Secretary Buttigieg – The problem? – It is our ‘demand’, We want stuff


Our Secretary of Transportation’s Pete Buttigieg Paternity leave, and his media rounds this Sunday makes him a topic worthy of conversation. Bill Kristol’s tweet attacking Tucker Carlson adds the requisite fuel. Better yet, we learn the problem is us. 

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg predicted that supply chain issues facing the US will continue into 2022, but stressed that Congress passing President Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposal would be the best way to help alleviate those problems on the Sunday talkie on CNN. Wow. Call this the super Cliff Note Edition.

The man didn’t have the sense of responsibility to appoint a Deputy to carry on during his absence, and no one seemed to noticed that he was MIA. No one noticed that this was a problem developing for months? Who was in charge? A third rate Mayor from a third rate city who filled in the boxes for being “woke.”

I followed the comment thread from the twitter post below. Amazing. Apparently no one found it odd at all that a Cabinet level position could remain vacant for several months, and that a position of such a high level of responsibility would demand more than the ability disappear off the face of the map for a good period of time.

Hail Mr. Pete. The latest iconic figure to emerge to reflect the ignorance of the electorate. So while they may not have toilet paper and the requisite Christmas toys for their kids, Pete had his time with “his” babies.

In truth, if one looks one tiny level below the surface of his statements, he makes a telling argument of why so many women have difficulty with children making it to the very top. One member of the partnership requires an intense commitment.

In the full interview on CNN he is able to spin why of course the problem is once again us. We want stuff. Lots of stuff. If we didn’t want stuff there would be no distribution problem. If only life were this simple. But Pete is a simple man from being a two bit Mayor in a two bit town. This folks is what we have and what we have become.


 For those who have the inclination the full interview, why our buying stuff is our problem. It is well worth a listen from an unserious person.

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