Two Black Women – Oprah and Michelle suffering at the hands of white privilege


An inconvenient fact. White as an ethnic group is toward the bottom rung in U.S.income. Now we have Oprah out there now joining the chorus of an offended Black woman who made her billions off of suburban White women watching her on T.V. over 20 years.

Oprah owns 10 houses. I own 0. How do I get a refund on my white privilege??


First the facts:



Pat Gray reacts to Billionaire Oprah’s new show where she lectures white people about their racism. Her lesson this week: It doesn’t matter how poor you are, you still have your whiteness.






Anyone wonder if Michelle is mulling over the VP spot? This virus thing is just the perfect vehicle for redistribution.


Obama noted the “power” that would enable what “we” could do to allow such actions. Later in the podcast, Obama said, “It’s not enough to just acknowledge that the pain exists, to acknowledge the struggle, we actually have power we can, we can change so much of what we do, we can sacrifice a little more, we can, we can shift priorities, uh, and not just in our own lives, cause it’s not enough, to just do it in your own life if you’re not willing to do it in our broader policy. You know, if that, if that, if those conversations aren’t going to happen, then we’re just giving lip service to it. You know.

And our man Biden? Game on for him too.




Other than that, all is well in the swamp. Bonus: Biden blooper of the day:

What is the mark of a hard core, long time racist? “All you people think alike”



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