person to be nominated for best supporting actor at the 73rd Emmy Awards on Sunday. Here is what we have to look forward to that will be coming soon to our flatscreen. While AOC got all the attention for her “tax the rich” outfit compliments of Chick fil-A, a grander vision was with this fine fellow.

To celebrate, the “Hacks” actor walked the red carpet in a custom Christian Siriano outfit inspired by the non-binary flag, according to the designer. The actor’s white button-down shirt, black trousers, purple belt, and purple and yellow train featured the colors of the flag.

The outfit was created as “an homage to the non-binary flag and celebrating our identities and beauty beyond the heteronormative standard,” Clemons-Hopkins’ stylist, Jyotisha Bridges, wrote in an Instagram post on Sunday.

The star reflected on how they came to identify as non-binary in an essay penned for The Hollywood Reporter in July, writing that they began to identify as queer in college before exploring gender norms during lockdown.

“In the past five or six years, I’ve been doing a lot of studies on the origins of masculinity, where all these rules and norms came from. At the same time, there’s been so much violence and misunderstanding with trans folk and other queer people,” Clemons-Hopkins wrote.

Makes Mustang’s post yesterday seem tame regarding our culture.

Ebonics and woke culture – the lowest possible common denominator and an earlier post English Touring Opera sacks half its members citing ‘increased diversity’

Just noting that the swamp is devastating our culture and desensitizing us.

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