When you don’t shoot a killer resisting arrest



Seems simple enough to me. Follow the directions of the police. Don’t argue, and most of all don’t fight. Don’t return to your car and look like you are reaching or do reach for something.

For some reason we now expect the police to be psychic as to the intent. That they should offer up their lives or serious injury to themselves so that hopped up crazed individuals can act out.

When did this start? This is a new expectation. It is wrong. None of the men who have been shot recently by police that has caused mayhem throughout the country would have been shot if they had simply followed the police instructions.

Everyone resisted arrest and were in a major struggle.

Want to know how things can go very wrong for our men and women in blue? Remember the rules of the game now. No choke holds. No knees on the back.

Call the social workers next time. I am sure it will go much better.


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